160 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage

Chapter 160 Dragon Slayer (1)


After magicians appeared in earnest in this world, wars between people tended to be mainly about strategies concerning them. However, the battle of the tripartite expedition was going in the opposite direction from the mainstream. It was strange and primitive since the battle looked like a ‘regression’ rather than an evolution.


“Since the magicians at the back will heal your wounds, the injured should retreat without hesitation! You do not have to bet your lives! Survive and continue to raise your weapons!”


As one could see from Crown Prince Hayden’s shout, the magicians participating in the Eastern Plains expedition were all protecting the back and solely focusing on supporting. If things had gone the usual way, they would have been storming massive collective magic or high-class spells from the beginning of the battle.

However, they could not do so now even if they wanted to, for two reasons. The first reason was the orb that had been dropped in the middle of the plains, which Ian and Siram collaborated to remove ‘immortality’ from the Immortal Troops.


“Those who are seriously injured will be treated by high-class magicians who are skilled in healing magic, and those with relatively light injuries will be treated by other magicians who will decide and take responsibility out of their own accord!”


The orb dropped in the middle of the plains contained strong black magic that would remove immortality from the Immortal troops and emit that ‘removing aura’ at this moment. This was the ‘first’ reason why the magicians were not actively participating in the battle since the massive magic they would use might be detrimental against sustaining the effects of the black magic.


“However, use magic that would not damage the black magic emitting from that orb! That means weak spells like protection are allowed, and those who are not skilled in healing skills will have to decide on their own and focus on supporting and protecting our allies!”


The high-class magician Ronan, who had been appointed as the commander in chief for Greenriver in the tripartite expedition, led his magicians efficiently. Magicians from other countries also moved according to similar commands.



“Die, you monster!”

“Lead the injured to the back!”

“Open a path! Open!”


This was why the battle was considered strange, primitive, and regressed. It was a situation where the battle may be decided only by weaponry, shields and armor, and well-trained horses and soldiers without magic engaging in combat.

There was a man who was breathing, especially roughly in the middle of the expedition. He was a foot soldier of the Greenriver Empire who was in charge of the southeast regions of the plains, and his insignia seemed to show that he belonged to the Mogrian Knights.

With a shout, the soldier wielded his spear to the orc zombie that had come at him with loud growls. While it had been an instinctive reaction, the result was quite effective since a hole appeared in the orc zombie’s neck. The soldier’s hand that held the lance shook, as he seemed surprised at having achieved a kill. However, he mumbled to himself after taking precautions.


“Calm down, Luca. When will you go through this kind of experience or collect this kind of material? It’s a rare experience, probably the first and last. Therefore, you have to do everything you can to stay in the field…!”


The soldier with a Mogrian insignia who was talking to himself after stabbing the orc zombie was ‘Luca.’ He had circled around Ian before and dreamed of becoming a novelist, and would become a famous one under the pen name of ‘Luca Luca.’ Luca was now a senior soldier of the Mogrian Knights and a novelist and was currently screaming in the middle of the battlefield. However, he fought well- his spear skills, which he had practiced for a long time, were shining through.

Luca blocked a troll zombie’s ax with the end of his spear and nimbly stepped back. However, he could only take five steps because the hectic situation did not allow much space.




Trouble began from that moment, as Luca’s back hit someone despite taking only five steps. While it would have been fortunate if it was an ally, unfortunately, it was an enemy. He had struck a zombie who had formerly been a native of the plains, and both naturally turned their necks to look at each other. As mentioned before, the battle was hectic, and Luca did not have a way to avoid it despite having considered that something like this would happen.


“Empire…person…! Die…!”



Luca quickly raised the spear shaft to block the black-skinned native zombie’s sword. While the shaft broke in two, Luca aimed for the zombie’s neck from the side with the shaft that had the spear blade. Shrewd decision-making skills had led to a victory.

The native zombie screamed, but Luca could not feel relief. The troll zombie that he had met at first would now aim for his back, and he turned to the direction he needed to take precautions against.


“…I’m finished.”


According to Luca’s estimate, there should have been one, the zombie that he had encountered just before he brushed against the native zombie. However, in that brief moment, four more of them had come, which meant that a total of five troll zombies were running towards Luca. There were no ‘alive allies’ who could fight with him nearby, and the situation forced him to fight solo against many, which was easier said than done.


‘I had thought that a day like this would come if I continued to live recklessly like now, and even that the day may be today….”


After meeting Ian Page, the genius magician of the age, about eight years ago, Luca began to chase after his dream of becoming a novelist from when he was very young and writing a grand narrative of a hero.


‘However, to think that it would become a reality…’


It was from then Luca continued to volunteer for all sorts of dangerous tasks as a soldier of the lands. It was the belief that he needed much experience to write a good story, an amusing novel, and an exciting narrative of a hero.



I’m glad he’s back.

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