160 Part 2

‘Should I be satisfied with having written a book? I wanted to write more…’


As a result, Luca had published his first work to the world, which was an honor that happened about a year ago. Thanks to the Foian group, who had become a major player from the Mogrian Lands, the work had become quite well-known. However, Luca did not want to stop there and become better at writing to compose the masterpiece of his life.

He had grabbed his spear for an ecstatic experience that would be material for that masterpiece even now.


‘I still…’


Luca grasped his broken sword, as he still felt reluctant. He wanted to live in any way possible because there were many things he wanted to do.


‘Can’t die like this…!’


It was the moment when Luca’s will to live shined more firmly than ever.

A troll zombie that had been rushing towards Luca fell on his feet with a shout, at least to Luca’s eyes. The troll zombie definitely had fallen backward on its own as it rushed at Luca to kill.





The strange phenomenon did not end there, as the other two also fell down in the same with a scream. It seemed the thing that had flown from Luca’s back had been the cause.




Three troll zombies fell down in an instant, and while there were still two more, Luca looked behind his back because he wanted to confirm the reason.




Luca saw a man behind his back, where he had seen five troll zombies. He had a rare shade of bright blond hair and beauty that would be a hundred times difficult to find.


“Crown Prince… your highness?”


Luca was not acquainted with the Crown Prince and had only seen him from afar. However, Luca instantly knew who he was, as the platinum blond hair, the beauty of the ages, the splendid armor, cape, and definitely that strange staff. He was the Crown Prince Hayden Greenriver he had seen at the troop territory.


“Stay still.”



Neat exploding noises came out at the end of the Crown Prince’s staff as Luca asked back a question. The sounds were exactly three times, and the troll’s last screams rang precisely three times, the only difference being their tones.




Five troll zombies fell down in an instant, and it had been because of what had happened from the Crown Prince’s staff…




Magic, it had to be magic. That was the only guess Luca could make.


“Soldier, are you injured?”

“Yes? No, I’m not…”

“Do not go beyond your limits. While this is an important battle, I do not want to see my father’s and my people die in vain. Therefore, prioritize your life while giving everything you have.”


As Crown Prince Hayden made his request to Luca and raised his hand, the knights of the Second Guard that had been protecting him came from all directions. At the same time, the zombie herds were now subjected to a brutal massacre. Each knight of the Second Guard were direct pupils under Oliver Raywood, and their skills were above and beyond the normal swordsman.


“Have you understood my words?”

“…Yes? Yes! I will forever remember your words, your highness!”

“Your spear is broken.”


The Crown Prince unsheathed one of his two swords and made Luca hold it. It was a ‘formal sword’ that was too well-crafted and high-class for a mere soldier to wield.


“While you would not be as used to this as your spear, it would be better than that broken one. Survive using this and return it to me.”
“Your highness…”

“Please survive to the end and return it with your own hands.”


Crown Prince Hayden adjusted his grip on that strange staff, the Boom Stick. At the same time, he took out an empty mana marble from inside the Boom Stick and quickly placed a new mana marble he had kept with him. The process was disciplined, exact, and had a glorious taste.




The Crown Prince Hayden nodded once to the resolute Luca and went back to the intense and complicated battlefield again.


“Well, look at that.”


The mechanic Siram had been observing the situation from above the plains inside the Dragon’s Heart. He mumbled with a satisfied smile and put away the long cylinder he had used to watch the battlefield.


“It’s the first time I saw someone use the thing that well. Does that require talent?”


Siram looked at the Crown Prince anew as the creator of the Boom Stick. The weapon looked like something that had appeared for the Crown Prince. Watching him use it that well inspired Siram to make a better version.


“It would be interesting to design…”


At the moment, Siram had been thinking such things. A new current rose from the ferocious battlefield that was undergoing battle in three directions. The zombies that had become corpses and the expedition soldiers who had fallen were going through rapid change.

All corpses were drying up, and to be more specific, all parts of the body except for the ‘bones’ were being removed. Skin, muscles, intestines, and blood became fluttering dust, and only the bones divided into parts and floated in the air. Not only that, but they gathered in specific areas and formed a shape. Ian would have found it a familiar sight.

It looked similar to the birth of the ‘Bone Dragon’ that had appeared during the dragon soldier incident in the past.


“Is that the monster Bone Dragon the Tower Lord had spoken about…?”


The myriad bone pieces formed the dragon’s shape, and Ronan murmured at the astonishing and terrifying sight. He seemed to have heard about this situation from Ian.


“…Now’s not the time.”


Ronan had been staring at the sight and now shouted to all magicians. The second reason that magicians, the greatest weapon of humanity, had to be pulled back was because of that ‘Bone Dragon.’


“Everyone! Prepare the ‘Chain Ritual’!”


As not only the Greenriver magicians but also Roe and Coldwood magicians prepared the ‘Chain Ritual’ in perfect order as the Bone Dragon appeared, a small but new movement was seen above in the airship.


“This time again.”


Siram had not been the only one aboard the airship. Oliver Raywood, the ‘escort knight’ of the Crown Prince and the ‘leader’ and teacher’ of the Second Guard, who had been meditating in a room in the ship, came out to the deck. His eyes shone with a sharpness not seen before.


“Everything is going according to Ian’s plans.”


Ian quietly watched the birth of the gigantic monster, the ‘Bone Dragon.’



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