161 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage

Chapter 161 Dragon Slayer (2)




The shout from the Bone Dragon that had been created from the bone fragments of the fallen soldiers and the zombies rang the entire plains. Most of the soldiers lost the will to fight just by that sound, and those who were seriously hit dripped blood from their ears and nose.



“What is this sound…?”

“Where did that dragon suddenly come from?!”


The vigor of the troops was high just before the Bone Dragon appeared. They had been overwhelming the zombies, but their spirit had been sunk once by the call of the magical dragon. The situation meant that a chance had come to the zombies, and the tables were turned in an instant.


“The children of mana! That is not a real dragon! It is an imitation that took on a similar form! So do not hesitate and prepare the Chain Ritual! We have to tether its movements! The success of this expedition, and the lives of our troops! The fate of humanity is in our hands!”


The high-class magician Ronan shouted with a voice full of mana, and now was the time that the magicians from the three countries, who had been at the back, show their value.


“The chain that shackles!”

“The chain that shackles!”

“The chain that shackles!”


From the magicians from the Ivory Tower of the Greenriver Empire, the magicians from the Roe Kingdom’s Mana Tower, and the magicians from the Coldwood Empire’s Magic Tower started a collective spell once. After a moment, mana chains emitting a blue light shot towards the dragon, and the numbers were at least tens of thousands just by the eye.


“Secure the magical beast!”

“Secure the magical beast!”

“Secure the magical beast!”


The numerous chains bound the body of the Bone Dragon joint by joint, and even though no one knew how long it would last, the dragon would be secured for at least a few minutes.


[You foolish and stupid humans…continue your efforts if you do not fear death.]


The dragon had been contained with numerous mana chains, but it was not at the least surprised. Instead, it reasoned in a grave voice that looked down on the humans’ desperate attempts.


[The end after meaningless resistance is only death and despair, and only destruction will be left behind like bare branches.]


The Bone Dragon mentioned death, despair, and destruction, and it showed a violet breath after opening its upper and lower jawbones. It did not seem to care at the least whether the zombies, who were its allies, were swept in its breath.




On the other hand, the airship that boarded Oliver and Siram was staying at a higher place than the Bone Dragon, just where one could brush against the dragon’s terrible mouth if jumping off the end of the deck.


“Mr. Siram.”


Oliver spoke as he lowered the facial protection gear of the visor. Oliver’s attire did not focus on activity capacity like usual, and he was much more heavily armored now.



“Take refuge to a faraway place after I jump since the breath may brush the airship.”

“I will. Please be careful.”


Oliver ended the short conversation with Siram and took out a silver ‘round shield’ that he had worn on his back instead of his sword. While it was too small to protect Oliver’s heavy physique, it was a ‘Shield of Light’ that had been made by everything the blacksmith Halia had.


“Don’t worry.”


Oliver firmly held the round shield with both hands and murmured as he walked to the end of the deck.”


“About me.”


Oliver’s body fell off the deck with that sentence, and he was now falling right in front of the dragon’s mouth, which held the violet breath.

The moment Oliver brushed against the dragon’s head, it let out the destructive violet breath with all of its strength, and Oliver would have naturally been the first sacrifice.

Just as the breath was about to overtake Oliver, the round shield let out bright and intense light, and it was not a simple metaphor. A sliver light burned like a flame using the shield as its firewood.


“Shield of Light!”


Had Oliver’s shout been like a spell? The silver flame that had been burning the entire shield spread out to all directions in an instant, and the flame looked like it was about to form a ‘massive shield.’


“Show yourself!”


The Shield of Light showed an immediate response to Oliver’s command. If the flames have been only a shape, now it definitely was like a round shield.

The Bone Dragon’s breath hit the expanded Shield of Light, and the battle between offense and defense began. Oliver had been slightly winning at first since the Shield of Light successfully endured the breath. If it had not endured the attack, everyone standing in front of the plains would die along with Oliver. He knew the situation, so he endured the process while clenching his teeth.


‘It cannot manage to absorb everything.’


While one of the shield’s benefits was absorbing shock, it was nearly impossible to absorb all repercussions of that strong breath. Even if the shield was an artifact that held the essence of the Blacksmith Halia, there would be limits.


‘If so…’

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