161 Part 2


Oliver had fallen in the stature and state to resist the breath, and something surprising happened once he focused his body’s mana on the ends of his feet. The heels of the long boots that Oliver wore, which were an artifact that looked like it was made with a strange metal, opened with clicking sounds. With a whirring sound, it let out blue mana like a spell was undergoing. This was another artifact that Halia had made, and she had enabled Oliver to fly with a high-class flying spell.


“If so!”


Oliver shouted what he had been thinking and pushed forward with everything he had. The silver shield lost its massive size and bright light at rapid speed as he did so. Even more, there were cracks that made the shield seem fragile enough to break into pieces at any moment.


“I will have to cut.”


The shield that had expanded through light brutally broke down. Not only that, but the round shield also shattered like it had reached its limit. However, Oliver did not stop going forward. He took out Halia’s masterpiece of a sword, ‘The End of Waiting’ from his belt, and shouted out loud. He would have to cut it if the shield could not absorb it, and this was the ideal resisting method Oliver had devised against the dragon breath.
{Proofreader: It might have been called The Finality of Waiting before, or something similar. Same sword.}

With a loud shout, like when Oliver had cut Ian’s ‘fireball’ during their final training session and when he had cut high-class magician Helene’s fireball, now Oliver’s sword aimed for the ‘breath’ that the Bone Dragon had shot. A will to cut in half stormed in Oliver’s shout.

A slashing sound was heard, and Oliver’s sword, ‘The End of Waiting,’ drew a fluid curve. A sharp aura slashed the sky from his sword, and it was dizzy enough to cut through space.


“This is the end.”


Also, Oliver’s sword had actually managed to cut the violet breath exactly into two.


“Magical Dragon.”


Oliver had arrived at the front of the Bone dragon by breaking through the cut crack, and he quickly held the sword in reverse. The movement was to attack the Bone Dragon near its massive nose bone, and it would not be an exaggeration if one said that everything that had been done up to this moment was for this.


“Return to nothing.”


Oliver struck with the sword after murmuring something like a death sentence. Maybe it was because the dragon was solely made out of bones without a morsel of flesh and muscle. The sound of the sword was different, as it sounded like Oliver was forcibly jamming the blade.




The Bone Dragon had been pierced from its nose bone to its lower jaw, and it let out a dying screech. However, the shout had not been due to the pain but was of anger against an unexpected situation. Since it was an ‘imitation’ made only of bones, it could not feel any pain.


[I’ll kill you! I’ll definitely kill you!]


The Bone Dragon was feverishly excited now and shook its head to drop Oliver, who was hanging onto its nose bone. However, the feat was easier said than done since Oliver’s physical prowess, and perseverance would be able to last days.


‘The boots seemed to have reached the limit.’


The shield had not been the only artifact that had been broken, and the boots that had helped Oliver fly despite him not being a magician seemed to have reached its limits during the process of enduring the dragon breath.


[You leech!]


The dragon changed the method when it could not shake Oliver off and began to writhe its body to escape from the mana chains the magicians of the tripartite expedition had set. If it could get out, the dragon would easily crush the human on its nose to the ground.

While the magicians who realized its intentions reinforced the chains, they would not last for long.


‘I’ll end this before it breaks away.’


Oliver’s response and solution for this situation were to kill it before the Bone Dragon freed itself. After making a quick decision, Oliver moved at breakneck speed. He first used the sword he had driven into the nose bone as support and climbed up the Bone Dragon’s forehead. While everything was shaking, his balance was perfect, and it was due to his innate sense of balance and the ability of the boots.


“Not yet.”


Oliver did not stop there and poured into the jammed sword as much mana as he could, and the sharpness exceeded the blade’s limits.


“I haven’t even shown you half.”


Oliver grabbed the sharpened sword with both hands and took a few steps before running upward. He ran straight down from the forehead to its neck, back, and tail.




The sword that had cut through the Bone Dragon’s nose and the lower jaw cut the dragon’s spine as Oliver ran.


“Will be returned to you!”


Oliver reached the end of the Bone Dragon’s tail, and since there was nowhere to go, Oliver’s attack also finished here.




Since the attack had penetrated the entire body, a much louder screech came out of the Bone Dragon’s throat. It had not felt pain or anger but had instinctively felt death and eradication.

Oliver seemed to have given everything he had as he composed his rough breath while hanging on to the sword he had not yet taken out. The scenario he had prepared ended here, and that meant that he had nothing left. Even if he fell down or something else happened, he could not prepare a countermeasure.

It was that moment cracks appeared from the stab wound on the dragon’s spine, and they spread out like a disease in numerous threads, and the dragon’s body broke down to pieces following them.

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