162 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage 162 Dragon Slayer (3)


However, the Bone Dragon being annihilated did not solve all problems, as a more significant problem approached to a weary Oliver.




The problem was ‘explosion,’ as the bone fragments that scattered in the air began to vibrate as an exploding spell was carved on each and every one. While it would not affect the troops on the ground since the explosion was airborne, Oliver, who was on the same height, faced the problem. If he was swept in those explosions, even Oliver would not be able to endure it, especially after using up all his mana.


“Well, things are rough.”


Oliver’s whisper was dry as he saw the sight, and it was a tiny fragment that had exploded like a pop at the beginning. The explosion’s repercussions moved onto nearby fragments to start a chain of explosions, and the size of the explosions became larger as the numbers increased. The explosions amplified with loud banging noises, so the entire sky was drenched in red flames, black ashes, and smoke.


“O, Oliver…?”


The crown prince’s lips shook as Oliver had to have faced that explosion in the middle.


“O, Oliver….Oliver!”


The crown prince screamed out the words, as Oliver had protected him from when he was very young and stood beside him at all times. Such a person had been involved in an explosion.




He was going to lose Oliver, and it would be like losing a blood brother.


“Oliver, Oliver!”


Following the irreversible principle of nature, Oliver’s limp body started falling down, and as the silver armor was full of burns, the explosion seemed to have been severe.


“Magicians! What are you doing! Stop the explosion!”


However, the distance was too far for the prince’s shout to reach the magicians or their spells to slow the fall to reach Oliver.



The prince’s shout rang the Eastern Plains amidst the fierce battle, and Oliver’s body also rolled over the ground. The crown prince ran to the site where Oliver had fallen, and he had lost rational thought despite that there were still many zombies left in the plains.


“Assist the Crown Prince! He is going to Sir Oliver!”

“All members of the Second Guards! Make a path, and guard the surroundings!”


All nearby knights, including the Second Guards, drove out the zombies, and his path was secured. The crown prince managed to reach Oliver due to their efforts.


“O, Oliver?”


As the crown prince called to Oliver, eight zombies gathered near the fallen knight. Perhaps because they had lost their egos, they seemed unable to distinguish between the living and the dead.


“Those bastards..!”


The crown prince’s face contorted like a devil, and not only that, but he grabbed his boom stick and shot it as fast as he could. While the speed was like wild shots, his shots were precise and exact. He took the zombies out with only eight missiles.


“Oliver! Oliver? Stop and wake up! Oliver, Oliver…!”


The crown prince shouted as he lifted Oliver’s upper body, and the Second Guards protected them.


“What should I do if you go like this?!”


However, Oliver’s body did not move a muscle, and he could not feel any breathing, no matter how the crown prince shook him. Had Oliver Raywood really died like this? Was this the end for him? It was too unbelievable.


“No, no.”


It was when the tears filled the crown prince’s large eyes that someone had tapped Hayden’s arm. The crown prince had thought that someone who was protecting him had approached them, but it was not the case. The knights still surrounded them in a circle. Then what was this feeling?



The crown prince looked at his elbow, and a ‘gauntlet’ worn in a hand as large as a caldron’s lid was beckoning him shyly.


“Oliver, Oliver?”


Oliver’s hand, which was the gauntlet owner, managed to move to the face armor covering Oliver’s face. While it seemed to desire to lift up the cover, it was difficult to do since something may have been broken in the fall.


“You want me to raise that?”


The crown prince felt a faint but clear nod from Oliver’s neck and head. Hayden’s smile widened brightly, as Oliver was alive. What could be better than that? He lifted Oliver’s faceguard with some force, and the mask fell to the ground as if it really had been broken.

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