162 Part 2

Oliver let out rough breaths with loud gasps as his face was revealed like he was trying to take in as much fresh air as possible.



“Your highness…I’m quite alright.”


The knight that had defeated the bone dragon was alive, and actually quite well.


“Thanks to this armor.”


Oliver’s armor had been heavy and burdensome, which in turn had protected him.


“I wanted to suit up like a proper knight today.”


Halia had created all of the protective gear from top to bottom, and their defense, shock absorbance, and other protective magic spells were off the charts. That was why Oliver had been able to survive the explosion and the fall.


“It’s all right if you’re alive.”


The crown prince was deeply relieved at Oliver’s state, and he stood up supporting Oliver.


“Can you walk?”

“I can’t say that I can.”


While Oliver was alive, his entire body was hurt as he could not escape the repercussions.



“We will evacuate Sir Oliver to a safe place! Open the path and call the magician who will perform emergency aid.”

“Yes, your highness!”


The Second Guard followed the crown prince’s orders, and most of them kept the zombies at bay while others called magicians, who specialized in healing magic through a communicating device that connected them.



“Your highness, it is an honor to meet you!”


Two magicians who came to support them arrived. One was a high-class magician and the princess ‘Haileyy Greenreiver,’ and the other magician with the shy and careful voice was Mary, who had been at the Pieric lands and had posed as a man under the name ‘Mcgedie.’


“I am Mary, a member of the Ivory Tower and currently a magician working at the Pieric lands!”


Mary had not disguised herself as a man after she parted with Ian and let go of the name Mcgedie. She had tried to work hard with confidence afterward, and perhaps because of that, her magic began to grow. Mary had now entered the third class, which was an astonishing feat.


“Haileyy, Mary, welcome. Please look at Oliver. He desperately needs your help.”


Hayden looked over Oliver as he welcomed them, and they followed his orders without fail because of knowing how the crown prince felt. They examined Oliver’s condition first and performed as much emergency aid as possible. Now would be the time to go into actual treatment after moving to the back.


“Your highness.”


Oliver called the crown prince just before he was moved.


“I apologize for not being able to stay at your side to the end, and once I am healed, I will wait for punishment at once.”


Oliver had done more than anyone could expect of him, but he was sincerely asking for punishment.


“Of course, you will. Come back quickly with your body healed. I’ll think of your punishment myself then.”


The crown prince replied with a smile. He was able to do so because he knew the depth of loyalty Oliver had to him.


“I’m grateful, your highness.”

Oliver left with thanks and went to the back with two magicians and a few soldiers. However, the expedition was not over yet, as more zombies were everywhere in the Eastern Plains.


“Listen! Brave soldiers of the three states!”


The crown prince shouted his majestic voice using a magic amplifier after sending Oliver to the back.


“The best swordsman of Greenriver, Oliver of the Raywood name, had defeated the evil ‘magic dragon!’ He did so alone and won against the ‘greatest ally’ of those monsters, which would have been a catastrophic ‘enemy’ for us!”


All soldiers felt inspired at the crown prince’s shout, as they all had witnessed the swordsman’s great and surreal performance. Their heart nearly burst just by thinking about that sight.


“Now, those monsters have lost their greatest ally, while we have not suffered any loss from the dragon! How can we be scared when the goddess of victory is with us? Charge with vigor! Do not allow the dead to remain alive!”


The crown prince Hayden held his boom stick after the speech, and the troops let out a shout at his words and presence. Today, ‘Oliver Raywood,’ the best swordsman of Greenriver, left a new title in history. He was the ‘dragon slayer,’ who defeated the dragon that had threatened humanity!

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