163 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage 163 Heartless (1)


When the black orb fell in the middle of the Eastern Plains to dispel the power of immortality, the tripartite expedition troops started to fight against the weakened immortal troops, and Oliver had defeated the Bone Dragon alone, Ian had entered the space of the Dragons. In this violet non-dimension, Fran Page was sealed. This was the third time that he had entered here from the human world, and there was a high possibility that it might be the last.


[You came.]


Reseesee Radenju had come to greet Ian, and of course, it had not been only for him. Atar Haka, the observer, had also returned as it followed Ian. Those who could resist against Fran Page were now all gathered together.


“There’s not much time. Let’s save greetings for later and proceed with the plan.”


While Ian’s response was cold, he was not that wrong. There really was not much time. If something unexpected happened in the Eastern Plains, Fran’s metaphysical form would notice it immediately. They had to move before then.


[I understand. You may greet me later.]


While Ian was annoyed with Reseesee Radenju’s condescending tone, he ignored it. Dragons’ arrogance was a characteristic that even children’s books used often.



‘Even dragons are not that trustworthy…’


Reseesee Radenju spoke something unexpected when Ian’s dissatisfaction and stereotypical thoughts reached there.


[However, I have something to give you, Ian Page, as a symbol of firm alliance and for the success of this plan. Since I have no other intentions, please receive it as such.]


Something fell slowly in front of Ian with that explanation. It had a spell that slowed down its fall, and Ian saw an orb smaller than a baby’s fist.


“What is this?”

“It’s a dragon heart.”

“A dragon heart…?”

[It has been generated from my heart, and the young dragons here consume this right after birth.]

“Why are you giving this to me?”

[It’s strange. I heard that you humans are desperate to have this dragon heart, even when not having eaten it directly.]


The dragon leader was saying that the orb was a real heart from a live dragon and not the fake one used as the basis of the airship.


“While I would have gone to my knees a few years back, I find little use for it now.”


Ian’s words were true, as he would have desperately wanted the orb during his growth right after he returned time. However, things were different now. Swallowing a dragon heart would not make much difference at this point.


“Or does that dragon heart have something special in it? Can I let out a breath or…”

[It’s a present to an ally and had no other power or meaning.]

“Then, it’s not much use now.”


Ian grabbed the dragon heart that had fallen to his hand, and it was heavier than it looked.


“As you have said that it was a present.”


He did not swallow it, but there might be some use for it. Ian placed it in his dimension pocket.


“Thank you for this gift.”



Reseesee Radenju may have wanted Ian to eat it, as she looked somewhat disappointed. There may be some traces of that playful being a thousand years back Ian had seen in the Memory Trove.


[…All right, so have you found a way to dispel Fran Page’s immortality?]

“Of course.”


Ian held a vial at Reseesee Radenju’s question. It was made by Douglas after absorbing Baion’s essence and was the key to dispelling Fran Page’s immortality.


[It has a similar aura to the draught that goes to the Time Trove.]

“It probably is.”

[Explain further what you’re going to do with that draught.]

“The method is actually very simple.”


Ian took off the potion’s cap, and a fantastical scent came out of the vial.


“I have to make him drink this.”

[Make him?]

“Directly to Fran Page.”


“If I succeed, I will enter Fran Page’s mind world, or my metaphysical form will. I’ll land a hit on that metaphysics loving guy.”

“I’m going to remove all things that keep Fran Page immortal there.”

[You’re saying that what keeps Fran Page immortal is hidden in his mind world?]

“You understand fast.”

[Are you sure?]



What Ian had said described the method since it really was simple.


“Not difficult, is it?”


The vial that led to that mind world was Douglas’s ambitious work and not at all ordinary. While the user would be affected after swallowing the draught, this one incorporated Ian’s metaphysical form during its preparation. So, Ian’s metaphysical form would enter Fran’s mind world when Fran drank the potion.


[That’s really…]


The black dragon sighed as he listened.


[Belling the cat.]

Proofreader note: The moral of Belling the Cat: It’s easy to say something should be done, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually easy to do. The mice all agree that they should put a bell on the cat so it can’t sneak up on them and eat them, but no one volunteers to get the bell on the cat after that.

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