163 Part 2

“You are correct.”

[A way?]

“I have none.”

Ian’s answer was firm.




Reseesee Radenju asked again, and she looked surprised at the fact that the most important solution was missing.


“Why would I be talking tricks when we’re so busy? I could not reach there, no matter how hard I thought.”

[Then why…]

“Why did we ally if this was a problem I could solve alone?”


Ian spoke in dissatisfaction, and every word was true to him.


“Aren’t you dragons who have lived eternity? Shouldn’t you lend that wisdom of ages at a time like this? Why are you asking me, who does not even come to your feet, to do everything?”


The dragons here would have lived tens of thousands of years when added up. Their average intelligence went above and beyond human beings. How could such a superior race look at a mere human being? It was going too far.




Reseesee Radenju fell into silence, and others did the same. Having Fran Page drink that after breaking the seal was the most difficult problem of all.


[Let’s think simple.]


Atar Haka broke the silence, and he spoke in his unique low and dark voice.


[Would not be incapacitating him to the extent the power of immortality will not work, solve the problem like when we first sealed him? I know that he only has immortality and was not an illusion without form]


While the suggestion was simple and full of holes, it seemed the only choice for now. Ian also smiled faintly and nodded.


“Was the flow the same when you had sealed him before? I mean, had you incapacitated him and sealed him in that condition?”

[Yes, it was a victory that sacrificed half of us, and only a half win at that.]


They would have sealed Fran in that sealing orb right after Fran was unable to move, which was similar to the current situation.


‘This confirms that.’


Ian first had thought of the same plan as Atar Haka’s from the beginning, but Fran’s immortality had been a problem. A power that made Fran unstoppable would make plans useless, but the dragons were saying that it had succeeded in the past.


[We might be unable to avoid that sacrifice again today.]


Ian shook his head at Reseesee Radenju’s sighed whisper.


“No, things will be different this time.”


Ian had a different viewpoint from Reseesee Radenju, and actually was more objective because he was not one of them.


“Hasn’t that fight started to remove him already started? That was before understanding his power of immortality. The war of attrition was too long, and there had to be many sacrifices.”


The dragons did not know Fran’s power of immortality at first when they sealed Fran Page since sacrifices were needed to know that.


“However, today will be different. We know that power, have a plan, and are focused on oppression rather than removal. While I cannot say that there will not be any sacrifices…”


The tragic memory of losing half of one’s race will not be repeated today. It had to be and had to be believed.


[Yes, that’s true.]


However, there will still be sacrifice, and Reseesee Radenju whispered her sentiments.


The dragon leader started speaking again.


[I had not believed you until before, and now. You may grow to be the biggest threat to us in the future.]


Ian quietly listened to Reseesee Radenju’s somewhat honest opinion.


[However, I am going to completely trust you at this moment, which means that I am going to consider you as one of us. So, please do your best.]


The alliance was a complicated and treacherous one. No one knew what would happen after Fran Page was gone. Therefore, it was difficult to give everything one had, as who knew when one would be betrayed? Reseesee Radenju was speaking of that point.




Ian’s answer was not a pretense but also did not have much sincerity. That was enough.


[Now, then.]


Reseesee Radenju lifted her giant wings and started gathering the vital mana unique to dragons.


[I will begin breaking the seal.]


It became a command that was conveyed to all dragons.


[While I still am undecided whether taking out that monster again to this world is the right choice…]


All dragons started up waves of special mana, and they became a line to dive into the orb where Fran Page was sealed. It looked like the orb was stuck in thorns.


[Taking the opportunity when it comes is something a leader must do.]


The straight waves of the entire dragons must have stimulated the sealed orb, and the violet orb began to vibrate. The surface of the orb started irregularly contracting and expanding like it was going to burst at any moment.

The sealed orb’s restricting powers quickly evaporated, and a small crack caused irreparable damage. The deep magical aura from that crack infiltrated the entire space. The crack became louder, and a wider space emerged. The magic was enough to cause an ordinary individual to go crazy, and it was everywhere.


“In the end.”


The violet orb only left the shell, and now a man’s voice came from it.


“We see each other from opposite sides.”


It was a familiar and yet strange sound.




Fran Page, the evil incarnated, woke up in body and soul now.


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