164 Part 2


‘It, it can’t be true…’


What did the wounds mean? If it had not been for Ian’s protection and Herpi Dotos had faced the shock wave head on, Herpi Dotos, the young gatekeeping dragon, would have disappeared without a trace.


‘I would have died. This is the power of Fran Page, who had massacred half of my ancestors.’


While Herpi Dotos would have died a meaningless death, it had become an experience because the dragon survived. It was a chance for young dragons to feel Fran Page’s strength that they had known through stories and records. Also, there was one more thing.


‘Ian Page, his bloodline’s powers.’


Herpi Dotos had already experienced Ian Page’s powers a few days back. The dragon had not acknowledged Ian at the time because of his pride. However, this time it was different, as Ian had blocked Fran Page’s astonishing attack and saved his life.


[…Thank you, Ian Page.]

“Saving you is nice since you seem more polite than before.”


Herpi Dotos and Ian had met the first time when the mana heart had been broken when Herpi Dotos treated Ian like a wanderer, and the tables had turned since then.


[Thank you for saving that child.]


Reseesee Radenju and the dragons came closer to Fran Page, and while the young dragons were surprised at Fran Page’s powers, the rest of them who had already experienced Fran Page were focused on Ian.


[Your prowess seems deeper than what we had expected.]


Not only Reseesee Radenju but also Atar Haka, the second in command who was known for agility and stealth, would have been unable to save Herpi in that situation, as everything would have ended when they decided to do so.


[We owe an unpayable debt to the Fairy Queen, who had allied us with such a presence.]


Reseesee Radenju thought of the fairy queen before moving to a formation with the rest of the dragons. Since they confirmed that Ian was much stronger than they had expected, they could aggressively go on.


[The human who at one time had the noblest soul, who had been the teacher and leader of all. We wish to purge your fallen soul today, me, my dragons, and our strongest ally, Ian Page. If you have one shred of rational thought remaining, please do not resist and accept this act.]

“Fall? Did you say fall”


Fran showed murderous intent at Reseesee Radenju’s polite words.


“You will purge me yourself? That’s an honor. The mighty lizards’ leader will save this crazed human being!”


Fran was a completely different person from when he talked with Ian, and that murderous and mad man had to be the actual Fran Page.


“You old lizard, you speak too brazenly. Your odor is repugnant from living too long.”


Fran even held his nose, and his madness went in deeper.


“I had given you lizards who had been stuck in a mountain despite your size power, and you dare betray me?”


The deeper the madness grew, Fran’s unique golden aura turned black. His mana started to transform due to strong demonic auras.




Ian quickly protected himself from Fran’s madness as it tried to reach him. He felt the ends of inexplicable chaos just by facing it, and Fran Page now seemed to be a storm of madness and a whirlpool of chaos.


“If you will stand by those lizards to the end, I will not stop you. However, can you stand the cruel price of that choice?”


Fran asked Ian or tried to convince him before falling into utter madness. However, Ian’s answer was the same.


“I’ll say it again.”


Ian spoke clearly as he used blue aura, the purest form of mana for a magician, to drive the demonic aura away.


“My world finally becomes peaceful when you disappear. So, Fran…no, Father.”


Ian called Fran as his father for the first time. While he shuddered at the repulsiveness of calling him by that title, Ian could not ignore the sad reality until the last.


“Let’s finish this.”


Ian spoke the last sentence like an announcement, and the blue aura exploded everywhere. The clash between the fallen demonic aura and the pure mana started out intensely from the beginning.




It may have been an unexpected response, or perhaps Fran had known it all along. His smile was gloomy and crazy and he glared at Ian.




Fran’s eyes were mixed with black madness and golden intelligence until now. However, now even the whites of his eyes had turned dark.


“You believe I did not know what you have been doing the past ten days? Do you think you have deceived me? You’re mistaken. Ian, you’re only a tool I had made so the seal that held me would be broken!”


Fran’s voice started turning eerie and bleak.


“The value of you as a tool ended now, like your mother. She had been only a vessel to bring the tool to this world, and now the job is done. It took so long.”


His voice was surreal enough that if a demon had come to this world, his voice would be like that.


[So, the tool that used up all its usefulness. Wake up from your deep sleep and awaken as yourself! You, as the perfect ‘spiritual form’ that I had left in the outside world, the ‘final soul’ that only I in this state can wake!]


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