165 Part 1

Return of the 8th Class Mage 165 Heartless (3)




Ian asked back. What was that mad guy saying? The perfect spiritual form? The final soul?


“You speak nonsense when being cornered…”


Ian’s voice was mixed with indifference, disregard, and anxiety, and he had not even finished the sentence when it happened. Right before, the situation was opposition since Fran’s black aura and Ian’s blue mana were pushing each other back. However, the moment Fran had mumbled the incomprehensible nonsense, Ian’s pure blue mana began to change.




Not only that, but Ian began to show the same aura as Fran’s eyes that had succumbed to darkness like he had been intoxicated in madness.




Ian let out a painful moan as a headache he had felt for the first time in his life swept in. He thought he would go mad within seconds if he had to endure this abnormal pain.



“S, stop…!”

(Wake up from a deep sleep.)


(If you want to survive and escape from the pain, stop resisting now!)

“Help…stop him…!”


Ian thought he would lose his thread of reason at any moment, and he used the last of his strength to shout to the dragons, who had not even realized what was going on.


[Everyone, we will attack Fran Page as prepared. Atar Haka, control the repercussions of the explosion.]



Maybe it was because of Ian’s request, or they had planned to start now, but as the leader Reseesee Radenju commanded and ordered, everyone started to move as planned.


[Do not worry about being swept away, as our priority is to stop Fran Page from affecting Ian Page. Ian Page will come out by himself if we cut Fran Page’s connection to him.]


The ‘Red Dragons,’ with red leather and scales, who were the most aggressive and apt at battling, started ‘saturation bombing.’ While a massive scale of explosions bombarded Fran like that was the main attack, it was only a ‘sabotage tactic’ to stop Fran from doing whatever he was doing for only a moment. The first reason was that they knew Fran would not even be damaged just by this much power, and the second was that Ian, who was defenseless, would not be safe.

While the situation was unfavorable, they were dragons. Even if the explosions were controlled, the quality and quantity were superior from the beginning. If they fell on a human city, the entire city would have burnt and melted down.




Reseesee Radenju shouted as she watched the black smoke and fog rising up.


[This much should…]


Would not this attack have affected Fran from focusing? She did not feel a counterattack, at least for now. Was trying to control Ian more important than defense or counterattack for Fran Page?


[Everyone, to your positions.]


Every dragon became breathless as they waited for the explosion to die out. How would the situation play out with the forthcoming results? The best one would be that Ian would be freed for at least a moment.




The explosion’s repercussions quickly died out, and the silhouettes of the two men, who were the only human beings in this purple space, became clearer.




However, the positions of the shadows seemed a bit stranger. The father and son who were facing each other, were now looking in one direction. To be more exact, Ian is standing in front of Fran.




Everything that had been blocking their sights finally disappeared. Why were the two men looking in the same direction? It was simple. Ian was standing in front of Fran to activate a powerful shield spell, and it was evident that Ian was protecting Fran from the explosion from his magic, position, and posture.




Reseesee Radenju carefully called his name, but Ian did not respond. Only his eyes that had been encroached by black mana were vacantly open.

It was then Fran Page let out an unhinged laugh, and Ian followed suit. While their voices and faces were different, Ian seemed to have become Fran Page’s spirit.


” “What? You will purge me after my fall?” ”

Ian would speak when Fran did.

” “What did you say? With your strongest ally, Ian Page?” ”

” “You mean this? Me?” ”



Fran and Ian spoke as they pointed at their faces, and their sneering expression and tone were a bonus.


“ “Idiots. Your lizard faces show your expressions, and you guys seem to have been excited.” ”



Ian and Fran moved like they were one, and while there was no need to synchronize their movements even if Ian was the final soul, it was Fran Page’s trick to showcase how the situation had changed dramatically.


“ “Do you know now? You guys have taken the bait, which I had placed hundreds of years ago.” ”

“I have been waiting and waiting for today. I wondered what you guys would look like, what you would babble, and…”

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