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Return of the 8th Class Mage 166 The Awakening of the Ego (1)


“Are you sure that you are all right?”

“I said, I am. I was just dizzy for a moment.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Then we should go to my oldest brother’s….I said it again, didn’t I? I should try to call him correctly, at least from today.”


Ian was now perfectly attuned to this Ian of another ‘world’ or ‘dimension’ in front of him. Ian was in his most peaceful, positive, and smooth life out of the endlessly fragmented worlds that Fran had spawned.


“How about the others?”

“Mother has already entered the palace with Haileyy, saying that she would like to receive the services of the royal maids. Father is busy with another research experiment with Douglas and said that he would come to the palace on the dot.”

“So, you’re the only one who has nothing to do.”

“Yes, it seems to be true.”


Ian and Ragnar exchanged jokes and laughed, but now changed the topic.


“Then let us go together since I also have nothing to do. His majesty is waiting, even if he would welcome you more than me, his blood brother.”

“Isn’t blood thicker than water?”


White light from a teleport spell swallowed the two mid-aged men. Their destination was the royal palace of the ‘Greenriver Unified Empire,’ and they would arrive at the ‘Main Garden’ where the ceremony commemorating Emperor Hayden Greenriver’s Day of Naming will soon begin.


“Are we the first to arrive?”

“We are always so.”


Ian, the mid-aged magician, replied to Ragnar’s question. They were not truly the first ones, as all the palace servants were busy with the preparations. They were the first of the VIPs to arrive.


“Will you go to his majesty first?”

“No, he would be picky choosing his attire about now.”

“He would welcome you even if you wake him up in the early morning.”

“It’s impolite since he is indulging his hobby.”

“Even an emperor needs a hobby.”


How long had their trivial conversation lasted? While Ian’s head still hurt, he ignored it since it was only a faint ache.



Ian began to search for the cause of the pain while Ragnar had gone off to somewhere. It was not a physical headache, and it was evident that a mental reason was behind his pain.


‘I have no idea.’


It felt like an itch rather than a headache, exactly like when a tickling sensation would elevate to a headache. The only problem was that the cause was in one’s mind.


‘It’s driving me crazy.’


Ian felt like something itchy, and murky was stuck in his mind. It was useless trying to cleanse his mind using mana breath, and this was the first time he had faced a problem like this after living as a magician for over thirty years.


‘I seem to be forgetting something…’


While Ian could not find a way out of his problem, those who are to participate in the Day of Naming celebration party started to arrive. Since the emperor was to be commemorated, those who held power, such as all lords, aristocrats, high ranking officials, and magicians, arrived.


“Isn’t this, Sir Ian?”

“I greet the one who led the unifying process.”

“My youngest admires you so much, even more than his own father. If it would not be too much trouble, could you sign here…”


They were here to celebrate the emperor’s Day of Naming, but people naturally flocked towards Ian to the point of excessiveness. Since the emperor had not yet arrived, and Ian’s renown across the lands made this situation possible.

It actually was natural, and Ian did not mind since he was used to the attention.




However, today was different, and everyone who tried to talk to him tired Ian. While Ian wanted to go somewhere else, he could not do so because of his position.


‘Am I really sick? What is going on?’


It was that moment when a voice rang.


[His majesty has entered!]


The voice amplifier installed near where the party was announced the emperor’s entrance, and all eyes towards Ian moved to him.


“I greet your majesty.”

“I greet your majesty.”

“I greet your majesty.”


Everyone participating in the party greeted Emperor Hayden as he entered, and Ian stood up to place himself in the greeting line.


“Oh, isn’t this the Lord of the Ivory Tower?”


Emperor Hayden spoke in a welcoming voice after discovering Ian amidst the many people who bowed to him. His beauty still shone despite being a middle-aged man.


“My brother told me you seem a bit unwell. Is it all right to come out like this?”

“While your worry is a providence, he seems to have spoken something unnecessary. I am quite well.”

“Is that so? That’s a relief.”


However, that friendly conversation ended, and since the party was now going on, they could not converse as usual. The emperor could only say to speak further later on with lingering disappointment.


‘Let’s endure only a bit more, only a bit.’


Ian started a light spell after sitting in a corner, which would allow others to pay him less attention. It was a hallucination spell that made Ian’s presence faint, and he was planning to endure at first and get out in the middle of the party.


“Your majesty, our lands are forever grateful to your grace and rule, and we have prepared this gift for your Day of Naming after much contemplation of how to give back even some of your grace. We hope you will accept this gift from our lands.”


As Ian remained in his position with silence, Emperor Hayden Greenriver received lines of gifts from all over the lands. Since they were from all over the lands, everything was vibrant and rare. One of the powerful lords from the former Coldwood Empire came forth confidently with gifts hidden in velvet. There were several of them.

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