166 Part 2


“What are all those? They seem to be animal cages, shaped like a birdcage.”

“Your majesty has a sharp eye. Yes, these are birdcages.”

“So, the birds are your presents?”

“I may say so, but I hope your majesty will make the decision after seeing it.”

“You seem to have caught a majestic bird. Let’s take a look.”


Emperor Hayden stood up and went in front of the present and lightly grabbed the end of the velvet cover by himself.


“Can I look?”

“Of course, your majesty.”



The emperor pulled the velvet cover, and the birdcage under the red velvet was now revealed.




It was a ‘birdcage,’ as everyone had expected, but the creature in it surprised everyone. It looked like a bird since the small size and white wings were top notch. However, it could not be a bird, since what bird had the face, body, and limbs of a human being?


“What is that?”

“I don’t know….”
“It doesn’t seem like a bird…”

“Is it a different race like a dwarf or an elf?”

“Can such a small race exist?”

With the beautiful small body of a woman with a pair of wings on its back, the creature was rare and mystic, and the cage riveted everyone in the party.


“Speak…is this bird…a bird?”


Emperor Hayden spoke to the lord from the former Coldwood Empire, and the lord said in a satisfied tone like the situation was going his way.


“It is not actually a bird since it is more beautiful and mysterious.”

“Yes, I can see that. What is this creature?”

“Has your majesty ever heard the name ‘fairy’?”

“Fairy? Isn’t that the name of forest beings in legends? They are said to be fictional beings like dragons…wait. Is this little creature…?”

“Yes, it is. Please accept my gift of ‘forest fairies’ that have only existed in legends, myths, and old tales for your forty-eighth Day of Naming.”


Everyone began to murmur at the arrival of forest fairies. The idea of fairies being gifts was absurd. Everything, from their existence, the acquisition route, and all else, were suspicious.


“How did you acquire such a rare creature? I cannot believe it with my own eyes.”

“Your majesty, with all due respect, it is too early to be surprised.

“Early? What do you mean by that?”

“Don’t you need to confirm the biggest cage that is at the furthest back?”

“Well, now…”


There was such a cage, a bigger one than the cages that held the pure white fairies. The velvet covering this one was of much higher quality than the rest. What creature was waiting for them? Not only the emperor, but everyone in the party focused on the biggest birdcage.


“To my respected majesty and all distinguished guests, I will introduce you to the one and only Queen who have ruled over the legendary forest fairies for over a long time.”


The lord that was presenting the gifts now grabbed the velvet cover and shouted as he pulled back the covers with all his strength.


“Behold, the Fairy Queen!”


The cover of the biggest birdcage was lifted, and the ‘Fairy Queen’ with pink hair and wings showed her exquisite self to all present.



“That’s the Fairy Queen?”

“Look, she’s watching us!’


The girl with pink hair and wings, the Fairy Queen in the cage, looked around her with vacant eyes. The way her wings drooped was despondent, but no one was thinking of such a thing. There was only a simple curiosity and greed towards a creature they saw for the very first time.


“Your majesty and all honored guests, please be careful. While the birdcage is made in the same principle as a mana prison and the shackles have the same effects, she actually is a magician with great powers.”


The lord of the former Coldwood Empire continued to speak, and his explanation was fluid like he had prepared it in advance.


“I venture that her thunder magic is at the level of Sir Ian page, the greatest magician of all human history. Anyone who belittles her from her small and lovely posture will regret it.”

“Wait, while I agree that fairies are rare, how did you acquire such a high-class magical being if she is at the same level as Ian?”


Emperor Hayden asked with suspicious eyes, as the lord mentioned that the Fairy Queen is at Ian’s level regarding thunder magic. While the words could be said, how could he have caught such a creature alive that was much stronger than a high-class magician of the Ivory tower?


“The answer is this.”


The lord took out a jewel from his bosom at the emperor’s reasonable question.


“A jewel? Explain further.”

“Yes, as you know, this is a ‘heart ruby,’ which is one of the luxurious and rare jewels. I found by coincidence that fairies cannot resist a well-cut jewel.”


For fairies, jewels were the way to pleasure and satisfaction that fulfilled all demands. Using the jewels well would have made this feat possible.




While everyone talked about fairies from the acquisition method, the route, and their location in the party, only one person was not participating in this subject. It was Ian Page, but he seemed to be interested a little in the Fairy Queen herself. He could not help but stare at the pinkish creature.


‘What is this feeling?’


The Fairy Queen’s and Ian’s gaze met as she looked around. While her eyes were still vacant, Ian fell into inexplicable chaos as their eyes met as faint and fragmented bits of memory began to stab Ian’s head sharply. Ian groaned.

The memories were all strange, as scenes relevant to that pink fairy he had seen for the first time continued to pass him by. She had looked down on Ian as she called him ‘human’ or ‘you’, had stayed near his mother in the past as a pink cat, and had implored him that she did not want to be his enemy. The memories that did not exist and were not even consistent became clearer.


[I do not want to lose you people.]


Ian covered his head, and the pink fairy’s voice, which he had never heard before, rang in his ears.


[I’ll gladly lay down my life.]

[Please trust them just this once.]

[Human, Ian Page.]

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