167 Part 1

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Return of the 8th Class Mage 167 The Awakening of the Ego (2)


[I’ll gladly lay down my life.]

[Please trust them just this once.]

[Human, Ian Page.]


At the end of the strange yet familiar scene and voice was a silence. Ian did not even hear the party guests’ whispers, let alone the conversation between the emperor and the lord regarding the Fairy Queen.


“I, I…”


Memories came back alive in the silence, and while they had been scattered and incomprehensible, they now gathered in one place to form a shape.


‘I’m Ian, Ian Page, a mage who had returned back thirty years in time. I had grown much faster than before and had been connected with all sorts of inhuman creatures.”


The memories that had been hidden beneath the rewritten ones now came up against the surface. Once they were released, they spread like fire on oil.


‘At the end, I had allied myself with dragons to remove Fran Page, my mad father, the origin of all evil those close to me, and I suffered. Before I felt the headache, I had been doing…’


The confusion that he could not manage tormented Ian. It was a process of two Ian Pages, who had lived two completely different lives, merging into one being without reorganizing their memories. Even one wrong move would drive Ian insane, and Ian started using his mana breath. He did not care for the eyes of the party guest.

With a loud intake, the two sets of memories became organized bit by bit. One was the Ian who had returned in time and had been chosen as Fran’s most perfect specimen, and the other was the Ian who had been a failure in Fran’s eyes but had lived the most positive and peaceful life out of all Ians. Their lives and memories now came together.




All confusion lay low, and Ian realized that Fran Page had given what he mistakenly considered a gift to Ian.


‘Fran, you made a mistake.’


The sole mistake Fran had made was ‘Ian Page’ himself. One might think that this was too sudden, but it was simple logic. Fran had given his chosen one too much.


‘I have lived twice, found things around me to protect, and have powers beyond the human scope. This Ian Page does not belong to you now.’


Ian had too much to be a mere metaphysical form of Fran. He now had an ‘ego’ that could not be controlled with changes in memory and environment. His ego, a step above the perfection Fran wanted Ian to be, was now carved in Ian’s soul.


‘I will return.’


While Ian did not know a specific way, it was not impossible. If Fran Page had done this, Ian could do the same. As Ian now remembered the ‘power of language,’ nothing was impossible for Ian.


‘The Ian in this world would be asleep in his mind world. If I got out, would he get back his body on his own?’


Ian could not know now, but there was no time. Even if there were problems, they would need to be solved after wrapping up all problems that had to do with Fran Page in Ian’s original world.




Ian looked around quickly, and perhaps because of his excessive mana breathing, everyone participating in the party was looking at Ian.




Ian did not know what would happen, and he needed someone to protect Ian’s body of this world.




Ian chose Ragnar because he was the closest to him, and because Ian felt some sadness. While they had tried to kill each other in Ian’s world and to see him did not make Ian happy, they seemed to be inseparable childhood friends in at least this world.


‘Well, that had been true in my first life. We were best friends then. How had things come to this?”


Ian smiled bitterly, and Ragnar of this world asked him a question.


“Something is wrong with you, isn’t it? That’s true? Answer me now!”

“Ragnar, listen. I may faint soon.”

“What are you talking about…?”

“Of course, I’ll wake up quickly, so don’t worry. I’ll entrust you my body and also myself. Also…about those fairies.”


“Let them go.”


“If you say the name Reseesee Radenju, they won’t act in revenge. So, make apologies for everything, give them many jewels, and return them to where they live. You must do that, do you understand me?”

“I’ll talk it over with the emperor, but why are you saying that? What problem…”

“Then, I’ll see you later.”


Ian tapped Ragnar’s shoulder and activated the power of language in the air.


(The spirit of language, I do not belong in this world. So, please return me to the world where I belong, to where I should exist.)


A request became a spell through the power of language and had become authorial power.


(I still have something I need to do.)


With that sentence, the spell was complete. A ray of light thousands of times stronger than the teleport spell fell like lightning out of the sky, and it was headed for Ian Page and the strange spirit inside him.




With a loud bang, the stench of blood spread in the violet space where Fran Page and his puppet Ian Page wreaked havoc.


[Ugh! This is…!]

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