167 Part 2


Reseesee Radenju swallowed bitterly at the doomed situation. It had taken only a second for the dragons to be cornered after they found an advantage in allying with Ian.


“Lizards, what happened?! Where has your confidence gone? Didn’t you promise me that you’ll purge my spirit? When will you keep that promise?”


Fran shouted as he stamped on a massacred corpse of a black dragon. He seemed to be the incarnation of the madness now.


“You lizard bastards that do not know how to return favors! That’s why you’re only beasts! I’ll make your race extinct, to the last seed!”


As one could estimate from this messy situation, the dragons were suffering. Fran, after recovering his body, would have been overwhelming. But now…


[Ian Page! Come back to your senses if you can hear me! Until when will you remain his puppet! Did you only amount to that much?]


The black dragon Atar Haka shouted as he avoided Ian’s attacks. While he did want Ian to come to his senses, it was a shout in desperation, as the situation was that bad. If things went like this, the dragon race would become ‘extinct’ like that mad Fran Page’s announcement, and dragons would completely disappear from this world.


“Shut up, you crow dragon.”


Ian, or Fran borrowing Ian’s voice, spoke in return, and the sneering and condescending tone was definitely Fran’s.


“Oh, run, and run. I’ll rip your mouth open myself!”


Fran left one sentence and returned to his own body to hunt down dragons, and Ian’s body also targeted the dragons with empty eyes.




Atar Haka let out a despairing exclamation. Extinction was now a mere step away, and no matter how hard he thought with all the wisdom and experience he had as a dragon, the answer did not come to him. The situation was much worse than when they had sealed Fran Page before.




It was that moment when Ian, Fran’s puppet, did not let Atar Haka’s moment of weakness go away. Ian appeared in front of him in an instant and held out his palm. There was no way of avoiding it, let alone time to think. Atar Haka murmured in surrender.


[My wrong decision and choice had speeded my entire race’s doom. I regret what I have done…]


Atar Haka humbly accepted the death that will come from Ian’s palm. However, no matter how long he waited, the dragon was still alive.




Atar Haka looked at Ian and noticed that something was strange. Had not the human’s eyes been hard like a doll’s just before?




However, Ian’s eyes now held the vitality of someone alive with a soul. Was he under Fran’s control? That did not seem to be the case, as his eyes were not mad like when he had been under Fran’s orders.


“Shh. Please be quiet.”


Ian had come back to his body after traveling many dimensions and was now asking a surprised Atar Haka to be quiet. It was the beginning of the counterattack.


‘At least not that much time had passed.’


There had been many hardships as Ian had wandered over several dimensions. He had accepted new memories and experiences spanning over decades that had belonged to the Ians of those worlds.


‘The timing’s adequate.’


While the experience had been unusual, Ian felt like his throat was burning from the time it took him to return to his original dimension. However, that seemed unnecessary worry, as the time difference between dimensions worked under principles Ian could not understand.


‘Does he know yet?’


Ian first observed Fran, and he seemed to be unaware of the change. Was it because he was still engrossed in hunting dragons? He was now careless.


‘I’ll get him quickly.


The plan was simple, and Ian had to use the draught that Douglas had made after receiving the Artisan Baion’s essential knowledge on Fran. Now it would be possible, but there was only one chance.


“What are you doing, Reseesee Radenju? Aren’t you cornered? Don’t wallow and accept death cleanly as the leader! That would the best ending for you!”


Fran Page looked monstrous as he heated up, and the demonic aura he spread was beyond limits. His eyes were steeped in black, and also his skin. Not only that, but his hair was like the legendary Medusa, and his voice was not that of a human’s. The individual that had pretended to be kind was nowhere now.


‘Is he not even a human being now?’


It was not true. Fran Page had not been a human being in the first place and had already thrown that away. He required no pity.


‘Let’s go.’


Ian disappeared to arrive in front of Fran Page in less than a second.




Fran could not help a flinch, as Ian Page, who had been reborn as his metaphysical form, now appeared right in front of him. Fran had given Ian no such commands.


“H, how…?”



Ian answered coldly to a surprised Fran’s question. He grabbed Fran’s collar with his right hand and took out Douglas’s draught with his left. His actions were like lightning.

Proofreader query: Why weren’t there dragons in that other world with the fairy queen? If Fran gets his immortality from the egos of the Frans of other worlds then that one shouldn’t have had a Fran and the Dragons wouldn’t be stuck in a pocket dimension guarding him. Is it a world where he had already slaughtered all the dragons before using the power of time, or are there multiple Fran conglomerates in the various worlds that could pop up and challenge Ian?

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