168 Part 2


‘The timing is now.’


In front of Ian, Fran Page’s body had covered himself with an impregnable ice shield, which could not be penetrated easily even by the dragons. They would need at least a few minutes, and it had been to earn time to solve the problem occurring in the mind world.


‘There isn’t much time.’


If all stored souls were gone with the explosion, the chance was now. It was the perfect opportunity to cut off Fran’s last soul, who had entered the mind world to protect his immortality.


‘I only erased his immortality, and his power is the same. If I don’t finish now, the situation will change.”


Fran was not immortal now, but his power remained, which meant Ian had to end things now.


‘I must.’


Ian did not want to imagine what would happen if he did not manage to end things now. What would a Fran that had lost his immortality and was cornered do? The situation would become worse.


(Ice Spear.)


An ice block appeared on Ian’s palm with the power of language. It was sharp and cold enough to cut through everything more than usual.


‘A near-perfect shield.’


Ian also felt that Fran’s ice shields were impenetrable since it was hard enough to last near an hour even while dragons attacked it.




Ian was different from the dragons in that he knew the essence of the shield. Ian was at the level of knowing the spell the shield was made with, the amount and concentration of the mana, the fundamental temperature and grain size, and supplementary spells by just looking and feeling.


‘I can get through this.’


The Ice Spear, with the power of language, was not a simple weapon since it was made of the same structure as Fran Page’s temporary ice shields. Ian’s Ice Spear did not penetrate but infiltrated Fran’s ice shields.


“A little bit…!”


The reason was simple, as the two ice spells thought of each other as the ‘same’ kind of magic.


“A little bit more…!”


The Ice Spear went in the shields like a trick, and the tip touched Fran Page’s skin, just where it would penetrate his heart.

With a soft noise, Ian’s Ice Spear touched Fran’s chest and went in directly deep in his heart. There was no hesitation, and the movements were slow and firm. The sound of flesh stabbed rang, and red blood wet the ice. The spear came behind Fran’s back, and exactly three seconds passed.

Fran, who had entered his mind world to protect his souls, came back with a scream. The ice shields also fell down, and the plan had worked.




Ian flew in the air and shouted after showing the results to the survivors of the dragons who surrounded him and Fran.




Ian was only an ally and had no right to command since he was not the leader. He was only a human, but at that moment, all dragons did not hesitate.


[We will follow the ally’s request!]

[Destroy Fran Page!]

[For us and our ally!]


No one even hesitated at the command, and everyone from the youngest to Reseesee Radenju all encouraged the attack. They began to bombard Fran Page.


‘Right. This much…’


Ian also lent a hand at the sight. Since the strongest beings made the attack, and even Fran Page would not stay whole after losing his immortality.

All attacks stopped, and the scale of the siege was enough to destroy an entire human culture. If it had happened in the outside world, the entire world would have turned into a land of death.

It was not only Ian who let out rough breaths, all dragons stabilized their breathing because they had used almost all of their powers.


“Is he…?”

Everyone looked at the same spot, where the explosions stopped, and Fran Page had stood. It was at that moment mad black tentacles came out of the dusty air made by explosions. It was not one, and tens of tentacles spread everywhere through the smoke.





The black tentacles shackled the dragons, and even their powers could not resist them.


“He’s still…alive?”


As Ian’s whisper ended, the tentacles that were wrapped around the dragons were again swallowed up in dust. The dragons fell down to the ground, and not only that but a grotesque voice that Ian did not want to hear again and believed would never sound again also fell.


“How dare…”


A voice came out of the smoke that still burned with madness. It was the voice of Fran Page, the protector of people now turned mad.


“The lizards who are less than beasts that had stabbed me in the back with the power I gave them…and my copy of my own seed…you two traitors suit each other well.”


All smoke and dust died down, and Fran Page looked nearly destroyed. Most of his body and head were gone. If he were a normal creature, he would have died a long time ago. However, Fran was still alive even if he looked as if he shouldn’t be able to even talk, let alone stand.


“That you could play a trick at that moment…it was a close call. My heart shuddered, and I managed to protect one last soul. Thanks to that…”


Fran had looked like it was difficult for him to stand but now became his usual self again. It was his last ‘power of immortality’ using the last soul that he had managed to protect from the explosion in his mind world.


“I now will be careful again. I seem to have come to my senses.”


The tens of dragons who had dropped by the tentacles were now destroyed with only bones left. While he was not immortal now, he was still the strongest and the worst of all.


“For you…who are stupid and weak enough not to be able to hold a goal until you die…”


Black light swarmed in Fran’s eyes, and his voice turned back to normal. Not only that, but his demonic aura did not flail wildly like it had before he lost his immortality. It was harder and more organized as it surrounded Fran.


“I now think that I should use anything I can.”


Fran whispered like someone who had understood, and he opened a gate in the air and walked inside. Ian understood, at the same time what Fran was aiming to do.


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