169 Part 1

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Return of the 8th Class Mage 169 Coming to a Close (2)



Fran Page had headed to where Ian had sheltered his family, the ‘Dragon Lair’ where the Dragonians lived. Ian had placed his family in a safe place just in case, but it had proved ineffective since they had been connected in spirit.




The artisans were most surprised, and except for Siram and Cleven, who were at the Eastern Plains, the other five artisans could not hide their astonishment. The one who had disappeared and who they had waited for for a long time now had appeared in front of them.


“My artisans, it has been a long time.”

“Why…why now…”

“I was busy, and I still am. So, let’s talk later.”


Fran raised a hand and waved it to signal that they should move away.


“Can you guys leave for a moment? I have to have a conversation with Vanessa, who you have hidden in the caves behind you.”


Vanessa, Ledio, and Douglas were in the Dragon Lair’s deep parts, and the artisans had been blocking the entrance. Of course, some of Cleven’s sculptures formed a protective layer.


“Stop, Fran.”

One of the artisans, Bertholdo, spoke up with courage as the rest remained hesitant.


“With all respect, only Ian Page can enter from here. I cannot move even if it is you, his father. Please excuse my impertinence.”


While Bertholdo flinched a bit, he spoke clearly. Fran opened his mouth like he had not expected this.


“Bertholdo, since when you have become so brave? It pays off to live long, and time does amazing things.”


While his mouth was making jokes, Fran’s eyes become sharper, and his demonic aura shook as if it was irritated.


“However, that’s enough. I cannot ignore any further resistance, so move. I’ll talk over things with you afterward.”

“With the risk of repeating myself one more time.”


However, Bertholdo’s mind became firmer, and the same went for other artisans. They could not easily believe the changes in Fran Page they heard from Ian, so they had wanted to meet Fran Page themselves, and that had now become true.


“I forbid you to come any further, as Ian Page is the only one who can pass this line.”


They now understood that Ian Page had spoken the truth and that the Fran Page they had known was now forever gone.




Fran’s laugh was a sneer.


“The lizards, my bloodline, and now you guys…”


Fran’s face contorted into a grotesque expression.


“Dare to betray me?”


That sentence had been enough to knock out the artisans and Cleven’s battle sculptures. They had been blown into smithereens.


“This is why the people who have to be protected and those who have to be excluded must be distinguished! Just so opportunist trash like you can be thrown away!”


Even that powerful dragon sculpture was crushed with a flick of Fran’s hand. The same went for the artisans, but they had the power of immortality. They formed shapes again and blocked Fran once more.




Fran tilted his head at the sight, because he could not understand why they were doing this.


“Why are you going this far? Because he promised you death? I can do that myself right now. That’s why I’m telling you to step back for a moment, so I will hand you the death you desperately want.”

“Of course, that promise is the most important factor since we want to end our too-long existence. However.”


Bertholdo answered Fran in his most determined voice.


“If we’re getting the same thing, wouldn’t we be more comfortable dealing with someone who is kinder? Especially when we’re all going to die. While Ian is not all that good, you have changed too much.”

“I did?”

“Yes, you certainly have.”

“Well, is that so.”

Fran touched his chin like he agreed with Bertholdo’s words and spoke with a misty breath.


“I understood what you’re saying.”


Tentacles came out from everywhere to capture the five artisans and wrapped around them so they could not even talk. The process only took a few seconds.


“While I can’t agree with you.”


Fran walked towards the cave.


“Vanessa, my wife.”


The inside of the cave was dark without light, and they seemed to have turned it off due to the noise outside. While it could not deceive Fran, he was following along for some reason.


“I came. Fran Page, your only companion who has promised you a thousand years.”


Fran’s quiet voice spread through the darkness, and his clear voice had no madness in it. He was not even joking around as usual.


“I returned too late, and I want to meet your beautiful smile and lips.”



Fran’s continued call was answered by Ian’s mother, Vanessa, from the darkness. She was the only one who had not heard of Fran’s change, and Ian had purposefully done so in case she should suffer a great shock.


“Is it really you?”

“Yes, come this way.”


Fran heard someone’s presence from the darkness, but it was not Vanessa’s.


“Mrs. Page, he is not the man you remember, and please return behind the shields Ian had installed. You must not come out a step further.”


Ledio blocked between Vanessa and Fran, and he slowly came out holding a magic lantern he had hidden inside his bosom.


“Oh, alchemist.”


Fran also recognized Ledio, since he was familiar with him through Ian’s eyes and emotions.


“You have cared for my wife and son well, and I’m sincerely grateful. However, this is a family affair, and you know that it’s not a place for you.”

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