169 Part 2


Fran set the line by saying the word family, but Ledio did not step back and cut him off.


“A family affair? Stop that nonsense. I heard from Ian what sort of being you are.”


Ledio’s voice was shaking, as he was standing in between someone who was as powerful as Ian, or even stronger.


“You cannot be Mrs. Vanessa’s husband or Ian’s father. You are only a-“


However, he did not step back or even thought of doing so. Their wills were at least equal. Ledio was showing a life’s worth of courage.


“A grotesque monster!”


With that shout, Ledio opened his thick coat, and the lantern lights revealed what was inside.


“Don’t come closer, and if you take a step further, I’ll blast all explosives here! I heard that you know something about alchemy, which means you can take a guess what these draughts mean.”

There were several vials inside Ledio’s coat, and there were tens of draughts that boiled, stayed calm, or could not be distinguished from healing potions.


“Are they Baion’s explosives?”

“Stop if you know. Don’t move a finger! You know that a slight touch would make them explode.”

They were not simple explosives and were born from alchemist Baion’s knowledge, and Ledio and Douglas’s special explosives were variously mixed.


“It seems dangerous to face it off like this if they’re Baion’s recipe…”


Was he being sensitive or being sincere? Fran’s tone was indescribable.


“However, alchemist.” Fran continued speaking.


“Can you press the trigger? While my death risk is less than ten percent, but you will surely die.”


It was true, as Ledio had no way of protecting himself from the explosion.


“Those explosives will be painful, and your body will melt like a candle.”


Ledio only broke out in cold sweat because he knew that to be true. However, he did not step back and actually shouted.


“Ha! I heard that you’re a great mage, but you’re mere talk. Come in if you dare! Come!”


Did Ledio’s taunt work? Fran took a step and spoke in a dry voice.


“I do not understand this. I know how you think of my wife. However, is it enough to throw out your life? Are your feelings that valuable?”


He sounded sincerely curious, and he did not stop there.


“If you believe that to be true, act on them now. Accept the pain of your body and soul melting. However, if it’s only talk, stay silent, and step back. My patience is wearing thin at the moment.”

Fran continued to walk on step by step. Ledio had been only sweating, but he spoke as if he had decided.


“I do not know what is going on, but I now know that I have to pull at your trouser legs at the least.”


“Why did you come here? The answer is simple. You’re going to use Mrs. Page as a sacrifice or threaten Ian by using her as a hostage. No matter what you do, you’ll cause serious trouble for me, my son, Mrs. Page, and Ian. Am I wrong?”


Ledio’s guess was accurate, and Fran was at a corner after losing his immortality.


“I can’t say no to that.”

“Then that’s enough.”


Ledio spoke to Vanessa, who was at the back.


“Mrs. Page, actually, Mrs. Vanessa. Please look after Douglas, even though he’s all grown up. He’s still a child.”


Ledio spoke to Vanessa and Douglas, who had returned behind the shields Ian had set up deep inside the Dragon Lair.


“Douglas, be well. Your father believes that this is the only viable choice.”


Ledio’s hand headed towards the explosives and held a vial, which would cause a mass explosion on breaking.


“Then, now.”

Ledio knew that he would not be able to kill that monster Fran Page even if he gave up his life. Ian had warned him that Fran was stronger than Ian.


“Let’s hold on to your trousers.”


However, he could earn some time and delay his tricks. He would give some time for Ian, who will soon appear to save them all.




Ledio grabbed the vial, and the glass would break at the grip since it was made for that purpose. The vial shattered.


“You fool…”


Fran sneered at Ledio’s final choice. He was confident that he would achieve his goal without any losses, no matter what sacrifice that alchemist made. He had followed along out of curiosity, or that had been Fran’s belief.


“This is why human beings need to be classified. If fools like you become extinct, the world will become perfect and bask in infinite peace and prosperity.”


Fran placed a strong shield for the explosion with the nonsense he had spoken about at the same time he called himself a protector of humanity.




However, things did not go according to Ledio and Fran’s estimations. Ledio had shattered the vial, but nothing exploded, no matter how long he waited. What happened? Did he make a fake?


“That’s enough.”


Fran was also surprised as Ledio was when he heard someone’s voice, which would have been that of a savior’s for Ledio. It was not the explosive that was the problem, but the shattered vial. The vial had not been broken even after being shattered. It was not nonsense, but someone was maintaining the vial’s form with magic. It was no wonder that there was no explosion.


“Ledio, actually, no. Should I call you my stepfather?”


Ian Page had used the magic, and he appeared in front of Ledio. The alchemist had earned enough time.



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