170 Part 2


‘Come to think of it…’


Ian had stopped Alchemist Ledio’s self-explosion with magic and moved the vial somewhere else. Fran had not felt mana even move. Ian whispered to Fran’s frantic mind as he was numb with confusion at being unable to feel mana.


“If I have to give it a name, it will be zero class.”



‘Zero class’ magic. Fran followed Ian’s words like someone whose soul had gone out.


‘If I cannot feel the flow of magic from now on…’


The difference was huge. Fran would be vulnerable to unexpected attacks that came out of the void. What was more, Fran was used to feeling the mana flow like breathing.


‘This is…dangerous.’


Fran’s instincts warned him that this situation was different, and it was inevitable. He had lost the power of immortality, but now he could not feel the mana, which had been a talent he was born with?


“B- but…”


Fran could not acknowledge this situation, and he even stuttered as he experienced a confusion he had never felt before.


“Why…hadn’t you shown this power when you were with the lizards? It would have been a chance?”

The question was viable even in Ian’s ears, and he answered.


“I was not certain.”


Ian had not realized what he had found.


“I had not known, but things changed when you went after my family in earnest. My instincts began working when my body and soul were rushed by thoughts that you would destroy everyone I cared about.”


Fran Page had dotted the period in all of Ian’s understanding.


“What I said, should I say it again? You gave me too much. People I must protect, the power I could protect them with, and…”


Ian straightened his shoulders and puffed his chest.


“You even gave me talent.”


Ian’s last words may have sounded arrogant, but no one could deny it since he had evidence.


“You gave me a talent that would overwhelm you, and that was your mistake.”


As Ian’s words ended, the deep caves turned to a plain, where one could do whatever he wished. It was not an illusion, as Ian had teleported them there.


“W- what…?”


Pure magic had overwhelmed Fran, and he had to be astonished as this was the first time such a thing happened in several thousand years.


“I do not know how many times I’m saying this, but I’ll repeat myself once more. Our fight. Our ill-fated relationship, and the tangled time…”


It had been a long time since Ian had returned thirty years from being poisoned by Ragnar, met with the unknown beings, and now faced the cause of all problems.


“… Today, let’s finish…”


Ian had walked a long road, and now it was time to arrive at the destination. He wanted to end all troubles, fights, and ill fates.


“… Everything, Fran Page.”


It was not a suggestion, but an announcement.


‘How can I react? Attack first? Defend? If not that…’


Ian reached out with his hand toward Fran, but he did not feel any mana from it. While Fran would have only scoffed, now the situation had drastically changed.


‘Should I escape and gauge his powers?’


Fran narrowed his eyes and focused all of his soul on the tip of Ian’s hand.




Ian opened his mouth, and it was the first choice the mage who had reached a new height made. Ian cut through the air with his hand, and the sound of something ripping was heard. Not only that…




Fran’s groan came out like wind, and one of his forefingers sprayed blood and even fell to the ground.


“A finger.”


Ian’s voice was emotionless, and it reached Fran Page. Fran’s steps moved back quickly as he faced fear for the first time in his life.


“Stop, stop, Ian!”


Fran threw away pride as the one who had been the most powerful, as Ian’s father, and as his original form.


“Let’s talk, let your father…!”


However, it was useless as Ian did not stop and even moved on more harshly.




Ian’s voice was like a reaper, and blood came out again. The amount was even more, as it was not a mere finger this time.


“An arm.”


Fran’s entire left arm was ripped out, and even as he could have removed it smoothly, Ian intentionally increased the pain.




Fran’s rare screams, which would become less rare now, echoed around them. He activated some shields. Fran let out rough breaths after hiding like he believed he was safe for now.


“Do you think you’ll be safe there?”


However, Ian asked while tilting his head. If Fran Page had been like the devil before…


“My thoughts are different.”


His son and former vessel, Ian Page, now felt like true evil. It seemed that good and evil were not differentiated in this fight.



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