171 Part 1

Chapter 171 Zero Class (2)


“Is it a fragmentation spell? No, it may be a penetration spell since he made a similar choice before. Whatever that is, he can never penetrate this barrier.”


Fran’s thoughts whirred, and he went over all kinds of estimates and then felt relief. The protective barrier he had activated would not be penetrated since it was nearly flawless.


‘His power would be the same, and it’s just that I can’t sense him. He would have shown that he can and would not have fooled around with my finger and arm….’


Fran was exceptional at calculating, but today was a different matter since Ian had reached a level of a zero class mage where such calculations would not work.




Ian walked up to the barrier and looked up and down before knocking on it like it was a door.


“It’s an impressive barrier.”


He did not forget to leave a comment since the barrier was a flawless one.




Ian added that it was only an objective comment as a mage, which was when things changed.


“It’s bothersome.”


How would Ian react to this powerful barrier? What spell? Would it be penetration or a fragmentation spell like Fran had calculated?




Ian’s arm moved, and his right hand was tightly fisted. Ian did not use a spell like Fran expected, but his punch was a magical move. It just did not seem like magic from the outside. How could that awkward and unsophisticated punch be called magic?

However, the results were the opposite. That awkward punch, which seemed unable to even break a plate, had made a crack in the barrier. Ian’s fist penetrated the barrier with a breaking sound, and Fran could not hide his surprise at the unbelievable sight. However, that was only for a moment.


“That’s enough, so come on out.”


Ian’s fist went in to grab Fran’s collar to get him out of the barrier. Ian mercilessly pulled Fran out, and Fran’s body broke the barrier before being sprung from his place.




Fran now rolled the floor after being popped out from inside the barrier.




Fran could not understand how powerless he was against Ian Page’s suddenly overwhelming powers.


‘This cannot be true…!’


Fran had to do something, like trying to counterattack Ian or run away for a future plan. He needed to make a choice, but it was not happening.

With loud bangs, attacks Fran could not sense or estimate were coming in consecutive bursts and in varied forms. They were not fatal attacks, and Fran was being damaged little by little, which was enough to drive him to a corner.


“You bastard…!”

“Then, what are you?”


Red blood covered Fran’s body, and his flesh splattered everywhere. However, Fran did not fall, as strong healing spells regenerated his body as if on instinct. While there was much blood, the actual damage was little.


“Ahhhhhh! I’ll finish you yet!”


Fran had endured as much as he could and activated the strongest exploding spell he could use at the moment. While it was destructive enough to sweep him away, the results were devastatingly minimal.

Ian made a black hole in the air, and Fran’s spell was completely sucked inside until there was not even a trace of mana remaining.


“That was a nice meal.”


“Not good, though.”


Fran had been sincere a moment back, which meant that he had used a spell that could kill even himself. But even if Fran would die, does this mean Ian would? No, Ian had sucked the spell away into a strange hole.

Proofreader note: The original translated text is:
“Fran had been sincere a moment back, which meant that he had used the spell even it meant that Fran would die, would Ian. However, Ian had sucked the spell away into a strange hole.”
Drop your own interpretations in the comments, or ask that I consult the translator instead of making up my own interpretations.




Fran fisted his hands until blood came out, as he felt an overwhelming frustration. How could the situation change this fast? Fran had to think about such things.


“You seem deep in thought.”


As Fran Page writhed in confusion and shame that he had felt for the first time in his life, Ian’s voice woke him up.


“Do you want me to remove some of them?”


With an unbelievable offer, Ian’s left hand crossed the air, and some of Fran’s hair fell away like it had been sliced with a blade. If the cut had been a bit deeper, the top part of Fran’s head would have gone along with the hair.


“I missed.”



Fran came back to his senses at the sound of his hair falling. He felt like he could really die to a mere fake that had only been his vessel.


‘I have to avoid battling him face to face.’


Fran acknowledged that he could not win against Ian, at least in power. If Fran wanted to live, he had to accept the sheer difference in their prowess.


‘I have to get my body out first…’


Fran had tried to escape, but every attempt ended in failure. He could not activate any transportation skills because something stronger than the obstructing currents he had placed in the violet space was blocking him from doing so.


‘Is there nothing else but pleading? If I highlight that I’m his father…’


Ian’s mindset had been directly delivered to Fran until recently, so he knew how soft Ian was inside despite acting like he was cold and merciless.

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