171 Part 2


“Fran. No, Father.”


“Let me ask you something for the last time.”


Ian spoke to him first, and it seemed like an apt opportunity.


“My mother.”


Ian wanted to solve a problem before wrapping up everything, and it was important to him.


“If the past you showed me was not fabricated, my mother belonged to the same era as you. That meant that she existed as long as you have, and I first suspected that she was also immortal. However, she did not remember the past like the artisans and had died of an illness in my past life.”


Ian had multiple questions and continued on.


“While it would be convenient for me to think that you made up everything, I had to believe that what you showed me was true.”


Ian had transcended Fran, and he could discern what was real and what was fake.


“What did you do to my mother? I am going to treat you differently depending on your answer.”

“You’ll let me live?”

“No. You can die peacefully or…”


Ian continued to speak in a determined voice.


“… You can die in pain.”


Fran felt hope despite Ian telling him that he would die in any case. It was about Vanessa, Ian’s weak spot, and enough to touch on Ian’s emotions.


“Vanessa, who is my wife and your mother, is special. She is incomparable to artisans.”


“We promised each other that we would stay together until death and would die together.”

“Get to the point.”

“I am. She could exist for such a long time because she was connected to me.”


Their conversation ended, and actually, Ian had become silent because he needed time to think.


“About that you two dying together…”

“Yes, that’s the point.”

“Explain further.”

“If I die…”


Fran smiled inwardly.


“Vanessa will also die. Not only Vanessa in this world, but everyone in the fragmented dimensions will die also.”

“Stop saying nonsense…”

“I have no way to prove it. So, if you’re confident and cannot believe what I’m saying, kill me now.”


Ian shook as Fran was unexpectedly confident.


“However, in my past life…”

“She did not die.”


“Since she gave birth to a successful specimen, I let her get out of the cycle. I freed her after erasing memories of you and me like I had done for you. I accommodated her so she would live a life close to perfection as a human being.”


The Vanessa, who lived in the dimension where Ian had died of poisoning, had not died.


“Your real mother will also die without knowing why, if I die.”


Fran began to gain some composure as he was beginning to control the situation.


“Ian, think carefully before making a choice. You may come to regret it. It’s not a threat, but advice and a request since I don’t want to lose her.”


“How about this? Let me go. If you do, I’ll never show up again and immediately go to another dimension to fulfill my ideals.”


The bait had been cast, and Ian had bitten it. It was now time to reap the results, and Fran spoke carefully.

“My goal was to escape from the lizards’ seal. Isn’t your position similar to mine? You’ll live a perfect life if only I disappear, and you wouldn’t have to lose your mother.”


Fran suggested a rational compromise, and since Ian thought the world of Vanessa, he would bite the bait.


“Is it true?”


Ian had been silent for a moment, and his lips slowly opened.


“You can do that?”


Ian had finally asked, and Fran replied in satisfaction.


“How can I play any tricks now? You’ll behead me with one hand. I’ll welcome you letting me go, and you can have this dimension all to yourself.”


The rod had surfaced, and Fran only needed to catch the target.




Ian murmured cautiously, and he seemed to be hesitating. However, that had been only a moment, and light returned again to Ian’s eyes, and his body disappeared. It was like a blink spell, only quicker. He appeared in front of Fran.


“Let’s confirm if it is true.”


Ian spoke of confirmation, and he reached out with both hands to grab Fran’s head. There was no time to avoid it since it was too fast and powerful.


“What…are you doing…?!”

(I’m peeking at your memories.)


Ian’s zero class levels allowed him to activate magic without any spells, seals, or even words like the power of language did. Ian only needed to think and act.




Ian looked inside Fran’s memories for a moment, but it was enough.


“You, I thought of this before…”


Ian let go of Fran after reading Fran’s memories and started to comment.


“You automatically lie if you open your mouth. Isn’t that right?”

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