172 Part 1

Chapter 172 The Last Knot (1)


“Wh, what…?”

“Stop lying.”


Ian murmured coldly, and he literally only opened his palm. However, the results were devastating. Fran’s body sprang like a boulder thrown from a catapult.

Not only that, but he had to crawl out of the ground because he was blocked from using a simple flight spell, not to mention the power of language.



“You still haven’t come to your senses yet.”


Ian’s revenge had not ended yet, as the ground where Fran now stood sunk with a light kick from Ian. The ground was like a sand swamp.




Fran let out a breath like he was throwing up after getting out with some difficulty. He now felt despair. It was the first time Fran had felt like this, and he had not felt so even when he had been sealed or the hundreds of years that followed.


“How can this be…!”


It seemed that Fran now could not do anything to reverse the situation since he had no plan and opportunity. It seemed that Ian had become someone against whom Fran could not even try to win against.


“It’s no use since I won’t be played with your words again.”


“I now have all of your memories, knowledge, and plans.”


Everything had not been false, and mostly Fran had been speaking the truth. The problem was that the threat Fran had made about him and Vanessa dying together had been a blatant lie.


‘Mother won’t die.’


However, Fran and Vanessa were linked. If Fran died and the link broke, Vanessa would become an ordinary human being from Fran’s tool. She would become old, live out her years, and die.


‘It’s all right.’


Ian thought so when reading Fran’s memories. Living as an ordinary human being and living only once seemed like a sincerely nice idea.


‘I will follow the same after finishing everything…’


Ian had decided to follow the natural order as an ordinary human being after finishing everything he had to do, since desiring for more seemed to be following Fran’s footsteps.


‘I can’t let that happen.’


Ian was determined and therefore, could see straight into his possible future, the former protector of humanity, and the first mage, Fran Page.




Ian whispered, and it was in the least hostile tone Ian had ever spoken to Fran.


“You were a rightly respected person in the past since you had protected humans, who had been low in the food chain, with only your strength and will. If not for you, the world would be quite a different place now.”


Ian spoke with sincerity like he never had.


“Since I’m small-minded and can only see the world with a narrow vision, I will never be able to do what you have done even if I repeat my life multiple times. My head hurts from only reading some of your memories.”


Therefore, Ian knew his limits and could honestly acknowledge that Fran Page had been the nobliest of humanity in the past.


“However, now you are…”

It was only of the past, and things were different now.


“You burdened yourself too much and could not endure the load at the end.”


Ian was now talking about who Fran Page was at present.


“You had imprudently fragmented dimensions without any plans and used your devoted wife and offspring as tools to escape from the seal. You also sacrificed the lives of the Plains for a threatening device and cannot be called the protector of humanity anymore.”


Ian listed the atrocities Fran Page of now had committed.


“Your noble ideals fell deep underground, and your empty chest is now full of evil. The being under the name of Fran Page…”


“Should exit now.”


“Forever from this world.”


Ian spoke as he stared into Fran’s eyes, unfocused from having all of his plans failed.


“You said that humanity can be categorized. I actually agree to a point, even if we have different standards. However…”


Ian stopped for a moment and distanced himself from Fran before resuming again.


“Only human beings can define who we are, and someone who has turned into a monster like you has lost the right to do so.”


Fran’s gaze shook at the word ‘monster,’ and the empty eyes gained back some light. Ian could not know whether Fran was angry or wanted to oppose Ian’s words, but Fran’s gaze was evidently different from before.

“I’m going to declare that you, who has turned into a monster, should rest. As a Human being and as a part of your bloodline I have the power, responsibility, and the right to do so. And this is the moment when the knot has to be tied”

Proofreader note: Original text was:
“I’m going to announce to you, who have turned to a monster, rest as a human being and as your bloodline. I have the power, responsibility, and the right, and this is the moment when the knot has to be tied.”


A ray of white light sprang up to tie Fran’s body, and its purity was the opposite of the black tentacles Fran had summoned.


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