172 Part 2

“Let’s hope…”


Ian put his hands together and made a small space between his hands. A small orb of white light appeared between Ian’s palms.




However, that orb had not been actually made of light, and as it became bigger, it became a burning flame. It was a pure white flame that could purify a fallen soul.


“As ordinary father and son, or mere beasts if that’s not possible…”


The white flame became bigger quickly, and the essence of a zero-class mage was embedded in it.


“We can meet again.”


The massive white flame was released from Ian’s hands, and while it was not fast, it headed on with force.




Fran witnessed the white light and mumbled like he was begging.


“Stop, stop, stop…! Stop! Let me go!”


The whispers amplified to screams and shouts.


“Ian! Listen to me! You have to! The memories you read are all fabricated! Your mother dies if I do! Don’t regret this and stop! Ian! Ian!”


Fran flailed as he tried to escape from the light that was holding him, but its grip only tightened more.


“I am your father! While there might have been some misunderstandings, I am your father! Will you kill your father like this? Will you? Ian!”


Fran now brought in their filial relationship, as he was desperate. He had been waiting to return for a long time, and it was meaningless if he died.




Fran Page cried out Ian’s name as he faced his end, and the whirlpool of emotions he had stacked for thousands of years was inherent in the screams.

The white flame swallowed Fran Page and started to burn him.




Fran’s cries died down at the same time, as he did not scream as the white flame burned him. It was nearly painless since the white flame was not mere fire. It burnt one’s soul rather than simply burning the body.

Perhaps because of that, the flame did not catch anywhere else except Fran Page. Even the grass remained whole. The flame only burnt Fran’s body and soul and led him down the patch to total eradication.




This was the last thing Ian could do for his ‘father,’ and the least he could do for the ‘protector’ who had led humans to survival and who had been the ‘first mage.’




Ian spoke quietly, and it would be the last time Fran heard his son’s voice.




Fran’s lips moved as he disappeared into the flames. The movements were minute, and there was no sound. However, Ian could read what Fran was saying.


[Thank you, Ian.]


Fran showed gratitude as his final farewell before falling into eternal rest after being freed from madness and demonic magic by the white flame.




Ian murmured to himself that it may be possible that Fran had used Ian not to escape from the seal but to be freed from the madness. It was a trivial thought.

The white flame died down little by little, and Ian could not see any trace of Fran’s body anymore.


“Ah! Ugh…”


At the same time, Ian fell to his knees and could not hold back his rough breathing. He had no strength to even stand up. Ian had just used magic to purify a strong spirit and annihilate it. Ian had used up all of his strength to make that happen.


‘So, it’s finally over.’


Ian looked around with some difficulty, and he saw vast lands and felt a breeze.


‘I could…’


Everything was at peace, what just happened seemed like a dream.




Ian had been basking in the breeze, and his eyes closed but opened wide in an instant. He realized that everything had not ended yet, as some knots still remained that needed to be tied up.


‘The most important thing remains.’


Ian felt the vibration of his heartbeat as he murmured.


‘I’ll have to return this to the right place.’


Ian had wandered over countless dimensions until he came back to this one. As a result, he had stacked many souls in his mind world, and while he had not wanted to do so, Ian had committed the same thing Fran had done.


‘If I leave things like this, I’m not different from Fran, who considered his souls as only extra lives.’


Ian had to return all of the souls to their original dimensions, and he had the responsibility and ability to do so.


“I have to move now…”


Ian tried to stand up, but he found he could not do so. The aftermath of giving everything he had made it difficult for Ian to move for a while.


‘…Let’s rest for a while.’


Ian sat down and now lay down. The soft ground was welcoming for his back.


“This is nice.”


His tired body now felt heavy, and resting for a minute did not seem to be a bad idea.


“I could do this for the rest of my life.”


It was a vain wish, but Ian disappeared after a short time to tie the last knot left for him.


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