173 Part 1

Chapter 173 The Last Knot (2)


[You have…]


Ian first headed to the violet space, where Fran Page had been sealed, the dragons’ temporary territory. While the interfering spell disappeared along with Fran, the dragons had not come out. They had estimated that Ian had won and would visit them soon.


[You’ve become an astounding being.]


Reseesee Radenju recognized Ian’s change, and Ian had indeed become one.


[We cannot keep you in check anymore, as you can decide whether we will be erased or survive as a race.]


The leader’s words stirred the surviving dragons. Ian had been strong before, and now was their leader saying that he had transcended even that? They could not fathom how powerful Ian had become.


“It’s true now.”


Ian acknowledged the gap between them, as it was evident that the dragons were powerless against Ian now.


“It made the situation more convenient since I do not have to be wary of you now. What can you do now?”


Ian’s words were arrogant, as he meant that the dragons would not dare to plan tricks when he had become this strong.


[Truth hurts, and I cannot help but acknowledge that.]


However, Reseesee Radenju did not seem to be disconcerted a bit and actually laughed it over.


[So, Fran Page, how did he end? Had he not been freed from his fallen state to the end?]

“At least, in the end…”


Ian answered Reseesee Radenju’s question, and he did not seem sad or relieved.


“He seemed at rest.”

[Is that so…]


Reseesee Radenju thought of the past, and she had been closest to Fran Page out of all of them. They would have formed a deep connection as teacher and student who shared their same goal.


[He would not go to a good place, as he committed evil as much as the load that burned him.]

“It’s more than enough if he gets some rest.”

[Yes, that being had run too long on clean velvet and sharp gravel. He would be satisfied to sit and rest.]


Reseesee Radenju stared at Ian after letting Fran Page go after thousands of years. She had to face more imminent problems.


[What are you planning to do?]

“About what?”

[Stop pretending you do not know since we are aware that your ultimate goal had been removing us and Fran Page. I am asking whether you still believe that’s your goal, since while you did not have enough power before, now you do.]


Reseesee Radenju was correct, as Ian thought that both Fran Page and the dragons disappearing would bring true peace. However, since that had not been a possible goal until he had become a zero-class mage, he had allied himself with the lesser evil.


‘However, now.’


Ian could achieve that goal now, and Reseesee Radenju’s question had pointed at this issue.


“As I said before…”


Ian began to answer her question, and his voice was the most stable since he first met the dragons.


“The situation has become convenient, and I do not want to see blood. Come to think of it, you have never interfered in my life. It had been entirely Fran Page’s plans.”


Ian was now freed from being wary and suspicious of the dragons, and the fundamental reason for it was because he had gained power.


“Considering the Fairy Queen and the Dragonians, and our allied fight, I’ll think of our alliance still effective for a while.”

[Are you serious?]

“Do I have any reason to play tricks? I repeat myself, but things have indeed turned out this way.”


It had to be noted that Ian would have eradicated the entire race the moment he had entered this space if he had resolved himself to do so.


[At least, we will never renounce our alliance, as you hold all the cards.]

“That’s still to be seen, and I hope that you’re speaking the truth.”

[It’s not a lie.]

“Then, it’s a relief.”


Ian changed the subject after shrugging, and it was why he had come to the dragons first.


“So, I am planning to leave this dimension and stay at another dimension for a while.”

[What are you talking about?]

“I am planning to clean up the dimensions Fran Page had so senselessly fragmented. I’ll explain more specifically after I come back, but I wanted to notify you as a warning.”


It was simple, and he asked them not to play any tricks while he was on an errand.


[So, now you know how to move between dimensions.]

“I can come back any time in any form, with my powers intact.”

Ian was saying that he could come back any time to avenge any tricks, and it may sound like a threat for some years.


“I came to you guys first to request this.”


Since he had to leave the world for a while, Ian needed to ascertain the relationship between himself and the dragons.


[We are not reckless and are tired from maintaining the seal for a long time. We only want to take care of who we have lost and retrieve the fallen that we had left behind when sealing Fran Page. Even if we’re too late, it is our duty.]


Reseesee Radenju spoke, and considering the situation, the words were believable.


“All right, please enjoy your freedom up to the level that would not harm human culture.”

[Of course, we had never done so and had opposed Fran Page because of that. Don’t you know it well?]

“That’s true.”


Ian gave the dragons freedom. While he could have imprisoned them, he did not choose that way.


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