173 Part 2


“Then, I will see you later.”


Ian waved, and that was when Herpi Dotos, the young dragon who had been watching Ian talk with Reseesee Radenju with other dragons, approached Ian.


[Human, no…Our ally.]


[Please listen to my words.]

“What is it?”


Herpi Dotos flinched his large body at Ian’s question, and his tone had become even politer, and his expression had become more complicated. What did he want to say?




[Thank you.]


The young dragon had wanted to convey his gratitude for saving his life from Fran Page’s attack.


“What are you thanking me for?”

[That is…]

“Since I cannot remember, can you explain further?”



Ian did know what Herpi Dotos was thanking him for but was playing with the dragon. He found that prideful dragon, a cute creature now.


“I was just joking. Do not look down on humans for being humans in the future.”

[I did not mean to look down…I just…]


Herpi Dotos mumbled his words as his arrogant moments went by him in a flash.


[…I apologize for my foolish and impolite actions.]

“I had not spoken to receive an apology but will accept it. Let us be careful about another in the future.”


Ian smiled as he murmured and tapped on Herpi Dotos’s body, and everyone knew who was the more powerful of the two.


“I’ll visit you often after I return. Then, with your leave…”


Until Ian disappeared, every dragon lowered their heads to show respect to the one who had given them freedom.




In the Eastern Plains’ intense battlefield, many breaths mingled in the Greenriver troops of the tripartite expedition.


“Did we win…?”


The handsome young man holding his weapon, the crown prince ‘Hayden Greenriver’ let out a tired whisper. He had given all of his strength and mana, and his body shook with relief as evidence.


“Is it real…?”


Hayden managed to stand and look around, and as he murmured, there were no more moving zombies on the plains. The zombies lay on the grounds, unable to move.


“Captain…Vice-Captain. Are you there? You’re still alive?”

“Paul is here.”


The Vice-Captain of the Second Guards, and the first guard of the crown prince at the moment as Oliver was out, came running.


“I wait for your command, your highness.”


Paul looked worn out, but he did not let it show even a bit. There was a reason Oliver treasured the man.


“While you must be tired, I’m sorry to say that there’s no time to rest. Now the fight is to get the injured to the treatment facilities as much as possible.”

“You are right in every word. As planned, we will do our best to get the injured as quickly and appropriately as possible to the facilities.”


The crown prince nodded at Paul’s answer and handed a communication device to him.


“This is connected to the Ivory tower mages at the back. Gain fast control of the situation with their cooperation.”


The crown prince gave the order of command regarding the injured and the treatment to Paul, and it was not an irresponsible shirking of responsibility. Paul was vastly more experienced than the crown prince and could perform the task perfectly.


“I accept the command.”

“Then go.”

“As you wish.”



The crown prince watched Paul run and sat on the ground again. He did not have the strength to stand, and his stamina had run out.


‘I wish I could move more.’


While he had given the appropriate task to the appropriate person, Hayden still did not think he had done enough.


‘Is it only greed for me yet?’


The crown prince had repeatedly mediated to do as much as he could over the past few years. However, when Hayden almost reached the limit like now, he found that he was greedy. He wanted to intervene in all problems like his father did more flawlessly.

Hayden sighed. The ground was soft and comfortable, and the tension that have engulfed his body melted like the snow. He thought of one thing when the tension disappeared.


“Had Ian succeeded?”


Ian Page had gone out saying that he would remove the origin of all this, and Hayden was now worried about his best friend and great mage.


“…I’m worried about nothing. He would have succeeded since he is Ian Page.”


However, Hayden shook his head. Ian Page would show himself without any wounds and inform him that everything had been solved.


“Stop, he is the crown prince.”

“Yes, how can we not recognize him after he had fought with us? We just wanted to see him up close once…”


The crown prince’s thoughts wrapped up, and he heard people speaking around him. The knights protecting the crown prince and the soldiers were talking to one another.


“It’s fine with me. Let them come.”


The crown prince spoke with a faint smile.



“It’s all right.”


The crown prince commanded them, and the knights stepped back to allow the soldiers to surround Hayden.


“So, do you have anything to say to me?”


The soldiers looked at each other for a moment at the crown prince’s question, and they began to speak.


“Your highness! It was an honor to fight with you! Since you have saved our lives with that mystic staff, we will consider it our life’s debt and pledge our loyalty to the empire and your highness!”


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