174 Part 1

Chapter 174 The Last Knot (3)


A bald, heavyset soldier pledged in a loud voice. While he had been almost eaten by zombie masses a few times, he had been saved by the magic missiles from the crown prince’s strange staff each and every time.


“We will be loyal!”

“We will be loyal, your highness!”

“It has been an honor.”


As a group came to kneel before Hayden, other soldiers also gathered around after looking at each other. Almost all of the survivors except the injured had come.




The crown prince blinked his eyes, as this was the first time he had felt this kind of emotion. How could he describe this? Excitement? Satisfaction? No, it was an ecstatic feeling that was way higher up.


‘I don’t know much.’


No matter how much he thought, Hayden could not define this emotion. However, one thing was certain.


‘I’m happier than when I had played tricks with the aristocrats or playing until the morning with food and drinks. I’m happier than I had ever been.’


Hayden had strayed in the past, and he had been filled with resentment and anger. The emotion he now felt was an entirely different thing from the satisfaction Hayden had gained from the antics he had done to resolve that anger.


‘I’m happy enough to regret when I had lived like that.’


The satisfaction and excitement as a man and as a leader of a country came in limitlessly.


“Why do…”


The crown prince opened his mouth after thinking for a while about how to begin his words.


“Why are you honored?”


Hayden’s words were new and questionable, but he did not stop until he said what he wanted.


“Why are you honored to have fought with me? Those words are not enough for me, the empire, and the lands to say to you soldiers.”


The soldiers stared with wide eyes at the crown prince’s words, and the knights did the same. It would be nearly impossible to hear such words from even the emperor, as the leader’s virtue was to look down from high above.


“I was the one who everybody called the idiot prince, and you, who have fought with your lives with me, are my honor and glory for the rest of my life.”


However, the crown prince was different, as he was sincere in his words. He was grateful enough for this moment to feel apologetic for the days he had lived in an inferiority complex.


“I’m grateful to you people for having fought with me, having believed in me, and pledging your loyalty to me…”


The crown prince showed sudden tears.


“Your- your highness?”
“What’s the matter?”

“Have we done anything wrong…?”

The tears that surprised everyone included various memories and regrets. It was a mixture of satisfaction, happiness, and regret. However, Hayden now felt unburdened, as he now felt that the inferiority that had remained with him until today’s battle was gone.


<Oh! It’s already over!>


It was when an awkward atmosphere surrounded the Greenriver troops.




A bright voice that belonged to a teenage boy at the most rang the air, as it was amplified by a high-quality amplifier.


<Ugh! Are those the zombies that the descendent had spoken about? They’re scary…>


The battlefield where lives had been lost woke up, and the bright and carefree boy’s voice reached out across the plains.


<I have to endure this since they are the victims…Hello, everyone! I have been sent by Ian to help you with the clean-up! You know these friends, right?>


The bright voice belonged to the Artisan Cleven, and he had come out of the portal with several hundred operational sculptures placed at the Greenriverdium restoration site. The boy looked quite commanding, especially considering the situation.


<Since you all must be tired, we have come to help! Descendant Ian says that the corpses of the undead needed to be treated as quickly as possible.>


Cleven had come to take care of the mess left in the Plains, and he was the most appropriate Artisan for the job.


<So, my sculptures and I have come! It’s nice to see you all?>


Not only the Greenriver troops but the Roe Kingdom and the Coldwood Empire troops were all flabbergasted. The sculptures’ immense size was quite oppressive.


‘If they had existed…’


Everyone, regardless of their country, age, position, and gender, thought the same thing.


‘Why weren’t they used in the first place?’


If those massive sculptures had fought with them, would not have things been easier? The question spread among the troops.




Cleven clapped as he spoke like he read the air.


<They can’t fight, really, they’re pacifists! They’re vegetarians. Please don’t misunderstand them due to their size. You all understand, right?>


Cleven established the sculptures’ characteristics like he had done in front of Ian before, and now the boy led them. He gathered the corpses of the zombies and the bone dragon’s bones that lay on the grounds and burned them with the mages’ help. They did not forget to show their mourning for those who have died innocently.


<The odor is intense!>


The expedition was being quickly wrapped up with the help of the bright Cleven and the ‘pacifist sculptures.’




The tripartite expedition was now officially broken up after finishing their task. Since there were portals, they could conveniently return to their countries, lands, and prepared treatment facilities. After taking only a little rest, the crown prince met with the emperor to report the situation and the results.

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