175 Part 1

Chapter 175 The Last Knot (4)




Ledio followed the crown prince to the bedroom and now slowly began to speak.


“He said that he was solving a problem that was still left.”

“A problem?”

“I cannot explain in specifics, but he has said it by this letter.”


Ledio handed the parchment on the bedside table to the crown prince, and it was Ian’s handwritten letter explaining the situation.


“What is going on…”


The crown prince looked over the quite long letter.


“To my family and…”

[To my family and friends.]

[I know that you all will be quite surprised.]

[However, I had no choice.]

[First, I am not dead.]

[I’m temporarily in another world.]

[I have to tie this knot.]

[Therefore, I’m going to finish this.]

[While I cannot explain further…]

[Don’t despair, as I will return soon.]




Not another country or another land, but another ‘world?’ It was something surreal for anyone except Ian. However, since Ian had written this letter, it seemed not a lie.


“This letter…”

[If this letter is read by those who may read it, please rip the parchment.]



The letter ended with a request to rip it, and Ian had probably written this for his family and the crown prince. So, now was the time to rip it.


“We were about to ask you to follow what is written in the letter after showing it to you. If it’s not too much trouble, could you do so?”


Ledio politely made a request, and the crown prince also nodded.


“It can be done.”


As Ian had requested, the letter was ripped by the crown prince’s hands. The parchment was carefully ripped, and there was no reaction until the paper burned in blue fire. However, the flames were not hot and comfortably warm against the crown prince’s fingertips.




The blue flames began to form letters, and four messages were being written at the same time.


[Mother, you will be surprised about Father suddenly appearing and all things that happened after that. I will tell you all about them when I return, so please wait for a little longer.]


The first message had been for Vanessa Page, Ian’s mother. While Vanessa did not show it, she would be the most surprised as Fran Page, who she thought had been dead for a long time, had been involved.


[Ledio and Douglas, I have not much to say. Since I gave you my approval, do your best. Become my stepfather, give me a younger sibling, go on partying…do what you want.]


Stepfather meant Ledio, and younger sibling would mean Douglas, and Ledio’s face reddened. As Ledio cleared his throat, the third message appeared.


[I apologize to the artisans and can only say to wait a bit longer. However, I will keep my promise, and do not worry since I already know the method.]


Ian had promised that he would remove immortality from the artisans, and he was alluding to that.


[Finally, to the crown prince, your highness, who would have come here as soon as he could and rip the letter himself.]


All of them flinched at the fourth message, and the crown prince’s response was first-class. Ian had guessed correctly to the extent that they thought Ian was watching from somewhere.


[Congratulations on your successful expedition. You would have realized a lot of things. Even if you had not, I would think you did, since you must do so.]


The message started with a light joke, and the crown prince smiled.


[I apologize for not visiting you right after things wrapped up. I will have to take a leave of absence to solve the cause of all this and the problems that had branched out due to this incident. However, I won’t be absent long, so please go on as you are doing now.]


Ian’s message ended there.




Everyone surrounding Ian’s body, the crown prince, Ledio, Douglas, and Vanessa all remained silent.


“Since he says that he has something he must do, what else can we do but wait since we are so benevolent?”


The crown prince broke the silence, and he made the joke to loosen the atmosphere. He was also speaking the right answer.


“Your highness is right since Ian will not say nonsense. Since he said that he will return soon, let’s all wait for a little longer.”


Ledio also agreed with the crown prince, as Ian Page walked a higher plane than ordinary people. He would see sights that only he could see, and trying to understand would be impossible from the beginning.




The crown prince went on quietly, as while he understood Ian’s actions, he still felt sorry.


“It would have been nice for Ian to go after a rest.”


Everyone, including the crown prince, thought that Ian would return soon, and they could meet again.






Ian opened his eyes, and he could not count the times he had done so.


“Where am I now?”


He looked around like he was used to it and looked at his body. His hands, feet, and legs were small like a child.


“It’s itchy.”


Ian was not lying down on a luxurious bed like the one in the manor, and he was lying on a bale of hay that was dry and smelly like it had been stuck in a warehouse for a long time.


‘This age and this treatment…Oh, I remember.”


Ian was literally not Ian, and that meant while his soul was Ian’s, his body and surroundings were of a different world. Ian had been returning the souls in his mind world by wandering through hundreds of dimensions.


‘Out of all the dimensions I experienced…’


This was the world where Ian Page lived in the most unfortunate situation as a human being.


‘While I can return him to where he was, will things be all right?’


It was not difficult to reawaken the soul of this world’s Ian Page since Ian only needed to free the right soul, erase all of the memories he had witnessed, and leave quietly.


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