175 part 2

‘It’s easy to do, unlike before, but the problem is…’


Ian did not need to drink special draughts to enter his mind world, as he could do so instantly with a mana breath if he wanted.


‘It’s disconcerting to leave the boy like this…’


If Ian gave back the soul to his owner and went to a different dimension, the Ian Page of this world would live the same life he had before.


‘He is also Ian Page.’


Ian of this world was filled with despair and was the most wretched of all Ians.


‘How can one become like this with that talent? Life is strange.’


Ians of other dimensions had shown talent as a mage and therefore lived comfortably. However, Ian here was a different story.


‘To think that he did not live as a mage, but as a pub’s underling who is beaten.’


The thirteen-year-old Ian Page of this world was a sad story. He was born in the Coldwood Empire and went working for a pub run by ruffians to care for his sick mother. He had lived for three years and only worked while being beaten every day, and it was just barely possible to survive.


‘I would let it go if things weren’t so desperate.’


It was something that happened in another dimension, and he had to limit his intervention to the absolute minimum. However, no matter how many times he thought of things and tried to justify this situation…


‘This is not acceptable.’


It was not, as the boy was Ian Page himself, and his mother was ill.


‘I’ll help a bit, a little.’


Ian would help him to the extent that the boy would not be beaten and not be looked down upon by everyone.


“Hey, this bastard woke up.”


It was then Ian heard a voice outside the warehouse door. The voice was sharp and male, and he spoke in the language of the Coldwood Empire.


“You wouldn’t wake up no matter how we slapped you, but you did want to live, didn’t you? We were going to drown you in the river if you did not wake up today.”


The dirty-looking Coldwood man laughed as he opened the door.


“It’s convenient. Stop blinking those rotten eyes and dart out. You have loads to do.”


Ian looked over the boy’s memories and saw that he was the one who led the beatings. His name was Lambao, who belonged to the gang managing the pub.


“Oh? Have you gone crazy after sleeping? Come on out when I’m only making you with words.”


Lambao began to swagger as he approached Ian, who remained still, and the man raised his fist as usual.


“Hey, look at you? All right, I’ll make you remember.”


Lambao was going to grab Ian’s head or ear and twist it, which meant the beginning of a beating. However…


“It’s a shame.”

“Me being exploited by worthless guys like you.”


Ian would not remain still, and he used the appropriate response, which was magic. A simple spell was enough. A cracking sound rang, like someone’s fingers were broken.



A scream followed the sound, and it was full of questions.


“Ah, ahhh!”


Lambao’s right fingers broke, and the pain spread quickly. The light moans became loud screams.



“Be thankful, since a few fingers was a low price.”


Ian went out from the pub, and thought about what should he change in this situation?


‘First, mother.’


The boy’s memories showed that Ian’s young mother was lying ill, and even if this was a different world, mother was mother. Ian felt that he needed to restore her health first.




The house Ian’s mother lay in was a wreck. Since she was staying here, her illness had to worsen instead of getting better.


“Have you been busy? I had been worried since you have not come during the past few days…”


Vanessa spoke as she coughed and turned her body with some difficulty. Ian’s face became sorry, and even if this was a different dimension, he could not stop the sadness rolling in his chest.


“Lie down for a little while.”


Ian started using all healing spells he knew, and as zero-class magic did not need mana, he could use high-class spells despite his mana heart not being fully grown yet.


“Ian? What is this…”

“If you sleep for a while…”


Vanessa could not hide her surprise at the change from deep inside her body, and Ian whispered to her in a sweet voice.


“..A lot of things will be changed.”

“See you when you wake up.”

Ian cast a simple sleeping spell after treatment, as it would be right for her to sleep now.




It was time to build some foundations for the thirteen-year-old kid who had been a victim all his life.


‘A mage will be the right choice.’


If he left the boy with his mana heart and brain recognized by mana response tests, the boy’s life would be stable afterward. The problem was that it was too late. The boy had missed the period when the tests were administered on a large scale when wandering the streets.


‘What would be a good way…’


Ian could wait several months to participate in the landwide mana response tests, but it was too far away.




Ian thought things over for a while and thought of a plan. It was simple but certain.


‘That’s the only way.’


Ian had made a decision, and now he only had to act. Ian sat down and begin his mana breaths to enter his mind world.

Ian’s soul entered the mind word, and the souls that Ian had inevitably swallowed during his return to the original dimension slept there.


‘I had decreased the number significantly.’


Ian had returned them one by one, and the pink space had been filled with sleeping souls a while ago like Fran Page’s.


“So…this boy…”


Ian looked for the boy in this dimension and found him in a corner. Ian woke him up.

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