3.A Place Where Blood Can’t Be Seen (1)


Without any hesitation, Ian rushed out of the tent.

The three knights and conducting mage followed.

“shu! shu! Stop playing hard to get! I know you miss the touch of a real man!”

“wh, what… ?!”

What humiliating words.

Seems he laid his hands on mother’s body.

“Come on, have a listen. Don’t you feel lonely at night after being a widow for 7 years? There are plenty men who will sneak into your bed if you just leave the door open…… huh?”

The soldier who was sexually insulting mother was stunned.

Of course, it was because of the mage and knights.

Seems he doesn’t care at all about Vanessa’s son, me, Ian.

“What is this ruckus?”

One of the knights, who is named Aaron, asked.

There was a natural-born solemness in his low voice

“I.. it is nothing, sir! This degraded kitchen maid dared to look inside the tent, I was scolding….”


Ian cut into his excuse.

“How dare you! Don’t you see I’m talking to Nobles here?”

Now he started rebuking Ian.

A totally different reaction from the soldier compared to the attitude he just showed to the mage and knights.

Well, I understand that’s how the rank system works


“Mr. Mage.”


“Am I mage now?”

The mage can’t give a straight answer to the sudden question.

Can this little boy be called a mage?

‘Far from officially being enrolled as an mage, he hasn’t even received admission to the Academy’

Officially, he is not a mage yet.

However, he self-studied the management of mana.

Furthermore, he is able to cast 1st class magic.

‘The Royal and The Ivory tower will be alerted.’

To adopt this boy into the Empire, by any means necessary.

The boy who contains unfathomable talents.

Literally, it is only an matter of time.

It didn’t take long for the conducting mage to make a decision.

“He is a mage.”

Official confirmation by the conducting mage.

Suddenly, all the eyes focused on Ian.

Although, Ian stood solid, without any emotional swaying.

He continued the conversation.

“So what is my rank now?”

“Equivalent to Empire Nobles”

“How about my mother?”

“Same. If you wish.”

Now Ian looked at the knights.

“Did you hear that? My mother and I, from now on, are Noble.”


While Aaron, who is sensible enough to understand Ian’s intention, drew the first sword,

*sururu! sururung!*

Two other knights drew their swords too.

“Insulting a Noble is punishable by instant execution.”

Aaron’s brutal declaration reached the soldier’s ear.

That was what Ian intended.

“uh……. huh?”

The soldier still didn’t understand the situation.

After he rolled his eye few times, finally he was able to conclude this situation.

So, the boy is a mage.

Vanessa, is the mother of the boy.

So that means….

“Heeeeccckk?!”(E/N: just a moment of shocking revelation)

Not just shocked, but he started to drivel on the ground.

“P….p….,please, please spare my life!”

He quickly bowed down, hammering his head on the ground

Now, the apologies were targeted to Ian, neither knight nor mage were acknowledged.

The tide has turned.

“Please, mercy, then I will….”

“Why do you apologize to me?”

“I will never forget this grace ……. I beg your pardon?”

Ian indicated to his mother and spoke quietly.

“It is not me who you should be apologizing to.”

“……. Ah!”

The soldier now turned his body to Vanessa, and repeated what he just did to Ian.

“Please, please forgive me! Please just give me a chance!”

He totally lay on the ground hammering his head into the ground.

Begging for his life with a servile voice.

“I..Ian. You don’t need to do this much…”

He was so desperate that even mother who was receiving the apology felt uncomfortable.

Actually, even if he just said sorry, she would accept it.

Now I remember.

‘Right. Gentle and kind, that was my mother.’

If I execute him in front of her, she will struggle with nightmares.

So, it is not a good time to execute him, not now.

‘I’ll shed blood, in a place where blood can’t be seen.’

The promise of my second life was carved deep in my heart.

‘For now, my mother is the priority.’

Suddenly, Ian felt sorry for his mother.

In his former life, he couldn’t protect his mother.

He was immature, didn’t understand much.

‘At that time, I was too young.’

In his former life, Ian was an newbie, just entered into the academy.

He didn’t tell anyone that he self-studied the fundamental management of mana and 1st class magic, actually, he couldn’t.

‘I was afraid, since I was young.’

Blinded by the fear that he might be rebuked about it.

So he had spent another whole year on magic theory class with other kids, in his former life.

As an ordinary mage apprentice, neither superior, nor inferior.

‘Of course, no privileges were given to her, like the ones for nobles.’

Mother had left Mogrian village.

She no longer needed to work as a kitchen maid, but that was all.

She spent 1 year alone.

‘She didn’t get to enjoy any luxuries.’

After 1 year, when he finally became a 1st class magician, he finally received a rank as high as nobles’.

Then mother passed away from an illness.

Even if she had a greatly talented son, she never had a chance to be treated as a noble.

However, this time, history will be changed.


After recalling the bitterness of his former life,

he sit squatted in front of the soldier.


A whisper only the soldier can hear.

“I know exactly how rubbishes like you think about my mother, saying dirty jokes about her.”

Then he made an eerie face at him.

No one would have imagined such an expression came from an 12 years old kid.
ED Note: I thought he was 10?

“So what you saw, and heard today, relay it to the bastards like you.”

The soldier nodded crazily, as if he was going to break his neck.

From his shaking two eyes, his desire of survival was reflected to Ian

“I will watch you.”

Then, Ian stood up and said to knights

“I think this is enough.”

At Ian’s word’s, knights sheathed their swords.

‘Th, thank you! Thank you! Thank you for my life!’

Although Ian stopped the execution, the soldier kept begging for his life, to avoid Ian’s reconsideration, just in case.

“Is that little boy a mage?”

“The son of an kitchen maid?”

“Shut your mouth. Didn’t you see that the soldier almost lost his neck?”

People started whispering to each other, and it seems there was no sign of the end of it.

Today’s story might be spoken by people for a while.

“Mr. mage, are there any more tests left?’

“……. huh? N..No. It is all done.”

“Mr. Mage, if you’ll excuse me, I better return to my home. My mother seems quite frightened.”

“Yes, as you wish. Ah! wait, hold on a second.”

The mage suddenly stopped Ian and turned to the knight, Aaron.

“Sir Aaron, please escort the boy. I will contact you later through the crystal orb.”

Aaron obeyed the order without question.

It couldn’t be refused, and also, it was his duty.

“Ok then, I better go now, Mr. Mage.”

Ian left the area by escorting his mother.

A Kitchen maid’s son, escorted by a royal knight!

Due to such a rare sight, People can’t take their eyes off them.

‘What a surprising boy, in many ways.’

Soon, the report of the conducting mage was sent to The Royalty, and The Ivory tower.


Edited by FlawFinder May 7th 2020. At this time the translations are a hundred-something chapters in, so I don’t want to ask the translator to check anything from the very beginning. Like Ian’s age.

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