Invitation Of The Ivory Tower (2)

A letter received by the maid… There appeared to be nothing on it, however, any mage would recognize the secret behind it. Mana was flowing through the letter.


From old times, the ivory tower had preferred some secret ways like this. The secret communication that can be only done between mages, who had a mana heart and brain at same time. It effectively drew a feeling of superiority and involvement from mages.


After Ian injected his mana to the letter, words were slowly revealed.

‘To our dear mage, Ian Page.’

[As much as the royal family, we are also looking forward to meeting you…….]

As far as ordinary letters go, it started with common greetings. Skimming it quickly, Ian looked at the main part.

[According to our traditions, you may need to pass the processing of the academy. But, what’s the point in letting your time be wasted when you are already one of our talented mages?]

As Ian had expected, the ivory tower didn’t wait for long. They wanted to test Ian’s talent. As an excuse, with the pretext of a ‘simple interview’, they wanted to ‘interrogate’ him. Without a doubt, they would set up the strongest interrogation spells in the interview room.

[Hence, In exactly 7 days, we want to invite you to our small meeting. As a proud member of the ivory tower, please attend our meeting.]

The only problem was the given period. Ian could ask them to delay the meeting date, but Ian didn’t want to. The longer he delay, the more unexpected situations might occur.

“It says we have one week.” Ian said to Ledio.

The potion must be completed before then. The time they had was quite a bit shorter than what Ian had expected. Furthermore, Ledio had never used this ingredient before.

“If it seems too tough for you, I can ask this task of several other alchemists…..”

If Ian hadn’t met Ledio in the Mogrian province, Ian would ask it of several black market alchemists. Ian knew a few who had bad tempers, but were quite skilled. And there were many ways to keep them from talking.

“N- not at all. One week huh? It is possible.”

But, Ledio was quite the talented alchemist. He had pride in his skills, and it wasn’t that much of an impossible task.

“By reducing my sleeping time, it will be ok.”

“Then please, I will bet on you.”

“No problem at all. By the way, please guide Douglas well. Recently he seems to follow you more than me. I can’t tell whether it is good or not. As you know, you aren’t an ordinary one……”

Ledio started to chat again. This was proof that Ledio was confident about the task. He already had thought of several possible recipes. His chatting relieved Ian more than a thousand words of promises. A week wasn’t that long of a time period. And time passed quickly.

*clip clop, clip clop…..”

Ian was riding a carriage that was headed for the ivory tower. To the place where most of the imperial mages were living.

‘Its effect will remain for approximately 2 hours.’

Ian recalled Ledio’s explanation while grabbing the potion. Ledio had managed to brew the potion.

‘Two hours…’

The interrogation won’t be that long, at most it would need to last for an hour. It would be good enough.


Through the window, an exotic view was revealed. Grass, flowers, trees and butterflies of various colors. Although the ivory tower was within the capital.

‘They have managed the surroundings like a forest.’

It could literally be called a ‘forest in the city.’ Since they had moved from the old place, they had built surroundings like this. It could be called their tradition.

“We have arrived.”

With the driver’s word, Ian got off the carriage. A familiar view of the ivory tower welcomed Ian. It looked totally different from the old ivory tower. It was enormous in size, with a well sharpened white outer wall, it was a very well built structure.

“Oh, here he comes, the first mage.”

Several young mages approached Ian. They seemed uncomfortable since they had to come out and greet this very young mage, Ian. At this age they must be full of their own pride and superiority. Whoever and whatever Ian is, they didn’t care, but they didn’t like to show respect to this young kid.

“Come, boy. High personages are waiting for you.”

The young mage stated in a sharpened and rude voice. To Ian, they were more cute than intimidating. Due to this Ian felt calmed.

‘High personages, huh?’

These young mages had just became official mages, so they were full of pride. When it came to ‘high personages,’ who they would show respect, there were a few people such as 4th class Arch-mages and the tower lord, Habert.

‘There must be a lot of mages I used to know.’

While recalling his memory, Ian entered the ground floor of the ivory tower. Mages used to call this area ‘the sanctuary of beginnings.’ Ian had passed here more than thousands of times in his former life. It hadn’t changed since the past, actually, the future.

‘When I first stepped in here, it was so exciting.’

Ian recalled the moment when he first visited here. At that time, everything was interesting to him. A wide and enormous interior, lit by light globe spells. Air conditioning systems controlled by magic. White robed triumphant mages. Books floating in the air. An open and free atmosphere, unlike what he had expected.

‘I thought every mage was wise and charismatic.’

He thought that when he was young, but not now after he had figured out the truth. The mages of the ground floor were newbies. Rather than full of dignity, they were full of arrogance.

‘I was similar to them when I was their age.’

With the guidance of the mages, Ian reached the end of the aisle. A golden disc was floating there. It was big enough to lift around 5 men at the same time. Ian was familiar with the disc.


The precise title of it was ‘Mana elevator.’ Powered by mana only, it brought mages from floor to floor. Without it, mages would have a hard time climbing up all those stairs.

“Can you see the disc?”

“Yes I can see it.”

“I didn’t mean for you to answer. Step on it.”

The young mage who had been rude to Ian, replied unaffably.

“Know that you are honored. Not everyone is allowed to ride it.”

It was the truth. The golden disc was only for Arch-mages, normally. To mages, who only ranked themselves with magical talent, it meant many things.

‘The youngest in my former life, too. If I remember it correctly.’

Ian was 19 years old when he was granted the authority to use the golden disc, he had reached the 4th class. This time, he was only 12 years old, but allowed to step on the golden disc. Of course he wasn’t officially a 4th class mage, but soon he would be.

‘Maybe today..?’

As soon as Ian stepped on the golden disc, the disc sensed Ian’s weight, and it vibrated slightly. It was the preceding clause of strong levitation magic.

*Whirrrrr – !*

After vibrating, the elevator started to fly. Precisely, it was rising upwards. Without slowing down, it kept rising up.


Ian drank the stone heart potion he had brought. His senses became dull, and he started to feel dizzy. It felt like he was a puppet controlled by someone else. But soon, everything became calm and clear. He felt no more dizziness.


After a long breath, Ian looked up. The tower had 22 floors. Passing the ground floor ‘the sanctuary of beginnings’, ‘the sanctuary of training’, ‘the sanctuary of information’, ‘the sanctuary of records’, ‘the sanctuary of rest’, ‘the sanctuary of elements’, etc. There were many different kinds of sanctuaries, and above those, there was a banquet hall, lower council room, upper council room and finally, the 22nd floor.

‘The room of the tower lord.’

The elevator had stopped. It was way too big to be called a room. In the room there were 11 mages. Habert, and 10 other Arch-mages. Every single one of them had their own characteristics. From male to female, from old to young. Unlike other mages, some of them didn’t even wear robes.{ED:0.o what, they doing a nudy?}

‘It seems they won’t go easy on me.’

Members who counted as the best of the best of the ivory tower. They gathered at the same place, and at the same time and they looked at the same boy. A young mage, Ian Page, whose talent was compared to ‘the first mage.’ They had gathered to test his talent. Or maybe, to tame his dangerous talent.

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