People I Need to Protect (1)

The council of the Ivory Tower was busy these days.

Ian Page, Ian Page and Ian Page!

Today was no exception. Again, it was about Ian Page. Several hours had already passed between the Arch Mages.

“So it was true. Everything was true! Furthermore, he has already managed to become 4th class. He has reached the same level as all of us except for you, Tower Lord.” said the middle aged Arch Mage, Ronan, excitedly.

They knew Ian held enormous talent, but didn’t expect him to reach the same level as them. They were currently playing with fire.

“And are we trying to tame this monster? Shackle him? If we want to, we must start right now. Before he gets old. As soon as possible, before he becomes a monster which is out of control! The Academy, conducting other regions, that is all bullshit!”

A duty which was fairly given to every mage. Graduating the academy course, then conducting another region for 5 years. And Ronan was suggesting to let Ian be freed from such duties, and instead let him stay with the Arch Mages and try to make him stand on Ivory Tower’s side. Brainwashing or persuading, to tame Ian by any means necessary.

“We can’t excuse ourselves due to his age, can we?’

Not only Ronan, but most of the other Arch Mages thought that way. Now, everyone was worried about Ian… the unexplainable power that he contained- he had already reached the 4th class- and the potential within him.

“Although you used some inappropriate language, what you said was reasonable.”

The Tower Lord supported Ronan.

“Putting Ian Page into the academy is a waste of time. Rather, other students will be caught in inferiority. Even we, Arch Mages are this concerned about him. Imagine what other newbie students would think.”

To his words, the Arch Mages nodded their heads. Unlike when they were listening to Ronan’s speech, they reacted differently to the Tower Lord’s speech. Because rather than just admitting their fears or urgency on the Ian matter as Ronan had, the excuse of ‘helping other newbie students’ feelings’ made them feel much more comfortable.

“As you already may know, our most valuable aim is the symbol of the Ivory Tower. The more strong mages we have, the higher our fame will be.”

‘The symbol’ of the Ivory Tower.

‘The fame’ of the Ivory Tower.

It was the source of authority of the Ivory Tower. The Tower Lord never missed that point.

“So, how about making an official announcement about Ian? Announcing that a new 4th class mage had appeared, and that he is now accepted as the 12th member of the Arch Mages. But considering Ian’s age and talent, the council decided to apply a special study course for Ian… I think this will be good enough.”

Basically, what he said was the same solution Ronan had suggested. However, the excuse for it was totally different. It didn’t reveal the fear and anxiousness in the hearts of the council members. Rather, it made the council look like generous members who always supported their precious young mage. Through this announcement, they would grant a proper cause, excuse, and social power.

“What do the rest of you think about my idea?”

The meeting went on for a while longer before it finished. The announcement of the Ivory Tower was quickly spoken. The appearance of the twelfth Arch Mage. Furthermore, he broke the record of the youngest 4th class mage. It had spread wide and quickly. Not only to the royalty, but also to the nobles and merchants who operated big companies.

“Greetings sir! We came from Hybe merchant company. Our headquarters is located at the 8th street of the merchant area. The reason we came, is because our boss wants….. Ah, please receive our present first.”

After the announcement, Ian’s mansion was crowded. Most of them were people who came from the nobles or merchants.

“Our boss sent this present for you. Don’t feel any pressure about it, please. He just wants to show gratitude to you. You’re indeed great news for the empire, right?”

Nobles, merchants and people who recognized the new power. All of them gathered in front of the mansion, while holding a bag or box on their hand. What would be the reason for it?

“….. Hybe merchant company, was it?”

“Yes, that’s right! Please come to 8th street of mercha…..”

“Hybe merchant company, I will forward this name to him.”

“Ah, Thank you! Thank you!”

The social power of the Arch Mage was unimaginable. A rank, higher than common nobles. Ian arrived to the capital a few weeks ago. He was a new, fresh, powerful man. It was good to appeal themselves to Ian.


And It was Ledio’s job. He needed to greet every single one of them.

‘I can’t understand it though.’

The parade of presents from merchants and nobles. They were bribes rather than presents. He thought Ian wouldn’t receive them. Why, because Ian was an honest clean man? No way.

‘Doesn’t he already have enough money….?’

This was the reason for Ledio’s doubt. Just that. Ian already had enough money. He had already received a bag of the finest jewels. Unless he was obsessed with money, there was no reason to receive those risky bribes. He expected Ian to refuse it.

‘And he told me to receive everything. Why?’

Of course, no one would dare to go against an Arch Mage for receiving these ‘presents’. But still, it concerned Ledio.

“Is this Sir Ian Page’s house?”

An endless tide of bribes. Who is it this time? Ledio looked up. A old man, who looked like a servant of a house, was standing there. He looked familiar to Ledio.

“Where do you come from?” Ledio asked automatically. He was getting used to it.

“The Head of Parker house, Adan Parker sent me…….”

“H- house of Parker?”

Ledio shook his body. Now he recognized the man.

‘What an unfortunate coincidence.’

The mage who caused mana addiction to Ledio. That bastard was the second son of Parker house. At that moment, Ledio had a contract with the Parker house.

“Anything wrong about it?”

“N- nothing. You said house of Parker, right?”

The man was the servant of Parker house. He didn’t recognize Ledio.

“Please leave the present there.”

“Then, please introduce us to sir Ian well.”
Re-Editor’s Note: Can’t tell if this was meant to be him asking for an audience or for Ledio to tell Ian that they’re good people.

If Ledio kept seeing him, the nightmare would be remembered again. He sent him away with haste.

‘What a relief, Sir Ian is backing me up.’

The more Ledio knew about Ian, the scarier Ian was. Actually, he was a much more tremendous man than he had imagined. Ledio knew Ian’s talent is extraordinary. However, he didn’t expect Ian to be granted the title of Arch Mage right after he visited the Ivory Tower. Who would have imagined?

‘Even the Parker house which had both the power of nobility and of magic.. they won’t able to harm me.’

As Ledio thought, Parker house had two major powers: Noble and mage. However, Ledio felt no fear about them. Ian wasn’t just an ordinary mage. He was a 12 years old Arch Mage. The title of Arch Mage itself already contained great power, furthermore, he had endless potential. And such a man was backing Ledio up. Even Parker house couldn’t threaten Ledio anymore.

‘Seriously, what if he is a dragon?’

A childish image, an image that Douglas would have. However, it actually suited Ian well. Even if one day Ian would say, ‘I am actually a dragon.’ Ledio wouldn’t be surprised about it.

‘Ha, what meaningless things am I imagining?’

While shaking his head, Ledio looked at his next guest.


He stood up immediately with a wide open mouth. He was surprised hundreds of times more than when he heard the name, Parker.

“C-c-crown prince….?”

Ledio’s voice was full of embarrassment.

“Crown prince?”

“His Highness, the crown prince?”

Ledio shouted too loud. Every person who was standing in front of the mansion looked back. From a distance, people were coming. The second royal knights and a blond handsome man. It must be the crown prince.

“Welcome, our crown prince!”

By the soldier’s shouting, everyone made a way and bowed down. Except one person, Ledio.

‘Please don’t say I need to greet him.’

At the moment, Ian wasn’t home. In addition, Vanessa went out to buy some ingredients with the maids. It was only Ledio who was in the mansion. It drove him crazy.

‘The f*ck…..’

He wasn’t just a noble, but the crown prince. He couldn’t stand still. He quickly jumped down and he bowed down to the crown prince.

“C-crown prince, your highness! What brings you here?”

“Hmm? You…?”

With curious eyes, he looked at Ledio. He must have expected Ian to come out.

“I- I am sir Ian’s alchem……”

“Ahah! Now I remember. You are the steward who came along with Ian, aren’t you?”

Ledio was caught in a serious problem. Should he fix what the crown prince said? Or just admit what the crown prince said?

“Th- that’s right! I am the steward of the house of Page, Ledio. I appreciate that you remember this tiny man! It will be an honor to my house!”

He chose the second option. There were no benefits to indicate the error. In addition, he was actually doing steward’s business at the moment.

“Then where is Ian? I came here to show gratitude to my sworn brother, Ian, for he was granted the title of Arch Mage.”

The crown prince emphasized the words, ‘sworn brother’. To let everyone there hear it.

“S- sir Ian is not in the mansion.”

“Huh? Where did he go?”

“I don’t know the exact destination, but he just told me he’s going out to buy something. He promised to come back before dinner time….”

He spoke any excuse he could imagine. He was desperate.


The crown prince seemed disappointed. However, it didn’t last long.

“Well, alright. It’s my fault for not sending him a message before.”

Every member of the second royal knight squad was surprised by his words. Suddenly visiting was the crown prince’s bad hobby. But, did he just say it’s his fault?

“Till the dinner time right? I can wait for that. I will wait inside. You, just keep doing your job.”

Furthermore, he tapped Ledio’s shoulder, and went into the mansion. The captain Oliver moved his eyebrow. It was quite rare for the captain to express his emotions.

‘I better get paid back.’

The reason Ian ordered Ledio to receive every single presents. He wanted to receive compensation for his misbehaviour. If he acted smarter and calmed himself while injecting mana, he could receive many benefits from it. However, he screwed it up to keep his pride in magic. So, he wanted to receive as many bribes as he could receive for now.

‘Well it does make me feel good, though.’

However, he didn’t regret it. Even if it was his second life, he couldn’t just give it up. He couldn’t stay behind in magic. It was his only pride.

‘Well, the rest of my life won’t be easy though.’

By reading their well-packaged announcement, Ian could see what they were thinking. Ah, they must be afraid of Ian. A boy who came from nowhere suddenly reached their level. They must be afraid of him.

‘If I were them, I would freak out as well.’

Their pride in superiority. The effort they had poured in. Ian’s appearance must have ruined all of those. They must be desperate to tame him.

‘Now the problem is, there must be enemies from now on.’

The appearance of the youngest 4th class mage. As it shook the empire, there must be enemies generated.

“There are so many weird minded men in the world.”

The men who would envy Ian. Or a group who wanted to draw him to their side. What would they do they first?

‘My only weakness.’

Ian didn’t want to admit it. However, he already knew his weak point. A clear weak point that the enemy could see.

‘My mother.’

That’s right. His mother was his only weakness. So, he needed to have a plan. A tool which provided safety for his mother, especially a tool that he can use to check her location and safety.

‘There is a such an item that can do the job.’

Ian finally arrived at the merchant region. Precisely, at the centre of ‘The street of hextech.'(E/N: wait… will there be copyright issues?)

Ian chose the power of magic to protect his mother. Specifically, a device made by hextech engineers. Of course, the hextech device was mostly a life supporting item that helps the rich houses work. Firstly, their techniques weren’t good enough to build further levels of the item. Secondly, the Ivory Tower was supervising this industry with strict rules.

‘This technology won’t even be able to exist without the help of mages.’

Mage and hextech. They had a very close relationship between each other. The core resource of hextech was mana, of course. They couldn’t do experiments and manufacturing without the help of mana. Then, who could supply it for them?

‘The Ivory Tower.’

The mage’s power was strong. Not just the strength of its destructive power. Not only alchemy, architecture, medical treatment, jewelcrafting, and hextech. It was related to every life in human civilization.

‘There are not many items my mother can use, but.’

A ‘communication orb’ will be enough for the job. Not one for civilians, but the high quality orb which is usually only used by the empire’s communication post. Because of its powerful communication power, its price was enormous. Ian wanted such a high level of communication orb.

‘I can re-earn this money later.’

Even at this moment, money was coming. The parade of presents coming to the mansion. In addition, the jewels he left at the old Ivory Tower ruin.


Ian opened one of the biggest hextech merchant shops. The bell inside welcomed clients.

“Hey Vans! Bring the blueprint! Blueprint!”

“Y- yes sir!”

A crowded room. At first, Ian could see engineers.

By appearance, they were doing similar jobs to blacksmiths. But the hextech engineering room wasn’t full of muscle, heat and sweat. Rather, all of the hextech engineers had relatively thin bodies. Furthermore, the room temperature was controlled by hextech devices, so it had quite a pleasant temperature.

“Bring me three small sized mana storages. Fully charged ones!”

“Yes sir!”

Hundreds of various mana storages were there, and uncompleted hextech devices. A mana elevator, mana lantern, communication orb etcetera. Parts were rolling on the ground.

‘Every time I visit here, I just realize how exotic of a view it is.’

The shop’s name was Siram’s Workshop. It was the best hextech workshop in the Greenriver Empire, and most of the hextech devices were supplied by them and managed by them.

“Move your ass!”

A boy who was busy with errands. He murmured while passing Ian.

He leered at Ian as if saying ‘why are you blocking this busy area?’

“Vans you fool! Quick! What the heck are you doing?”

“I- I am coming! Senior!”

He couldn’t leer at Ian any longer. With his senior’s shouting, he moved away quickly. He must be a novice hextech engineer.

“How can I help you?”

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