176 Part 2


“It’s a relief.”


The boy’s prayers seemed to have worked, and while it may be for only a little while, it was infinitely better than her getting worse. A loud bang rang as the boy felt relief, and the worn door broke down due to an outside force.



Even before the boy’s surprised voice finished speaking…


“Who do you think it is, you bastard!”


The boy heard a rough voice, and he knew who they were since they belonged to the gang members that managed the pub. Lambao, who had beaten up the boy often, came in seething.


“You bastard! I’m going to kill you. I’ll rip you and your mother apart and throw you two to the dogs!”


One of Lambao’s hands was bandaged, and all of his fingers were in casts.




The boy could not understand the current situation. While those gang members were bastards, they had not come to Ian’s house like this and made an uproar before.


“Why are you here all of a sudden…”


Lambao kicked the boy, and he could not even scream. He could only fall down and writhe while froth came out of his mouth.



“Die! Die! Die!”


Lambao continued to kick him, and the exit was blocked. The boy had no way to escape, and his world turned black. He even became numb.


‘Will I die?’


That thought suddenly sprang in the boy’s mind, and he was scared.


‘Like this…’


The boy felt victimized if he had to die like this.


‘Why was I born? To die after being beaten like this every day…?’



He felt faint, and it seemed like death was near.


“Hey, you’re not thinking of dying so soon, right? No. I said at the pub that you still have things left to do.”

Lambao squatted in front of the boy and spoke such nonsense.


“Hey! Die later and open your eyes for now. Sit and watch it here. Peekaboo! You can see, right?”


Lambao made the boy sit with his back leaning against the wall, and the boy now saw his still sleeping mother.


“Your mother sleeps well.”


It was strange since the house had been in an uproar, and she had not woken up.


“Something is wrong…’


The boy raised his head and opened his eyes wide to see his mother’s condition.


“Oh, now, you see.”


Lambao was staring at the boy as he stood next to the boy’s mother. His voice and eyes were vile and sticky.


“Now, you’re going to sell your mother to me. I have a nice deal on hold. Someone is looking for a pretty, white-skinned, large-hipped, quiet, and disposable toy he can play with for a while.”


Veins stood out in the boy’s forehead at Lambao’s words.


“I immediately thought of your mother at my client’s words. Since she’s going to die and does not do anything but this, won’t you feel unburdened?”



Lambao’s vile voice now became even more distorted, and the boy felt disgusted at the mere tone.


“However, an order exists in this world. I had been holding myself back since I might get a disease, but the man gave me ‘holy water’ in my words.’


‘Holy water’ was the nickname for an expensive draught made by high-class alchemy. Since Vanessa’s disease was due to a weak constitution, nutrient deficiency, and dirty environment, one bottle would heal her immensely.


“Aristocrats have big pockets, and they use so much just to satisfy their dirty desires. Well, they’re precious clients for us.”


In other words, the boy had not been able to cure his mother because he could not get a bottle of holy water.


“So, we’re going in order because she’s too rare just to sell.”


Lambao licked his lips, and the rest followed. They were full of disgusting thoughts and were controlled by them.


“Sit there and watch how we play with your mother, and that’s your punishment for breaking my fingers.”


The situation was now certain, as the boy knew the evil that had entered the house.






The boy murmured not to do it even as he was almost unconscious.


“What do you mean by no?”


“You damn bastard.”


Lambao ignored Ian’s pleas and reached for Vanessa’s sleeping body. It seemed like he was going to make her drink the holy water after making her sit up.


“She won’t wake up? Your mother did not die yet, right? She’s breathing…is she about to go? That’s bad…”


His evil hands fumbled Vanessa, and Lambao’s smelly breath touched his mother’s face.



“She’s pretty. While whores are nice, a treat like this…”


It was at that moment.


“That hand!”


The boy screamed, and a blue light came out with vibrations between his palms that were diagonally pressed together. It was the magic missile, which was the only memory Ian left behind.


“Let go of her!”


That memory appeared in action first like instinct or a habit. Livid anger was an appropriate trigger to bring out that memory.


“You bastard-!”


The boy had thought about why he had been born and why he had to die by being beaten up like this. That question was now resolved. The boy had been born for his mother, Vanessa.

The magic missile went out of the boy’s palm and exploded, and the target of the explosion was Lambao’s head.


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