177 Part 1

Chapter 177 The Last Knot (6)


Unfortunately, Lambao did not die since the boy’s magic missile was like being hit with a wooden bat.




Of course, you can kill a person with a wooden bat, or at least knock them unconscious. It was the same for Lambao, and he tumbled down and rolled back his eyes. His tongue came out. The boy let out rough breaths after activating the magic missile without realizing it. He saw an unbelievable scene.




He had shot something out and even knocked down Lambao, who he had been deathly afraid of, in a single shot.




The boy could not understand what was going on, and as naturally as he fisted his hands to attack someone, the magic missile had been activated. After the first, the rest was history. He could now build magical orbs as a spell that was both strange and familiar at the same time popped up in his head automatically.


‘I don’t know what this is…’


The boy seemed not to realize that this was magic, as he was breathless and had never read a book regarding magic before in his life.


‘I can win!’


However, one thing was certain, and it was that the boy could beat the gang members and chase them away.




The boy created a magic missile that doubled the orb’s size that had fallen Lambao, and it was his limit.


“Out of my house now!”


The second orb left Ian’s hands, and it headed towards the gangsters, who only blinked in surprise.



“Avoid it!”


The gangsters rushed to avoid the orb, but there was not enough space to do so. It was utter chaos, but the second magic missile did not hit a person. However, it destroyed a house wall, and now the orb was much more powerful than a wooden bat.




The gangsters’ eyes shook and widened, as they were different from the boy. A few of them had witnessed magicians and had indirectly heard of them through stories and rumors. Therefore, they could easily recognize what the boy was doing.


‘It’s clearly magic…!’


The exploding orb that the kid made was definitely magic.


‘He was a mage…? That kid?”


The kid who had been merely an underling of a pub had now become a mage.


‘What happened…?’


Everyone thought the same thing, but it was meaningless. Mages were born, and there were no hidden methods there.


“Run away.”


There was a brief silence, and the murmur woke everyone up.


“He’s a mage!”

“A mage…?”

“That kid…?”

“If he’s a mage…the Magic Tower…”


What were mages to the ordinary? What was the Magic Tower to which they belonged? They were the symbol of respect- the center of the empire’s culture, war history, and national force, and in certain aspects, placed higher than the royal family.




They picked on a mage and had gone against the tower. What did this mean?




They could not live in this city, nor in this country. What should they do?


“Run, run!”

“Don’t push, you bastards!”



They had to run away as quickly as possible, and that was the only path to survival.


“Stop moving!”


As the ruffians began to run away, the boy shouted to everyone. Since a mage called them, they had no choice but to stop.


“You have to take him!”


The boy pointed to Lambao, who was still lying around. He must have fainted deeply or was pretending to be unconscious.


“Yes, sir! Sorry, sir!”


The gangsters corrected how they called the boy and even used honorifics.




How many seconds had passed? The gangsters disappeared from the house in an instant.




The house was now empty again, and the boy looked down at his palm. They called it magic, and him a mage.


‘…A mage?’


A mage, can it be true? Him…a mage. It was unbelievable, but also true. The boy had used a strange power to drive the ruffians away. If not magic, how could he explain this astonishing situation?




As the boy remained confused, his mother finally woke up, and his face immediately brightened.




Mother’s breathing was still stable, and her face was rosy. Come to think of it, did he feed her holy water?


“Ian…what is all…”


She did not seem to know a thing, and her eyes widened like a rabbit at the broken door and wall.


“Are you all right?”


He would explain later, but Ian’s first priority was his mother’s health, and the second was the same.


“Oh? Speaking of that…”


Vanessa assessed her condition, and she murmured in surprise. She seemed more surprised than when she had seen the state of the house.


“My body…is strange.”


“I mean that…”

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