177 Part 2


How could she explain that her body felt light, her heavy body, faint eyes and sight, tight throat, and numb limbs…


“It is all well.”


Vanessa repeated the same thing with a disbelieving face, as she had not felt this comfortable in decades.


“How can this happen?”


If it was not just a trick of the mind, Vanessa had been completely healed. How can such a miracle happen?


‘I don’t know what is going on.’


The boy sincerely thought so, but it was clear that two miracles had happened.


‘I can use magic, and Mother is well. If this is not a dream, God has answered my prayers I sent every night.’


A miracle, or God’s answer, and only those abstract notions suited the situation.


‘This power…’


The boy had now had the power of magic, the strongest power of all in this world. If this was not an illusion or a temporary power, he would be able to make completely different choices in the future.


‘I can protect Mother and myself.’


The boy fisted his hands, and today, someone was going between dimensions to tie the last knot, and another had just started.




After meeting the boy, Ian wandered through various dimensions and returned all except one of the souls trapped in his mind world. Ian entered a new dimension, and it was quite familiar.


“It has been a long time.”


The cabin was burning, and a middle-aged Ian was inside with a stab wound on his chest.


“To think I would return here.”


Ian had come to thirty years back in the past, where he had first lived. It was right after he had been poisoned. He was in his past life.

Ian first began using healing spells in order to restore his cold body. While he had opened his eyes after infiltrating the body, he thought he would die soon if he did not do anything.

Normal magic could not return a dead corpse to the normal state, and only a zero-class user could achieve the feat.

Ian sighed as the stab wound and the effects of the poison Ragnar had given him disappeared.


‘I have returned to my original world and to my original body.’


Ian did not feel happy and actually was uncomfortable. Ian was dead here, and he wanted to return to his original dimension that had become his home where his family and friends lived.




He still had things left to do here. Since he had heard the story and read the memories, he could not help it. Ian discovered that Vanessa was still alive here.


‘According to Fran Page’s memories, she is living a new life.’


Fran had said so, and according to his memories, it was true that the mother of his past life was still alive. Ian had thought that she had passed away in his hometown during his first year at the academy.


‘While she can’t be my mother again…’


While his second life had been near perfection, Ian had been unable to do anything in his past life. He had been young, ignorant, and thought that she had died early.


‘I want to see her before it’s too late, from afar, only once.’


It had been Ian’s regret that had stung in his heart fairly often, and he wanted to remove that burden so Ian could be faithful to his mother, family, and friends of his second life.


‘According to Fran’s memories…’


There were fragmented memories of his mother in this world in Fran’s memories.


‘She has new memories, a new name, and a new family.’


Borrowing Fran’s expression, he had given her a present, a highly satisfactory life for giving birth to a successful tool.


‘It’s a convenient logic.’


However, Ian was grateful since she would be living happily, even after forgetting Ian. He wanted to see that happiness with his own eyes, for the first and last time.


‘If Fran’s memories are true…’


Mother lived in a mountain at the far end of the land, where there were small cities and villages nearby. She had married a man who hunted and did carpenter work, and while they did not have children, they lived in harmony with nature.




Ian now began to feel nervous once he made a decision. He felt light.


“Let’s go.”


Ian moved to the place in Fran Page’s memories, and he could see greenery everywhere.


“It’s quite a sight.”


Ian spoke dryly and found a cabin amidst the mountains. It was small but clean and beautiful.




Ian felt someone’s presence from the cabin, and the sounds became clearer as he went near. The light and quiet movements showed that it was a woman.




An old woman with her long white hair tied into a ponytail appeared. She had clean skin like time had passed her by, and her white air gave a mystic aura.




She was the pain in Ian’s heart, his mother in his past life’s memories, and Ian’s birth mother.


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