178 Part 1

Chapter 178 The Last Knot (7)




She was no longer Vanessa and Ian’s mother. She had a completely different name and lived a completely different life. Therefore, Ian could not approach her and only could see her from a distance.




Ian thought it a relief that the mother of his past life was still alive and that he could still see her again. Even if her life was simple and demure, she seemed happy. She had that face that Ian had wanted her to have…




It was then when the man who would be Vanessa’s husband appeared in front of the cabin. He had a deer on his back like he had been hunting.


‘That man…’


Ian’s gaze naturally faced him, as he was also curious what kind of man his mother had depended on. Curious who had gratefully protected her for a long time.


“Why are you so late? It’s dark, and I was worried.”

“I was a bit late to catch this deer so its fur would not be damaged. We won’t have to worry for a while since this deer would fetch a price. Don’t you think so?”

“What would it matter if you had an accident? We don’t need to be well-off, just remain healthy.”

“I understand. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You keep saying that every time…”

“I’m serious this time since I’m not as I used to be. I think that I’ll focus on only catching rabbits and concentrate on being a carpenter. What does my wife think?”


It was an ordinary conversation between an old couple. Everything was normal, peaceful, and happy.




However, Ian’s expression did not brighten, and it became suspicious.


‘Fran Page…?’


His mother’s husband looked exactly like Fran Page, despite being older.




Was it another one of Fran’s forms?


‘No, it can’t be.’


Ian had thought about that but withdrew that notion.


‘Everyone of them disappeared.’


The moment Fran Page disappeared in that white flame, all of his forms were eradicated. Ian had not been affected because he awakened his own ego.


‘However, that man…’


If considering this situation only, and going by that man’s essence, his mother’s husband was Fran Page. Ian was certain of that.




Ian narrowed his eyes as he had to be tense. His will was still left behind, and what did that mean? It was a dangerous situation.




Ian estimated the man’s identity and repeated to himself like he had discovered something.


‘They are the same, but different.’


They were different inside, as the man was clean while Fran had been mad. It was not a level that could be intentionally disguised, as Ian could not be duped.


‘He’s an ordinary man.’


Ian could not feel any talent as a mage, which meant that he was an ordinary person.


‘Why is that…’


Ian stood deep in thought and observed him. What situation was this?


“I’ll take care of this deer, so you go in and rest. The weather’s cold.’


As Ian’s agony went deeper, the man with Fran’s face sent Vanessa inside.


“Let’s see!”


He placed the deer on the operation table installed at the front of the house. He had on an apron and even had tanning tools.




The man murmured as he started tanning.


“Left me.”


Who was he saying that to? Ian could not see anyone around. While they had a dog, the man was not talking to it. There was no one who the man could talk to.


“In all other dimensions, you, Ian Page, will be protecting my wife as our only son.”


The man was actually talking to Ian, and he seemed certain that Ian was watching him and that Ian could hear him.


“However, in this dimension, where Ian Page died after the poisoning, no one can protect her.”


The situation and the story were sudden, but Ian agreed since the man was right.


“I’m made from the last goodwill that had separated from him.”


“As you can see, I cannot threaten anything now.”


The story was proven as the man did not have any powers, and even his original self could not defeat Ian.


“However, as I have a few useful skills, I can protect my wife until we both use up our time as human beings.”


The man with Fran Page’s face spoke in a quiet voice and was different from the Fran Ian knew, who would joke around.


“I will die the moment she dies, as I will have finished the fundamental task I had been born to do.”


Of course, it was difficult to believe him since Ian had not heard this story from Fran Page’s memories and knowledge.

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