178 Part 2


‘If he had been separated, their memories might have split.’


There was a possibility, while nothing was certain.


‘If everything is true…’


That meant that Fran saying that Vanessa would die if he died had not been a complete lie. He would have modified the memories that had been left behind by this man.


‘Is he lying?’


Ian did not think so, and the man continued on with his words.


“You would find it hard to believe, and you can eradicate me now. However, to add a word, your mother, my wife is living quite a long and stable life as ‘Elisa,’ and not as ‘Vanessa Page.’”

Vanessa’s new name had been Elisa, and she had lived a satisfied and comfortable life even without luxuries for decades.


“While you can return her memories with your powers, I cannot say whether it would benefit her. She has lived longer as Elisa than Vanessa Page.’


Ian became silent for a while. He had to acknowledge that the man was speaking the truth.


“I do not care about your decision since I will only perform the task given to me. Please act on your thoughts and beliefs.”


The man became silent, and he suddenly picked up his bow and arrow before going back to tanning. The arrow formed an arc in the air, and it was not headed for Ian. The direction was different from the start.

A loud scream rang, and it was not a human’s tone. The arrow had been for a wild beast, and it was quite accurate even for an archer.


“Husband? What is wrong?”


Elisa came out of the cabin out of worry for her husband.


“I’m sorry to surprise you. It seems that I was not the only one after this deer.”


The man calmed his wife down. It seemed that his archery skills and the senses that enabled him to notice the beast’s approach were some of his skills.




Ian fell into deep thought. Whatever else, Fran Page had sincerely loved Vanessa enough to protect her with his last goodwill even if he had gone down thousands of years and had become mad.


[…For the last time.]


Ian opened his mouth, and it was a magical whisper that only the man could hear him.


[I want to see my mother’s face from up close. May I borrow your eyes and senses for a minute?]


Fran nodded once at Ian’s request.




Ian borrowed the man’s senses, and while he could not control Fran’s body, he could see his mother up close and hear her voice.


“What do you want for dinner? I had prepared a light meal, but it seems a bit too simple…”


Vanessa, now living a new life as Elisa, whispered. Her voice and expressions were filled with positive emotions like happiness, satisfaction, stability, and love.


“That’s not bad. Light meals are good for our age and actually good for our health.”


The man replied gently whether Ian shared his senses or not.


‘His emotions are not created.’


Ian could feel the man’s emotions, and they were sincere. The man had not deceived Ian, and it was impossible from the beginning.




Ian had become silent and finally organized his thoughts. First, his mother was happy and would be until she died. He felt no need to violate her happiness.


‘That man…the last piece of Fran’s goodwill.’


He was not twisted, and his introduction had been true.




Ian had decided.


[I will return.]


He would go without making any changes or interfering and would say goodbye to his mother, who was living a contented life.


[I will not change anything, as I understand my mother will not benefit from any changes. So, please look after her.]


The man nodded at Ian’s words.


‘That’s enough.’


Ian activated the transportation spell after seeing the nod and repeated to himself that this had been enough. His mother was happy, and nothing could be better…


‘Mother, please.’


Ian returned to his original dimension as he wished for his aged mother’s happiness.


‘Be happy.’


A warm aura came down in the cabin, and they could not feel the cold that had blistered the skin anymore. It was warm like flowers would bloom at any moment, and that single tear that had brought on this warmth was Ian’s final goodbye.




Ian had returned to his second life.


‘I…have returned.’


Ian had set right all dimensions, and now opened his eyes to see the calendar.




Ian’s face became rigid, as it seemed that he had not kept the promise to return soon.


“Nine…nine years?’


If that calendar was not wrong or a trick, it had been nine years since Ian had fallen asleep.




Ian could not understand this situation. It had taken slightly over an hour to return during the fight with Fran Page. Why had nine years passed?




Ian had not expected this result. Had it been a mistake to try to understand the connection, flow, and interaction of time between dimensions in the first place?


‘Nine years…’


A lot of things would have changed, and Ian woke up suddenly. It had been nine years since Ian Page, the great mage, had moved from the bed.


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