Chapter 180 Coronation (2)


It was the next day after the incident with the thieves, and the crown prince and Oliver had arrived at the core of the Mogrian lands, the lord’s castle. They rode on the direct airship that headed to the capital with the Mogrian family and had handed over the thieves to the military camp.


“The world has become a better place. I did not imagine it would take only three days from the Mogrian lands to the royal palace. We all have to thank Sir Ian, the lord of the Ivory Tower and the pride of our lands, for this feat.”


Marcus Mogrian, the lord of the Mogrian lands and a man entering old age, was the one murmuring. He called Ian Page the pride of Mogrian lands and emphasized the place of his birth.


“You are correct, my father-in-law. While the feat of the artisans who are working day and night in ‘Ian’s manor’ are to be commended, they have been brought in by Ian.”


Marcus Mogrian was the crown prince’s father-in-law, who had presented Ian the ring as a symbol of being a valued guest forevermore. Marcus had gained this position because Margaret Mogrian, Marcus’s youngest daughter, who was connected to Ian, was Hayden’s wife. Two years had passed since their marriage, and Ian had been the connection between the two very irrelevant people.

The crown prince needed someone to remember Ian together with apart from Ian’s family, and the Mogrian lands filled that lack. The writer Luca and Margaret Mogrian, who Hayden had known from the Eastern Plains expedition, were ideal friends.


“Your highness, I hope to know why you come out so much without my daughter. Is she alone from so young?”

Margaret even had experienced the same thing as the crown prince, which was very rare and stupid. Their impressions regarding Ian had been not good, and actually horrible.


“No, no. I am doing my duty as a husband, so do not worry about that point.”


Of course, they both managed to fix that impression. Margaret had apologized to Ian and Ian’s mother, and the crown prince went through redemption by being Ian’s active supporter. Who knew such an embarrassing and old memory could be the stepping stone for marriage?


“Since I would not be able to ask so freely after your coronation, I will do so now. Can I trust that you are truly doing your duty?”


Margaret and the crown prince came closer together with that memory, and found they suited each other in every way.


“Please believe me.”

“Then why do you not have a child…”

“I will bring good news soon.”


As the crown prince and Lord Mogrian were talking private matters, the airship that held them were moving forward by pushing against the clouds. They were headed to Greenriver’s capital, and it only took a day when in the past the journey had taken several months.




The preparations for the new emperor Hayden Greenriver were near the end. There was less than an hour left before the coronation, which would wrap up one chapter in history and begin a new one.


“Hey! Get the carpet lines straight! Do you think this is your birthday party?”


Was this because they were preparing for such a historical moment? Servants were shouting from everywhere, and the atmosphere was fierce.


“Hey! That space is for free participation! Finish quickly and come here! Do I have to tell you everything?”

“I am sorry!”


The crown prince Hayden Greenriver’s coronation was unique in several aspects. Unlike previous coronations, where only invited guests could come in, this time the coronation would be held dramatically outside the city in a specially prepared space. Therefore, no one was invited because everyone was invited. One could come if one wished, and it would the first of its kind not only in the Empire’s history, but the entire lands.


“However, chief, is this right for a coronation?”

“What now?”

“I mean, even if this is for the people…Wouldn’t it be dangerous to have everyone participate in such an event?”

“Whew! You can’t even do simple work because your head is so thick.”


The maid chief, who actually was just an old servant, arrogantly raised her head at the young maid’s question.


“Listen, there are two points.”


“Yes, two points.”


The old maid raised two fingers wrinkled from work.


“First, Sir Oliver Raywood!”

“What…what about him?”

“Since a knight who slays dragons will be watching over the ceremony, who will be stupid enough to try something? His or her head will fly just from even thinking such a thing.”

She was actually right. Sir Oliver Raywood’s swordsmanship had surpassed even magic, and what else needed to be said?

“And the second! This is the important one. It’s difficult, since it has to do with politics. It’s a political message from those above.”
“A political message?”

“Yes, listen carefully. This ceremony is about expressing oneself. The crown prince is saying that he can hold such a public coronation because everything about this empire is the best! His highness is saying to come if you can shoulder the aftermath!”



The young maid opened her mouth at the old woman’s speech, and while she did not understand the implications, everything sounded grand. The mere words ‘political message’ scared her.


“It’s amazing, chief. How do you know such things?”

“I see far. If I was a man, I would be somewhere high up by now.”


The old maid had said the right things. While it was an abstract summary, the second reason for holding such a public ceremony, which would have not even been considered in the present, was for such reasons.


“Anyway, if you understood what I said, go back to your work! We have no time to lose!”


The coronation would begin at any moment now, and people started coming one by one. Not only the residents of the city, but nearby village people, and those from afar gathered to form a massive crowd.

While there were areas divided by class with the red carpet line on which the emperor and the crown prince will enter as boundary, there were enough people to call this a festival.


“Come over here!”

“Douglas, do not go in so deep. We’re going to the guest seats…”

“Hey, father. What’s the fun in that? We have to weave through crowds at moments like this. This is a festival for the entire Empire!”


Vanessa, Douglas, and Ledio were all present within the crowd, and the Fairy Queen, disguised as a cat, was in Vanessa’s arms.


“However, seats would be more comfortable…”

“You will only meet boring aristocrats there. Mother needs a change of scene, and don’t you know that as her husband?”

“You child…!”

“Isn’t that so, Mother?”


Douglas was mercilessly teasing his father and was calling Vanessa his mother.


“Yes. I was feeling rather uncomfortable amidst the ladies. If her highness was there, things might have been different, but that’s not the case…”


Vanessa spoke in agreement with what her second son had said. Since the princess needed to sit with the royal family, Vanessa did not need to sit in the guest seats. Since she was not born from aristocrats, Vanessa preferred the bustle of the festival compared to the rigid and elegant space of the upper class.


“However, I do not know whether I can enjoy myself outside like this. This is the first time I left Ian behind, and if something happened…”


Vanessa spoke with a sigh and looked on at the merry sounds and sights of the crowd. While the scene made her smile, there were still shadows in her eyes.


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