Chapter 181 Coronation (3)

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First and foremost, Vanessa was worried about her son, who had been sleeping for nine years now. How anxious she must have been during the previous years. She had only come out of the house a number of times.


[Oh! You worry about the most insignificant things. Have you forgotten the time you dropped that glass over his head? Ian all but eradicated it from existence!]


The Fairy Queen disguised as a pink cat, who had been listening quietly to Vanessa’s worries, spoke in a decisive manner.


[He had been sleeping for nine years but protected himself more so than those alive! Why be worried about such a human being when you already know such things?]


The Fairy Queen was not saying anything inaccurate, as Ian had managed to activate protection spells despite being in a deep sleep.


“However, even if that’s the case…”


On the other hand, Vanessa’s heart as a mother was going through a storm. Even if Ian was the strongest human being in this world, he was still her son.

It was then a heavy horn rang. While it had only been a single blast, the number increased by each second, so the sound amplified everywhere.

The sound of the horns that announced the coronation ceremony would begin now changed the place’s very air. It was then Terry Greenriver, the current emperor, began to enter under the meticulously controlled space guarded by both the magicians and knights. While this was the moment his chapter in the empire’s history ended, his steps were light. His appearance was majestic, and his countenance held the dignity that suited his reign.


“Your majesty!”

“Your majesty!”

“Your majesty!”


He had been one of the greatest emperors the country had known and would be remembered forever as a wise king in the empire’s history. All people of Greenriver held respect for the man, and the spectators kneeled at once when facing their emperor.


[People who have been my pride and joy…]


The emperor walked up slowly to the platform in the center, where everyone could see him. He then spoke to the crowd using a sound amplifier. This was the last time he would speak as the emperor, and everyone felt the gravity of the situation.


[As you all know, I will take off this heavy crown today to hand it over to my son and your crown prince, Hayden Greenriver, so he may take on this glory that comes with astounding responsibility. While I would have removed my crown only with death if considering tradition, I have decided after much contemplation to do so at this moment because I felt this was the right thing to do for the empire.]


The current emperor Terry Greenriver took off the golden crown that he had worn from his own coronation and held it with care like it was the holy grail.


[Even if there are those who do not understand my will along with those who do, I can promise you one thing. The empire will move on forward, and your lives will become even more fruitful with the steps that the new emperor will take. You may trust my words. You, who have been my people, know best that I had not been a ruler who spoke lies or empty promises. Is it not so?”


What can make people of a country happier than the promise of a fruitful life where children may live in peace?

“Salute his highness!”
“Salute his highness!”
“Hooray, hooray!”


The sound that erupted after the emperor’s words were like thunder. Everyone was cheering and clapping, and the children were swept in the adults’ excitement at seeing and hearing the emperor. It was the dignified stature of an emperor who had ruled over decades honorably and wisely, and the sound was an indirect weight on the crown prince, who would be handed over the heavy crown.


[My people now turn your heads to meet your new emperor. Follow with your eyes his appearance, walk, expression, and gestures. Do not miss a moment of his walk up to here and welcome him with sincerity.]


The sight was quite something for the eyes. Following Terry Greenriver’s announcement, all of the crowds’ eyes turned in one direction to the red carpet walk where the emperor had first appeared. Now, the crown prince Hayden Greenriver walked up the same path, with Oliver Raywood, his guard, and the greatest swordsman the empire had ever known right next to him.



“You have come, my son.”


The crown prince kneeled in front of the current emperor, and Terry Greenriver took in the scene for a moment.


“It had taken a long time.”

“Indeed, sire.”


The conversation was short between the father and son but was full of meaning. How long had it taken the idiot crown prince to come this far, and the turmoil that had been his path was full of achievements and failures. Both the crown prince and the emperor had weathered many storms.


“I am very proud of you.”

“I will do my best so you will be proud of me and that you will never be disappointed in me in the future.”

“Yes, indeed.”


Terry Greenriver nodded with satisfaction, and he finally placed the golden crown on Hayden Greenriver’s head.


“Congratulations, your majesty, on your coronation.”


It was Terry Greenriver, who had become the former emperor, who congratulated Hayden before anyone else. At this moment, the world knew the crown prince had become the new emperor, and the old emperor had stepped back.




The new emperor, Hayden Greenriver, turned his back to face his people. At the moment, everyone kneeled before him in silence. Everyone, the people, the royal family, the aristocrats, the knights, and the magicians did not speak a word. All people bowed with respect at the new emperor.



Thunder rang as the emperor began to speak slowly. The sky had been clear just before, and there had not been a raincloud in sight. The astronomers and magicians had predicted that while the capital’s weather was known to be fickle, today would be the day when things would go smoothly, at least in terms of weather. However…

Rainclouds with a bit of thunder gathered around, and rain started to fall. How could the weather be like this at such a ceremony?


“Why, all of a sudden…”


Why would rain fall at the moment the crown prince received his crown on the day of his coronation? Was it divine anger? Had this ceremony made God angry? Murmurs began to spread everywhere. It was only natural, as the common people had not been used to the idea of a coronation from the first place. An emperor giving his crown when alive had also been something unprecedented for them.

The rain began to fall thicker, to the extent that the ceremony would have to be canceled if things went on like this.


“Hey, what is that?”

“Look above!”


Strange things did not end there, as a swirling hole filled with blue mana appeared in the middle of the dark sky. The whirling hole started to swallow the rainclouds, the rain, and the thunder and lightning.


“Is it magic of the Ivory Tower?”


Everyone had to think of magic, but the magicians were only gasping at the sky. They were only astonished and had not done anything regarding this phenomenon.


“What are we seeing?”


Like someone’s words from the crowd, the sky cleared again with a difference.



“It’s a person.”

“A blue robe means…”


A person appeared when the whirling blue hole had disappeared. He had bright brown hair and wore a blue robe while flying freely in the air. The people of the empire knew those characteristics.


‘The Lord of the Ivory Tower?’


Everyone thought of the same individual, and he came closer to the platform to face the new emperor, who had been standing in the rain.


“Ian Page, the lord of the Ivory Tower.”

The magician landed like a feather and kneeled on one knee. While his voice was quiet, everyone could hear him since it was filled with mana.


“I greet your majesty.”

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