8th Class Mage Side Story 2 – The Healing Magic Specialists


Over ten years, of which Ian had slept for nine, Haileyy Greenriver, the princess of the empire and a fourth-class mage, focused on another matter while taking care of Ian. She aimed to form a school of specialists in the Ivory Tower.


“The Ivory Tower Committee will approve Mage Haileyy Greenriver’s suggestion and will allow her to establish and manage ‘Recovery Mages’ who will specialize in healing in the Ivory Tower.”


It was during the ninth year of Ian Page’s absence when Ronan, who had entered the sixth-class for the second time in history after Ian, performed his responsibility as the temporary Lord.


“From this moment on, the mages in the Recovery Mage group can legally ask for help and cooperation from all healers, alchemists, and magical engineers in the empire and plan an independent academy curriculum to raise specialists. Please do your best so they may be applied from next year.”

The conditions Ronan raised were more dramatic than expected.


‘Ian will wake up one day, and I have to be one of his crowd to become close.’


Ronan’s goal had been simple, firm, and consistent from the moment he had betrayed Herbert after realizing Ian’s true values.


‘If I can only take in some of Ian’s magical understanding!’


Ronan had become a sixth-class mage from the little understanding he had received from Ian after helping him. That was why Ronan remained loyal, as he was second to none in the desire to become powerful and the effort he put into that aim.


“Haileyy Greenriver, the first mage of the Recovery Mages, will not let the Ivory Tower Committee down.”

A year had passed after that, and Ian had woken up like Ronan had expected. The world was peaceful, but the ‘Recovery Mages’ faced a fundamental and critical crisis.


“Princess… I mean Head Mage.”


Herbert had used the seventeenth floor of the Tower for personal research, but now the Recovery Mages used it as their space. Mary, the Vice Head Mage of the Recovery Mages and a third-class mage, came in with careful steps.




Haileyy welcomed her, as they had worked together healing at the Eastern Plains. They had remained close after the expedition and now built together a new school.


“Head Mage, about that applicant…”

“You don’t need to say anything.”


“Your expression says all.”

Haileyy spoke with a sad smile, as Mary’s face spoke volumes.


“I’m, I’m sorry…”
“What do you need to apologize for? We expected this and just need to work harder.”

The Recovery Mages faced the problem of insufficient personnel.


“We have students who have taken our curriculum in the academy, so let’s think that our future is brighter than our present.”

There were old first and second-class mages who had given up raising their class and students who had just begun their studies in the academy.


“That’s true, but…”

The problem was getting some high-profile applicants since the school needed their expertise, experience, and knowledge. However, the two women were the only mages over third-class in the Recovery Mages at present.


“If we remain resilient, things will fall to their place.”


The reason that current mages were negative against Recovery Mages was due to simple prejudice.


‘A mage shouldn’t…’

‘That’s for old people.’

‘It may be fun as a hobby.’

‘It’s not enough to specialize in.’


The stereotypes of a typical mage and their elite thinking as a group hindered the Recovery Mages.


“Head Mage.”



Mary hesitated for a minute and slowly began to speak.


“How about discussing this issue with Ian? Having a little help from the Lord will bring in massive results…’


Mary’s suggestion was quite helpful, as Ian returned as the Lord of the Ivory Tower and acted more vigorously than ever. If they explained the situation and received a little support, Recovery Mages would be able to develop even further.


“No, that won’t do.”


Haileyy thought things over for a while before refusing.


“Since we started this, we should solve the problem on our own. If we received outside help, we might not be recognized in this massive Ivory Tower.”

Mary nodded at Haileyy’s logical answer, and her eyes filled with determination to beat this problem.


“Then, what should we do about this?”

“We should think things over.”




The two mages looked at each other and laughed at the same time.


“We really have no plans.”

“Yes. I thoughts things would sail smoothly after getting that approval.”

While their start had been bright, the process was too difficult. Also, mere effort would not bring in a mage over third-class, and they needed to do something dramatic. It was then someone approached the Recovery Mages’ lab, as the orb began to ring.


“Head Mage…!”


A first-class mage who belonged to the Recovery Mages rushed in. He had been doing some work outside the office and now seemed about to make a report on why the orb had been activated.


“What is the matter?”



Who was making the mage so tense? Haileyy and Mary also felt some anxiety at the middle-aged mage’s attitude.


“A high-class mage…”

“A high-class mage?”

Was a high-class mage coming to the Recovery Mages’ lab?


“Well! She is one, but not in the actual sense…”


What was he talking about? Haileyy and Mary were becoming more confused.


“I mean…you know Helene, who had been released from prison recently…The mage who had been a high-class mage, but had been under the previous Lord’s black magic…”


He was talking about Helene, who had been a high-class mage in the past.



She had been released soon after the crown prince had become emperor after many talks with the emperor. She had been imprisoned for nearly ten years.


“Why is she…”

After her release, Helene lived quietly and had not taken even a step outside her home after being granted a return to the Ivory Tower.

Why was she coming to the Recovery Mages’ lab?


“She submitted an application to us…”

“She did…?”

Helene was famous even after all this time, and her fiery personality and arrogance were still discussed. A mage like that applied for the Recovery Mages?


‘What’s her plan?’


Haileyy was suspicious, as this was an unnatural move for Helene.


‘While it’s not impossible…’


Helene’s status as a mage was restored with both the emperor and the Ivory Tower’s approval, and she had the right to return as a member of the Ivory Tower. She had just chosen to live an isolated life.

It was that moment when someone knocked on the door and opened it.



Haileyy saw a woman, and the surprising thing was that she had not aged a bit. Helene had looked older than her years in the past, but she seemed to have found a fitting face for her actual age now.




Helene’s lips opened, and her voice was careful and awkward.

“Hmm! Is this where the Head Mage of the Recovery Mages is?”


Her tone was again awkward in its politeness, as she had not even been polite to the previous Lord.


“I am Haileyy Greenriver, the one in charge of the Recovery Mages. What brings you here?”


While Haileyy had tried to be as polite as possible, she could not hide her coldness. No matter how Helene had been manipulated by Herbert’s black magic, she had still tried to kill her brother.


“You know why…”

Helene was not someone to let that tone go, and her initial reply was immediate and cold. However…




She closed her lips in a smile. It was really a smile.


“I have applied for the Recovery Mages. While I had been played by that old…the previous Lord, that is also my sin. I have been looking for a way to repent for the rest of my life when I heard the rumors about Recovery Mages.”


Helene was talking like she was a completely different person.


“I had thought things over deeply for the past ten years. I had not expected to be released like this and imagined I would rot until I die. I did not think it was unjust since I committed heavy crimes. I was just sad.”

Helene began to suddenly confess, but Haileyy and Mary listened to her words.


“However, I now find myself free as a mage. The emperor, who I had tried to kill as a puppet, decided to do so.”


While she emphasized the word puppet, Helene was not wrong as the new emperor let Helene go with her magical powers intact.


“I thought that I would put my freedom into good use unlike my past, and came here to do so by magic, which is my best talent. Does that explain the reason I’m here?”


Helene finished her speech, and Haileyy could sense some of the woman’s regret, sadness, and other deep emotions within her tone.


“That’s enough.”

It truly was, and Haileyy did not ask any more questions.


“We welcome someone as talented as you with that mindset. We thank you for coming.”


Haileyy was speaking sincerely, as she had known that Helene was a victim in her own way. She now opened herself to Helene. Moreover, Helene was a fourth-class mage who would be a perfect addition to the Recovery Mages.



Mary spoke amidst the silence.


“While you would know much more than me…do you have any healing spells you use often?”

The question was unavoidable, as the Recovery Mages aimed to develop a higher healing spell and develop specialized spells.


“Healing magic?”

“Yes, healing magic.”


Helene became silent for a moment, and her lips opened after a while.


“I learned some in my academy years. Does that count?”

“Academy years?”



A fourth-class mage saying that she knew only academy-class healing magic. Haileyy suspected for a minute that Helene was lying.


“How about others?”

“Except for that…”


Helene put forth a flame on her palm, which was out of place.


“I burnt my wounds with fire to stop the bleeding. Does this count?”


Haileyy had not expected that, and she could not decide whether that was an appropriate answer. However, Haileyy and Mary sensed one thing.


‘Our future won’t be easy.’


Recovery Mages faced a more difficult future.


[For a world with no one ill.]


The frame that held the Recovery Mages’ motto seemed shining brighter today.

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