8th Class Mage Side Story 3 – Artisans’ Intentions


It had been over a decade since seven out of eight artisans stayed at Ian’s manor. Since the eighth was Fran Page, it could be said that all of the living artisans were currently residing there.


“I think we had gone too far. Look at how the world changed. We should have held back…”


Bertholdo, the pillar of the group, and the tailor, was the one grumbling.


“We probably sped things up by a century at this point.”

Siram answered while looking at the sky, as he saw an airplane flying to another land. It was the artisans’ masterpiece from the technology that had created the airship.


“To think that such an object would fly in the sky. This is…”


Many other things had changed for convenience. General gear level for empire troops and knights increased by many levels, and the level of artifacts and magical items given to mages had noticeably risen. The castle walls and buildings had become stronger, and other convenient magical items had increased the people’s level of living.


“The world is something now.”


The entire world, starting from the Greenriver empire, was meeting a period of cultural change.


“We had agreed to hold back things at first. How did it come to this?”


At first, they had decided to give out their talent and skills while waiting for Ian and having entered human society bit by bit.


“It’s our competitive streak.”


When one artisan revealed something new, others would give out something just as sensational or even grander.


“Let’s keep still from now on.”


Zerbio had made the suggestion.


“Now on? It’s time to go. Ian’s back.”


Halia replied sharply, and she was not wrong. It had been a year since Ian Page, the one who would allow them to die had returned.


“If we ask him, our lives will end at any time we want.”


They had wanted to end their immortal state, but the seven artisans were the ones hesitating when the chance came.

Everyone remained silent for a moment since they all knew.


“It’s true.”

“Time to go.”

“We wanted this.”

They had enjoyed their final years, and each of them had left a new masterpiece. It was really the time to stop.



One problem remained, and it concerned Cleven.


“Shouldn’t we heal his illness?”


Cleven was trapped in his childhood personality even to this day and could not accept his death like others.


“Yes. Cleven should die after getting his memories back, as forcing him to go with us is like murder at this state.”


Halia was right, and they could not just leave Cleven back since all of the artisans were old friends and caregivers for Cleven.


“Halia is right. Since we requested research to the Recovery Mages, let’s wait a bit.”


Bertholdo organized the situation, but he could not let go of a question that all other artisans also shared.


‘We may be the one reluctant to go…’


Was Cleven’s mental state the real reason why they hesitated from eternal rest when it was right in front of them?


‘Something new may have been born in us after coming out to the world and having human culture in our hands.’


While no one spoke, everyone was thinking the same thing.


‘We are against the natural flow of this world and have to disappear.. but Cleven is the problem. We should go together.’


While each artisan was different, their flow of consciousness that justified the situation was eerily the same. They all stared at Cleven at the same time, who was sculpting a cute cat statue.




Cleven turned his head at the gaze. He was still cute, as he was only tilting his head with sparkling eyes.




Cleven wondered why everyone was staring at him and spoke carefully.


“Is something on my face?”


It seemed they needed more time to help Cleven heal.



Side Story – Their Wishes


The dragons gained freedom after coming out of the violet space where they had sealed Fran Page.

Since they had been trapped for a long time, they decided to spend some time doing what they wanted for about a century.


[I wish to rest.]


While most of the others went to look around the world, Reseesee Radenju, their leader, wanted something different. She wanted to sleep for a few years.


[Master and leader of all! Evantus, of your bloodline, has a request to ask. Will you hear it?]


Reseesee Radenju had placed herself in the dragon lair where the fairies had been, and Evantus now approached her. He had a clear and urgent request to ask.


[Speak. Since I had been freed from a long burden, I feel quite well. I will try my best to grant your request.]


Her words were like a ray of light to Evantus.


[While I had not been able to introduce them, I have a son and a daughter.]



Two dragonians revealed themselves from behind at Evatus’ signal.


[We greet the Master!]


They seemed to be in fear as they met a true dragon for the first time.


[I wondered why strange children were lurking about, but they were yours.]


Reseesee Radenju had known about their presence but ignored them since they would not be able to harm her.


[Master, as you know, they need to be granted your approval on their lifespan, which only you can perform.]


The right to be able to live out their lifespan was desperately necessary for half-dragons, and Evantus’ children had not been granted that right yet.


[They had performed much for Ian Page, your strongest ally. Please, be benevolent and…]

[You need not say more, Evantus.]


Reseesee Radenju stopped Evantus’ pleas.


[Your offspring is mine. Who would want their offspring to die early?]



Evantus’ face brightened at her favorable answer, and he had never shown a happier face in his life.


[Thank you! Thank you! I will repay this with all my life!]


Evantus was basking in his happiness when another being was asking for Reseesee Radenju’s help.




It was the Fairy Queen speaking in a higher tone than usual.


[I also have a request! Please hear me out!]


Her voice was different, as it was desperate.


[You have been of great help. I will, of course, listen. Speak.]

[I know this to be a difficult request, but I dare to do so. Please revive Spartoi, who had been your shield!]


Her request was to revive Spartoi, as she hoped that the actual Reseesee Radenju knew a way.


[Revive him?]


However, Reseesee Radenju’s response was that of surprise, like she had not known about Spartoi’s dissipation.


[Speak more specifically.]


The Fairy Queen spoke in detail about meeting Spartoi and the invasion that happened in Greenriverdium.




Reseesee Radenju thought things over for a short time.


[One thing is that Spartoi’s soul still remains with us. I can feel him.]



The Fairy Queen’s eyes widened at Reseesee Radenju’s words.


[He must have been sunk in Fran Page’s magic, and that was the reason for his disappearance.]


Reseesee Radenju’s guess was true.


[However, I feel the purity of his spirit, as Fran Page’s death seems to have removed the magic that had trapped Spartoi.]


The Fairy Queen asked a question.


[Do you mean that Spartoi is not gone?]


[Then, why doesn’t he appear? If he is alive, he has to visit you and us…]

[He would be embarrassed.]


[He was built on his pride of being our shield and is loyal enough to jump into hell at our command. However, he had attacked our allies instead of doing his duties. Wouldn’t his pride have been wounded?]


Spartoi would have regained his senses, but his guilt had kept him from showing himself.




It was true that Spartoi had been controlled by Fran Page, invaded a human city, and had attacked his old ally, the Fairy Queen.


[He’s strict, so that may be true.]


Spartoi must have felt immense guilt and remorse all at once.


[What should I do? He won’t appear for centuries at this rate.]

[You have to bring him yourself.]


Reseesee Radenju’s answer was simple in words.


[I can command him through our mental connection, but I do not want to force him since his pride is injured. Do you understand me?]


Dragons had to cut their relations with their underlings to maintain the seal on Fran Page since they had no time and worried that more damage would spread.


[However, where do I find him? He will be sitting in a corner. You know his personality.]

[That’s why I’m asking you to find him yourself. Console him.]


From that day on, the Fairy Queen and the fairies, and the dragonians all searched the land to find Spartoi’s spirit.




After six years, the Fairy Queen and Evantus managed to find him at an unexpected corner of the land.


[You bone creature!]

[How did you…]


Spartoi retained his form in a deep cave, and it was a sight to see him huddled like a child.


[Do you really want to die? Should I do it for you? Why did I have to go through all this trouble? Answer if you can speak!]


The pink-haired queen shouted at Spartoi and even began to gather, lightening in anger.


[I had been relieved to think you dead! I would not have to listen to your slow voice and walk slowly for you! But you were alive and had been like this alone?! You…!]


She was pouring out words, but her tone began to tremble, and tears began to fall from her eyes.



[Shut up! You didn’t do anything right!]


The Fairy Queen’s words and acts were inconsistent, as she was quite a teary creature.


[I will throw lightning on your head!]



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