8th Class Mage Side Story 5 – A New Crown Prince


Harpoon fishing was a method of throwing sharp harpoons instead of using nets or fishing rods. While it was used to catch food to survive, it could be a rough hobby for some.

There was someone at the lake in the Greenriver Palace who had such a hobby, and he was Terry Greenriver, who boasted a muscular body at his age.


“You eels!”


A big fish came out stuck on the harpoon, and while it was his forty-sixth attempt, Terry was happy as a child who had received a present.


“Ahhaha! One’s reward is sweet after hard work! Look at the size!”


Terry took the fish out of the harpoon and boasted the size to the 1st Royal Guards, his servants, and the second, third, and fourth princes who had thrown away their greed for power.


“Right, let’s roast this one whole. It’s a delicious treat every once in a while.”


While most types of fishing allowed for letting the fish go, harpoon fishing could not as the fish was already dead when it came out.


‘Please be satisfied with one…’


Everyone else looking at the previous emperor was thinking the same thing, as harpoon fishing decreased the number of fish in the lake, and they were the ones who had to supply new fish.


“Oh, I would need to catch at least twenty to feed all of you. Things will be busy!”


However, their wish was crushed, as Terry spoke of a minimum of twenty. They needed to replenish the lake with fish big enough for a harpoon to hit, and it was difficult to find such a size.


‘He did not act like this when he was the emperor…’


Terry Greenriver had been busy then, but now, he seemed to grow younger with his newfound free time.


‘People are astonished.’


While Terry knew that the process of finding new fish for the lake was irksome, he did not feel sorry as he was treating them lavishly.

Therefore, Terry was planning to do what he wanted to do and observe a new world led by his son until he died.


“Umm! I would need to catch at least forty when there are so many men…”


Terry was joking, and it was right at that moment a maid came to the lake, calling to him at the top of her voice. She seemed to have come from the empress’ palace and ran all the way here.




If a maid had come from the empress’ palace in that much of a hurry, Terry could think of only one thing at this time.


“Your highness! I apologize, but her majesty…”
“I know what you want to say. Let me dress and follow.”

Fishing was over, as something better waited for him if only Margaret Greenriver, his daughter-in-law, was safe.




Margaret Greenriver, Mogrian’s daughter and the empress of the empire, had been in the delivery room for many hours.

The sound of a person clicking his fingers together could be heard regularly outside the door, and Hayden Greenriver was the one making the noise. He had gone through the most dramatic changes in the empire’s history, and while his life had been full of tension, he was nervous more than ever at this moment. He was feeling a fundamentally different emotion from when his life or power had been at stake.




Hayden would flinch at the smallest noise, and others, such as Paul, who was in charge of guarding the prince while Oliver was on vacation, and Hayden’s servants suffered for it.


“I wait for your order.”

“If it’s a son, what should I do?”

“I…do not know. I apologize.”

“Then… what should I do when a princess is born?”

“I don’t…”


A royal knight cannot have a family, so what would Paul know? Hayden had forgotten that simple fact due to his anxiety, and finally, the emperor nodded in understanding.


“So, sorry.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Paul, if you want a family, speak. I will take care of that taboo…”


Hayden stopped himself from talking, as he was making empty promises in his nervousness.


“I’m not thinking straight. I apologize.”

“Your majesty, while it’s natural that you’re nervous, keep calm, especially at a time like this. You will meet a new member of the royal family for the first time, and first impressions are lasting between people.”

It was true, and Hayden did not need to be nervous about meeting his offspring, as he was meeting a young friend who would be with him for a long time.

Hayden took deep breaths, and things seemed to calm down. It was then Terry Greenriver approached Hayden in a rush.




At the news of his first grandchild, Terry had become an ordinary grandfather since the wait had been long.


“I have arrived at the news. How is her majesty doing?”


The father and son treated each other with dignity and respect even at this time.


“While I have not heard any news, we may hear something as it has been long.”

Terry breathed a deep sigh at Hayden’s explanation of not being late. He had thought that he would not see a grandchild in his life, as no family would offer a bride to Hayden when he was young, and Hayden had refused to marry after he came to his senses. Terry had been worried about the heir, and the news of a grandchild had come at that moment.

While it was a bit late, it was enough that things had begun. The emperor and empress were still young and every bit in love.

It was then the door opened and the old nanny who had been in charge when Hayden was born came out.


“Your highnesses.”


Since she had spent decades as a nanny, she was composed at seeing Terry and Hayden Greenriver.


“What happened?”

“Is she all right?”


The two men seemed at a loss what to do.


“First, her highness is healthy while in need of the utmost peace.”


It was a relief since childbirth was a dangerous process. Hayden sent a prayer in thanks at the word healthy.


“Then…what about the baby?”


After confirming the mother’s safety, the most important thing was the baby’s condition.


“The baby…”


The nanny intentionally let her words hang, and Terry had stepped forward to rush her on.


“You had been like this when my sons were born. Doesn’t this get old?”

“Your highness, this is my only joy, so please bear with me. If you find this annoying, please behead this neck.”



Terry had never lost in his life, but this nanny was a different matter from Hayden to his grandchild.

Regardless of Terry’s expression, the old nanny turned her gaze to Hayden.


“Your majesty, congratulations. In year 521, a healthy prince has been born under the red scorpion.”

“He’s a son…?”

Both men repeated her words and fell in silence while their bodies shook in joy.


“Then come in.”


The nanny moved aside for them to enter the delivery room.



Hayden walked in first, and he saw Margaret’s pale face smiling down at the baby she was holding in silk.


“Your majesty.”

Margaret called Hayden in a rough voice, and without soundproof magic, her screams would have rocked the palace.


“Come here.”


However, her voice was filled with joy and happiness.


“This baby is…”


Hayden approached the baby with tension and held him in his arms. The baby was sleeping soundly, like he was also tired.


“My son…?”


It did not seem real, but Hayden could feel the baby’s heartbeat and breathing. The baby’s mouth, eyes, and nose were adorable. The emperor slowly smiled brightly.




Hayden spoke to Terry while holding the baby.


“You should name your grandson.”

“Name? Me? I mean, you will allow me to do so, your majesty?”

Terry was happy but also cautious since it meant Hayden would lose the chance to name his first child.


“You will really let me do so?”

“He will lead the empire, and I wish for the wisest emperor in history to name him.”

Terry thought things over at his son’s words, as there was a name he had in mind.


“All right, if you wish, I will do so.”

Terry was silent for a while, contemplating the name, and slowly spoke after coming to a decision.


“I will recommend this name…”


Both Hayden and Margaret’s ears pricked up, and every servant and knight nearby were the same.


“How about Frantz?”


Frantz Greenriver. It was the name that everyone in the Greenriver Empire will be whispering about as the news spread.


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