­ Fairy Queen (1) 

Already a day had passed since Ian stopped his ‘Puppet Play’. After having enough rest, eating, and using mana breathe, his body mostly recovered from its damage. Now it was time to leave.

“Thanks to all of you.”

At the front gate of Pieric Castle, Ian said to everyone. At the door, the great landlord Pieric, his best warriors, and Conducted Mage, Mary, came to say their farewells.

“What about staying for one more night? I know you are a busy person, but it’s our way to hold a party for our savior.”

Kalian murmured as he feels sad. He wanted to do something to thank Ian for saving his and his people’s lives.

“It is already good enough protecting me for days. And also, I just did my duty of Archmage, nothing more than that. If any other Archmage came, they would do the same thing for you.”

“But didn’t you ask me to protect you for repaying the grace you gave us?”

“Haha. I was in a hurry at that moment.”

Kalian made a small joke after Ian’s humble words.

And he started his main topic.

“Well, I can’t stop you. Then, before you leave, let’s do that.”

“What do you want?”

“You know, I heard that you became an eternal guest with Mogrian’s house. Five years ago maybe? It was at the time when you were famous for your demerits in the Empire. I heard a rumor about it around that time.”

“Yes I did.”

“And I suggest that you become our Eternal Guest as well.”

Eternal Guest.

What Kalian wanted was clear.

He had thought about it since a few days ago.

He wanted to make an oath as soon as possible.

“It is not something that can be done so easil……”

“What do you mean? We’ll just treat you as our precious guest. According to your reaction, I guess that that old fashioned man of Mogrian made an oath with many strict formal words and proof.”

It was true.

The Mogrian landlord did it like that.

They must know each other.

“Do you know the Mogrian landlord well?”

“More than just know. He was the best friend of my deceased eldest brother. Thanks to that, we know each other. He is a strict type of man that doesn’t suit with me though…..”

Then Kalian recalled the past when he had played with his brother and the Mogrian landlord for a short moment. He made a slight smile.

“And if you are okay with it, we want you to be our Eternal Guest. It’s not just our favor for our savior. We have clear purpose for this oath. Although mages have great power, I don’t think all of them are as great as you, are they?

Although he was always the type of man who would strike the enemy with his vanguards at the very front line recklessly, he was the landlord of the province. He heard and knew many things. He knew that Ian was a very rare and talented mage, and that there were few or no mages who could be a match to his power.

“It is solely my decision, but I think no one would regret this anyway, neither you, nor our people, nor the Mogrian landlord as well. He knew about it and did this five years earlier than me, what a sneaky and smart old man.”

The province had barely any chance to make such relationships compared to the Royal Palace. It was worthy enough for them to make any type of relationship with a mage, much less a great mage like Ian.

“Ah, but do not misunderstand though. We don’t always treat Archmages as Eternal Guests. Around 7 years ago, there was another Archmage who helped us before you did. She wore bloody red robes. She was such a bitch.”

(TN1F: feelsbadman) (Spaceship: I like the honesty)

She must be Helene.

It was long before she went missing in action, and before being defeated by Ian.

“Although she had great power, we don’t always treat them as Eternal Guests. We suggest this oath, because you are worthy of it.”

Of course, there was no reason for Ian to refuse it. Although he suggested it lightly, it was a heavy promise that imperial nobles must keep. This relationship would greatly help Ian one day.

‘If I can receive the assistance of both the northern and eastern territories for a future plan.’

It would be more than just help, but a great power.

Ian ended his considering.

While nodding his head, Ian replied.

“I don’t know. We can simply just do this oath which is called The Oath of a Thousand Years, but I won’t refuse if you truly want it.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

(TN1F: Ah you know a casual oath which will last generations and thousands of years… You know that casual one… We can try it if you realllllyy want..)


After Ian’s confirmation, Kalian drew his sword.

It was a sword that he had prepared for this moment.

It seemed he was sure that Ian wouldn’t refuse his suggestion.

“Since it is the heavy Oath of a Thousand Years, we should pretend to follow its formal process, shouldn’t we? Please be patient for a while. I will finish it quickly.”

(TN1F: Kalian has some common sense)

The great landlord Kalian made the formal position for oath, while he poked the ground with his sword. Other knights who were watching him followed their landlord’s position. He blamed Mogrian’s landlord for being so serious with his oath, but now it seemed his oath process was very serious as well.

“The Pieric House will always welcome the visit of the Archmage, Ian Page, and we will gladly stand at his side whenever he requests the help of the eastern powers. In the name of the Eastern Stream of the Emerald river, this oath will be secured from generation to generation, for endless generations.”

(TN1F: First he has an item harem, now he has another type of harem. He got the southern site and eastern. Now all thats left is western and northern powers and he shall be complete…)

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It was quite similar to the oath that the Mogrian landlord did before. Kalian Pieric finished that heavy claim quickly, like a rap.

“Ergh! It makes me feel weird. I don’t like these oath things, I wish I could just say ‘let’s do it!’.”

As if embarrassed, he sheathed his sword with haste. Who would imagine this great warrior who fought against monsters so bravely would become embarrassed by an oath.

“Hope we can see each other again someday.”

“Next time, please tell us before visiting. We will show you a real party of the eastern territory. I’m sure you will enjoy it.”

With a smile, Ian and Kalian said bye to each other.

After a brief goodbye with each knight who came out to send Ian off, Ian finally said goodbye to the Conducted Mage, Mary.

“See you in 4 years.”

“Y, yes?”

“At the Ivory Tower, after you finish your mission.”

“Ah, yes! I will!”

She was supposed to be a dead person already in his former life. Her existence made Ian impressed. These tiny changes would cause different results compared to his former life.

‘I don’t know whether these changes will bring an advantage or disadvantage.’

Which direction will this life go?

Ian didn’t come to a conclusion, he just stepped forward.


Ian successfully finished his first Archmage duty. Now he headed to the Royal Palace.

He was aiming to arrive there earlier than the embassy.

‘I may have some spare time.’

The embassy was a large group of men. Moving as a group would take them several times longer than one person to cross the border from Demidera to Greenriver.

‘This is perfect chance to prepare something.’

During previous years, due to being afraid of leaving his family behind and having individual lessons from the Ivory Tower, he had no chance to move outside the Royal Palace. It was a rare chance that was given to him.

‘I won’t have enough time later.’

Ian revealed his political intention officially. It meant he would suffer political conflict very soon.

‘It won’t be easy to protect my family closely.’

For the past several years, he could protect them nearby.

Protecting them by himself was the most reliable and safe way.

‘I need some kind of ally.’

Ian needed an ally.

‘A strong but loyal ally.’

He sought an ally who had great power, but who was also loyal to him.

The reason was simple.

‘My family will shackle my area of movement.’

If he had not reached the 6th class and was unable to use Puppet Play, he would have been manipulated by the Tower Lord’s plan. Although he knew it was a trick, he couldn’t help himself.

‘I need to remove my fear of my family’s safety.’

Ian had to agree.

A precious value called family that he never had in his former life.

He desperately didn’t want to lose this, and it was hard for him to leave them alone.

He confirmed this through the years.

‘If I can’t help myself,’

He only had one answer.

He had to find a very strong ally and let them protect his family. Like Oliver who always protects the Crown Prince, Ian needed such an ally.

‘Then I might able to move more freely.’

If he had an ally who could be trusted with his family’s safety, he would be freed from his obsession on his family.

Then, his actions and thoughts could be extended.

‘But the only problem is where I can find such an ally.’

A strong warrior like Oliver was very rare. Normal knights or guards weren’t strong enough. In addition, although there were many mages who were familiar to Ian, they couldn’t be hired as personal guards.

‘An ally who is strong but can always protect my family nearby.’

It gave Ian a headache.

It wasn’t that simple of a condition.

‘Wait, it doesn’t have to be Human, right?’

That’s right.

The bodyguard didn’t have to be ‘Human.’

Strong, and would be loyal with some conditions, and a familiar appearance that wouldn’t cause many problems among human society.

‘A Fairy.’

After deep thoughts, Ian could remember one ‘creature’.

Ian had a chance to meet them in his former life, while he was researching Dragon Chants.

‘Indeed, a Fairy can be used.’

They were suitable for the conditions that Ian wanted.

Of course, only if he managed to persuade them.

They couldn’t be easily underestimated.

‘I need some preparation.’

Although time was ticking, it wasn’t impossible.

After deciding, Ian flew into sky again.

Researching Dragon Chants.

It was a great project that Ian spent as much time researching as magic in his former life. Although he only understood a portion of Golden Dragon words, normal people would need more than a hundred years to understand its foundation.

‘For normal humans, this included the language systems of other species.’

Especially those such as Orc shamans, Gnomes the relative of Fairies who lived under the ground, and Fairies in forests, and any creature which could use the power similar to that of ‘magic’, they were targets of Ian’s language research. To do that, it was necessary to meet them face to face, and it was the ‘Fairies’ who gave him the most interesting experience.

‘No. Maybe, a bad memory.’

Ian looked down after he smiled briefly. After a few preparations, he had moved straight down to a nest of ‘Fairies’. With the bag that Ian kept hidden.

‘It’s lucky they live near my location.’

Unexpectedly, the nest of Fairies wasn’t far away from human civilization. They were hiding on the top of the mountains where woodchoppers, hunters and herb collectors have traveled for a few centuries.

‘The problem is dispelling their illusion and protective spells.’

According to Ian’s research, it was the Fairies that could use magic the most fluently. They were good at many spells, especially illusion and protective spells that they installed near their nests.

‘No problem for now, though.’

Was it because he was just stronger than Fairies in magical power? No. When Ian visited here the first time, he was a 7th class master. Even at that time it wasn’t easy for him to break their magic, so it wasn’t magical superiority that had Ian full of confidence in.


Ian landed at the top of the mountains, the border of the Fairy’s protective shield.

In front of Ian, there were only normal forests and mountains that could be seen.

It was an effect of the fairy’s protective shield and illusion.

‘I struggled so hard to destroy this in my former life.’

He was full of pride in the title of the strongest mage in the world, yet he couldn’t think of any way other than destroying it. He tried to make contact with them, but they didn’t answer him.

‘I didn’t know it would be this simple.’

Soon, Ian opened the bag he brought.

‘Just little bit for now.’

From the bag, he pulled out a few of the flawless jewels. These protective spell enchanted jewels were the jewels that Ian left at the ruin of the old Ivory Tower five years ago. For past few days, Ian had carried them.

‘They are crazy about jewels.’

Fairies loved jewels, especially the ‘Fairy Queen’.

It wasn’t the financial value of jewels that made them crazy.

They use jewels in their own special way.

And Ian knew their exact characteristics.

“Dispel the protective shield and come out if you want to have it.”

Ian shouted after he laid down the jewels on the ground.

He also threw a few jewels into the protective shield.

Since it was enchanted with a protective spell, the jewels didn’t break.

“I will just leave if you don’t need it, okay?”

(W, wait…..!)

While Ian was picking up the jewels and putting them into his bag, the sharp voice of a lady was heard.

Not with his ears, but with the mind.

(H, hold on a second, Human!)

The density of mana in the atmosphere decreased.

It was proof that the protective shield and illusion were being dispelled.

As Ian expected.

‘Stupid and naive boys. Oh, maybe girls?’

They had the appearance of beautiful ladies.

A very tiny lady, though.

“I’m busy.”

(Ergh! You short lived mortals!)

After a complaint from the Fairies, the protective shield was lost suddenly.

Now, Ian was able to see a hidden view that he couldn’t see just few seconds ago.

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