­ Fairy Queen (2)

The area was full of giant trees and flowers.

Thousands of their nests were decorated with jewels.

That was the scenery within the protective shield and illusion field.

It was like a paradise of nature.

(Human, how did you find us?)

Innumerable adult Fairies gathered at the place where the protective shield was. They were still no bigger than a person’s palm, but every adult fairy had the same level as that of 3rd class mages.


Fairies had no specific language since they communicated through the mind. To Ian, they sounded like royalty. But to them, Ian’s words sounded like a language they could understand. But still, they had their own letters.

“By the way, I came here to meet the Fairy Queen.”

(Our Queen?)

According to Ian’s research in his former life, it was better to communicate with the Fairies in a simple and straightforward manner. If you tried to show respect and speak formally to them, it would instead confuse their communication.

“I want to trade something for these jewels.”


For a short moment, the Fairies’ eyes glanced over with astonishment. It was a natural response. They could be spiritually satisfied by simply watching and touching pretty jewels.

‘This is the only excitement that they can seek’

Although Fairies had a lady-like body shape with clean and white wings, which looked like an angel, the reason why they loved jewels wasn’t that innocent.

‘It’s like sexual arousal to them.’

(TN1F: WOAH. Thats breaking all stereotypes of fairies that I know of… jeezus…)

Every fairy had the body of a lady, and they do not have sex to reproduce. To them, jewels were the only method that could satisfy their spirit and reduce their stress. The more flawless a jewel was, the more excited they’d become.

(What kind of trade for the jewels…..?)

“I have more than 10 times the amount of jewels that I brought. Depending on the result, I may give most of it to you.”

Jewels that Ian had brought from the ruins of the old Ivory Tower were of course, incredibly precious in the human world. They were more flawless than jewels crafted by a famous master. However, in the perspective of a Fairy, it was much more than that. Their rank was the same or higher than the ‘Jewel of the Queen’, which only could be possessed by the ‘Fairy Queen’. And this strange human was saying that he had 10 times more than this.

(What do you want?)

“I want to talk directly with the Fairy Queen.”

Ian still didn’t bend his will.

(So I am asking you. I am the Queen of Fairies.)

The fairy who kept talking with Ian had now introduced herself as the ‘Fairy Queen’. She introduced herself quite proudly as if she was a revealing great secret, but honestly, Ian had known her identity ages ago. He just played around with them.

‘Who could miss it?’

He recognized her straight away not only because he had seen her in his former life, but also because she had unique pink wings instead of white wings. He couldn’t miss her.

“It’s my honor to meet the Queen of Fairies.”

(Yes. I will ask first. Are you truly a Human?)

“Yes, I am. I am a Human indeed.”

(Intriguing, you have much more mana than other humans.)

The Fairy Queen’s amazement was natural.

Ian was as strong as her.

‘She was freaked out in my former life as well.’

In his former life, Ian firstly met the Fairy Queen after he achieved 7th class master. At that time, she had reacted much more dramatically. She nearly confused him with some other entity she had known.

-Master Reseese Laden Zu? N, no way. he can’t be…..

She clearly said that at that time. With hopes that it could be the name of a Dragon, Ian asked her many things, but she hadn’t answered about the name at all.

(You are not a normal Human, I can see that. Nor can I sense any evil aura from you. Good. I won’t ask you how you know about us or how you found this place. However, speak. What do you want for those jewels?)

The Fairy Queen asked Ian sharply.

She fluttered her baby-pink colored wings.

She looked like a beautiful butterfly.

(If you don’t reply honestly, you will die.)

It wasn’t an empty threat. If the Fairies focused their attacks on Ian, it would threaten Ian’s life. Although he was confident in running away, the Fairy Queen was sure that she could kill him.

“As I said, I want to trade something with you, Queen of Fairies. What I can offer is the finest jewels, much more than the jewels in this bag.”

With Ian’s offer, the Queen of Fairies drooled over it, as well as the other Fairies nearby. The jewels that Ian had brought had such power.

(TN1F: If you think about it in human terms its like Ian just brought over a bag of the finest males/females to trade…lol..just a thought…)

(You must want to receive something as a trade.)


Ian wanted two things.

“Firstly, do you have any special way to move a massive amount of jewels in a single time? I couldn’t bring everything, so I brought just a small portion of them. But to finish this trade successfully, I guess we need some other methods to move it.”

The special method that Ian expected was the ‘Interdimensional Inventory’. Ian already knew that Fairies had a few ‘Interdimensional Inventories’. However, he would look suspicious if he asked for it directly.

(TN1F: Its been confirmed… The True MCs are the Fairies…)

(For that one, you do not need to worry about. Even mountains of jewels wouldn’t be a trouble. Speak on.)

“All I want is two things. The first one is a method of transportation. If that is something that can be handed over to me, I want the method.”

(Nothing hard. What’s next?)

“An egg of a Fairy.”

(What? Did I just mishear…..)

“You heard it right. An egg of a Fairy.”

The Fairy Queen accepted the first offer easily. However, for the second offer, she did not. Same as the other Fairies. They suddenly looked at Ian differently. Murderous auras were released from their small bodies.

(You dare to ask for it. Foul Human.)

It was a natural response. The Fairy species suffered the most when laying eggs. Even normal animals would desperately protect their babies and eggs, and so do Fairies.

“I know how these jewels affect your tribes. If you ask me how I know that, I would say I read it from the ancient records. So I suggest to you. Ten times more than the jewels in this bag. It would be enough to give one jewel to each Fairy.”

Giving a jewel with a grade of the finest level to each Fairy, which was something only the Queen could have, meant a lot to them.

“Please consider it carefully. Every Fairy would be spiritually satisfied more than ever in your history. The pain of laying eggs would be reduced greatly. Naturally, it would increase the length of life, power of each Fairy, and the number of your tribes, will it not?”

Ian was right.

The Fairy Queen had thought the same.

It would bring a historical golden age for them.

(You dangerously know too much of our tribes. What ancient records taught you this?)

“I am the Archmage of the Greenriver Empire. They have many records that are more than hundreds of years old, and I have the authority to read it.”


The Fairy Queen seemed to have become a bit more calm. While flying around Ian, she looked at him carefully. The fresh scent of spring surrounded Ian.

(Well, let’s hear it. Why do you need an egg of our tribe? If you dare to try to experiment with……)

“I will hatch it and raise it.”

(Raise it?)

A Human dares to raise a Fairy? To the Fairies, it was out of their common sense. However, the Fairy Queen didn’t reply to it. She just let Ian keep talking.

“I need a strong ally who can protect my family. Humans are difficult to trust. To make a loyal, trustworthy ally, it’s better to raise them early, but as you know humans grow slowly. There is also no guarantee that they will be strong after growing up.”

(You are talking as if you are not a Human.)

“As you know, I am a special one.”

(And you are full of yourself.)

The Fairy Queen smiled.

Her smile was as fresh as her scent.

“However, Fairies are different. They are a superior species, and smart. They are also born with magical talent.”

(So, you are going to take it and try to be its parent?)

“I will teach it magic myself. Of course, I will treat it very well. I am quite a wealthy man among human society.”

The Fairy Queen had to admit Ian’s superior magical talent. Honestly, she was confused when she saw him for the first time. If he had been a little bit stronger, she would’ve mistaken him for a ‘different creature’ instead of a Human.

“Humans live no longer than several decades. After I die, the Fairy would be free to go back to its nest. I promise that I will keep my word before I die. I will cultivate a great warrior for your tribe.”

Ian nailed this point.

Fairies lived many more years that humans couldn’t even imagine.

Its duration could just be called an ‘overseas study’ for them.

(I understand what you are saying.)

After consideration, the Fairy Queen swayed her wing. Whenever she swung her wing, the falling ‘Fairy Dust’ shined like a diamond.

(Although I can’t give you a straight answer right away, I can think about it while I’m checking if you truly have enough jewels for our trade.)

She explained indirectly, but the point was simple.

She wanted to see the jewels with her bare eyes.

“It’s a bit away from here.”

(How long?)

“It won’t take that many days for me.”

(Nor for I.)

Fairies were great flyers, especially the flight of the Fairy Queen which could be as fast as Ian’s best flight speed.

(I better check it myself.)

It was quite an unexpected suggestion.

She considered it that much.

She was responsible for her tribe.

(Do you mind?)

“Not at all.”


The Fairy Queen decided quickly.

The Fairies started to make noise. It was a long time since the Fairies went outside. Even they couldn’t remember their last journey clearly.

(My queen, but the last time an outsider….)

(Don’t worry. It won’t happen again.)

(How can you trust that Human’s promise?)

(He overcomes the level of a Human indeed, but he isn’t strong enough to hide his evil aura from me. It’s different from the last one, trust me.)

After a few debates, or more precisely, after the Fairy Queen calmed down each of the Fairy’s worries, she flew back to Ian.

(Lead the way. I will follow.)

Ian thought that she wanted to confirm, but not to extent of following him.

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad of a start.

‘I still have some time.’

Ian had to obtain an egg before the Tower Lord and Ragnar arrived at the Royal Palace. After a brief calculation, he still had some time.

“Let’s go then.”

With Ian’s fluent flight skill, the Fairies seemed shocked. Only the Fairy Queen followed him quickly with an uninterested face, while making some tricky flight movements to show off her superior flight skill.

(TN1F: Jeezus.. tsundere Fairy Queen??)

Including Ian’s former life, it was the third time he visited the basement of the ruin of the Ivory Tower. This time, however, he had a companion. The mighty Fairy Queen, who was equal to around a 6th class mage.

(It is an uncomfortable place indeed.)

She had repeated the words ‘uncomfortable place’ more than ten times already. Since she had left her nest, she kept saying that. It seemed she hated the Human world very much.

“You will feel better, soon.”

(Humph, are you sure there are jewels in this place?)

“Generally, precious treasures in the Human world are normally hidden in worse places than this. It’s quite a nice place compared to them.”

Ian replied philosophically, but the Fairy Queen didn’t understand his meaning. Actually, she didn’t even care about it.

“This way.”

Ian and the Fairy Queen had arrived at the bottommost floor where the Dragon chants were located 5 years ago.

“Here. If you look under this table,”

Ian opened the big drawer widely.

It was quite heavy, so he received some assistance from mana.


With a noise, the first drawer was opened.

A total of three drawers were filled with jewels.

*Scree! Screeeee!*

Ian had opened the other drawers as well.

It was literally a party of flawless jewels.

There would be no Fairy who could stand still.

“How about this? Now how do you feel?”

(H, Human.)


(It is not the problem!)

Unexpectedly, she didn’t look at the drawers where jewels were. Instead, she looked up at the top of the table, where the book of Dragon chants were supposed to be. She asked with an urgent voice.

(W, what was here before?)


(I am asking you what was here before!)

Suddenly, Ian narrowed his eyes.

Did she feel the aura of the Book of Dragon Chants?

“There was a book.”

(A book?)

“It was full of letters that I hadn’t seen before. I am keeping it safe. I don’t have it right now, though.”

Ian replied innocently. He spoke a part of the truth, but he didn’t say he knew its identity. He was trying interrogating her.

“Do you anything about the book? I researched, but I couldn’t understand single letter of it.”

(Of course! How dare a Human try to understand master’s wor……..!)

The Fairy Queen quickly blocked her mouth.

Now, Ian could be sure about it.

There was a relationship between her and the creature, a creature of legend, but a creature which had proven that it really once existed by the success of Ian’s time rewinding.

‘Dragon and Fairy, huh?’

The fairy tribe must have some relationship with a Dragon, or they used to. Maybe this could help further Ian’s research on Dragon chants.

(Anyway, give up on reading the book. You won’t even be able to read a single letter of it.)

“But maybe I can read at least one, can’t I?”

(You are talking foolish. There are only a limited number of existences who are allowed to read the words. As you were born a mere Human, there is no way you can read it.)

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