Unexpected Benefit 1


(Don’t be foolish. Only those born with the ability to read the words can do so. You were born a lowly human. You could live a thousand lives and never be able to read its contents.)

The Fairy Queen stated this as a fact. Her voice was full of conviction. However, what she said was not quite true.

‘I read it before and travelled back in time.’

There was someone, born as a human, that was capable of reading it. And that’s not all. This man has known this language for years. Not a year, not ten years, but thirty years.

‘Not like I need to tell her that.’

Ian evaluated the cost of the gems and pointed to them.

“I can tell you more about the book later, but I’d like to look at it more myself before that. These are the gems I mentioned earlier. I will give you 70% of them. I think that’s more than a fair trade.”

Will 70% of these jewels be enough to satisfy her? With that amount, every fairy would be able to have one or two gems to themselves. Several generations of fairies would be able to enjoy these gems.


The Fairy Queen’s eyes became fixated on the large pile of precious gems. Even though she is the Queen, she’s still a fairy. She can’t suppress her own desires for these gems.

(Th-This will do. I think that amount should be fine.)

The Fairy Queen quickly tried to hide her reddened face. She twisted around in the air. She let out a small amount of mana as she did this.

“That would work as well.”

(You know about this too?)

The Queen was no longer a small fairy Ian could hold in his hand. She had transformed into a woman that was the size of an average human. Her pinkish wings had also disappeared.

(Use this.)

The Fairy Queen that had become a woman, threw a sack at Ian. It was a small black bag that looked similar to Ian’s. This was the ‘Interdimensional Inventory.’

(This is the transportation method you asked about. Put the gems in there.)

The Fairy Queen left Ian as he started moving the gems. She placed her finger on her temple. She looked as if she was almost angry. Her appearance was almost that of an annoyed housewife.


By the time Ian had finished moving the jewels into the bag she looked as if she had made up her mind.

(I’m going to add another condition.)


(The book that was located here. Bring it to me and then I will give you one of our eggs.)

“Aren’t you just changing what you promised me?”

(Promised? Did I ever make such a promise with you? I told you I’d come here to see the gems. You’re just trying to get a better deal.)

The words of the Fairy Queen were true. Of course, Ian did not plan on giving up. How else would Ian be able to continue his research?

“I refuse”

(I don’t understand you. Humans could never read even a single letter from that book. It will just accumulate dust until the day you die. There’s no reason for you to reject my offer.)

“Can you read the book?”

(No, I’m not able to either.)

“Then, why do you want it.”

(I know of a being that can read the book.)

“Who is it? This ‘being.'”

Ian asked a difficult question. The Fairy Queen replied with a straightforward answer.

(I can’t tell you. Even if you were to ask me a thousand times, I’d never be able to answer.)

“Do you mean that you wouldn’t be able to tell me even if you wanted to?”

(Once again, you’re quite sharp.)

This is a new fact to me. I had never heard about this in his previous life.

‘But I can’t keep pushing the subject.’

“I still can’t give you the book.”

(Ha? What the h.e.l.l are you saying….)

“If you want it, you can have it after I die.”

(That’s impossible. I don’t know what could happen to the book in that time. This is completely different than sending a fairy back after you die.)

The Fairy Queen is even more stubborn than Ian could’ve predicted. It seems like she won’t back down without a good reason.

“You said the reason you want this book so badly, was because you know the owner, but you can’t tell me more than that.”

(Isn’t that enough of a reason to give me the book?)

“It’s not enough. I also know the owner.”



The word ‘dragon’ caused her great surprise. Her beautiful, turquoise eyes wavered slightly.

“That book, it’s written in the language of the dragons.”

(H-How do you…..?)

“It was just a guess. Though, judging by your reaction, I’d say I was right.”

(You! How dare you…..!)

“I can’t give the book to you unless you can give me a reason why you’d deserve it more than me.”

Of course, there’s a deeper meaning to Ian’s words. Ian was trying to determine the relationship between the Fairy Queen and the Dragon.

(W-Wait a minute. I said wait!)

Disregarding Ian’s hidden intent, his request for a better reason made sense. Furthermore, it was hard for most people to be able to tell what Ian was truly thinking.

(……I’ll tell you a little more.)

“I’m listening.”

Ian did his best to hide his smile from her. But there are many ways for her to avoid answering truthfully. The Fairy Queen began to speak,

(It’s just as you said. This book belongs to a dragon and the writing in the book is the language they speak. It is a noble language that only they would be able to understand.)

“I already know all of this. If you think you can fool me in some way, please stop.”

(Do you think I’m stupid? Listen to the end!)

The Fairy Queen answered Ian with biting words.

(I am from the same family as dragons. One day, after almost all traces of these dragons disappeared, we created our home in the remains of the dragons’ nests. It seems as if an eternity has passed since that time, but I am sure that one day they will return.)

This was also the first time Ian had heard anything about this. Though, he did expect it to some extent. If this Fairy Queen did have this kind of relationship with these dragons, does she really think that’s enough reason for Ian to give her the book? Of course, it wasn’t.

(That book belongs to the dragon clan. I will return these books to where they originally belonged, so quit stalling already.)

The Fairy Queen sounded even more insistent now. She was clearly telling Ian she was done talking.

‘That must be the real reason’

The Fairy Queen wants to return the book to its original home. Is her reasoning really so straightforward? If that is the case, Ian should be able to speak more honestly with her.

‘I’ll reveal a little more to her.’

Ian had decided it was time for him to reveal some information he had kept hidden so far. This deal between the two seemed to be more beneficial than he had previously thought.

“I believe what you’re saying.”

(If you believe me then go and get that book now!)

Again, she’s acting with disdain towards Ian. That’s to be expected. She has been the queen of the fairies for nearly a thousand years. Yet, a human was able to steal such a precious item. How much humiliation can one fairy take?

“I’m sorry, but I just need one more thing.”

(Really, who do you think you are….!)

“There’s something important I’d like to speak with you about.”

(Huu, I see. What is it?)

“Let’s suppose, hypothetically, that there is some great and powerful being that is able to read this book. Between the Queen and this great being, whom do you think deserves to own this book?”

Ian’s question was unexpected. The Fairy Queen became visibly annoyed.

(Hah! What kind of question is that? The obvious choice is to give it to this powerful being.)

“Even if that being isn’t a dragon?”

(How many times do I have to tell you?)

“Isn’t it possible for there to be a being capable of this that isn’t a dragon?”

(If that were the case, that would’ve been part of their plan all along.)

The Queen’s faith in these dragons was firm. Whatever their plans may be. It was the first time Ian actually showed a big smile.

“I understand.”

(What was the meaning of that pointless question? I’m starting to get annoyed with you. I thought you were actually pretty smart, but it turns out you are just another human……)

“I’ll show you something interesting now.”


The Fairy Queen once again looked irritated. However, this look of irritation quickly turned to confusion.


No, she was more than just confused. She placed her hands over her ears. The ears of a fairy are a hundred times more sensitive than any other race.


Atar Haka

It’s time to finish the magical chant.


Crimson flames erupted from Ian’s hand. The flames became even more intense and their size grew.


Ian’s body began to tremble. This was the result of this magic demanding too much mana from him.

(Wh-What are you…….)

“You already know. Don’t you?”

Of course, she knew. She was a member of the dragon family. This is the same magic they would’ve used. Would there be any reason for her not to know of ‘Dragon Speak Magic?’

(How can you……)

“I wonder.”

(Nonsense. How could a human being ever……!)

The Fairy Queen was shocked. How is Ian, a simple human being, able to use this magic? He’s not a dragon. If he was a dragon, she would have known the first time they met. The ‘Energy of the Clan’ that’s inside of her would have been triggered.

(You must be a dragon.)

“I’m not. I am nothing more than a human being. The things that you believed to be true are wrong. Isn’t this enough evidence to prove that?”


“The words in the book, I can read and speak them.”

The magic Ian used was something he learned from his continued study. A type of Dragon Speak that was used by the Red Dragon Clan. It creates a flame that burns hotter than any other in existence. The only problem with this spell is that it consumes an immense amount of magic.

‘The dragon speak never disappeared.’

Moreover, this dragon speak was different from the language of the Gold Dragon Clan. Their language was different from the language in the book. The language itself would not have disappeared once it had been used.

“Of course, if the original owner of the book appears, I’ll return it. However, even you must agree, that at this point in time, I should be the one to hold on to it….”

(You should.)

The Fairy Queen was clearly impressed with Ian.

(I will no longer ask for that book. Until the day it’s true master returns, or you breathe your final breath, that book is yours.)

She was suddenly calm. Could it be that she has really changed her mind?

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“Thank you.”


The Fairy Queen wanted more. She wanted to keep her word.


A deafening boom echoed throughout the room. However, it wasn’t just a deafening noise.


The heavy stones in the room began to move. The cause was clear.

‘There were more?’

Ian knew that there were no other rooms below the basement of the Ivory Tower. Yet, a new pathway had appeared on the other side of the room. It was a very large passage, but there were dozens of stone gates within. Only after passing through gate after gate after gate would Ian be able to reach the end.

‘Did it react to the dragon speak?’

That appeared to be the most likely cause. There was nothing else that could have caused this. After all, this is the place where that book was located.

‘This is quite the unexpected bounty.’

Of course, Ian didn’t actually know if this new passage would lead to something beneficial to him. He just had a good feeling. Whatever lie at the end of this passage. It’s something that would never harm Ian……


It was just at the moment Ian decided to step towards this passage.

Kong! Kong!

A sound from deep within the new passage.


They were rather loud for footsteps. But, it was clear due to the pattern. It was the sound of someone’s footsteps. Not just that.

‘It’s coming this way fast.’

Kong! Kong! Kong!

The sound of something massive getting closer. It wasn’t the sound of a human. It was something much larger than that.

(What’s happening now?)

“I don’t know.”

Ian quickly readied his staff and the Fairy Queen returned to her original form. This form was much better suited for combat.

Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong!

Soon, the source of the sound came into sight of the two people, rather, the two mages in the room. The massive creature rushing towards them in a passage that was too small to contain its gargantuan frame.

Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong!

It looked as if its entire body was made up of bones. The creature’s head was in the shape of a lizard skull. Large, thick bones made up most of its body. It wore armour made out of iron and carried a weapon that was easily three meters long.


Even Ian, who had lived two lives, had never witnessed anything like this before. He had never even heard mention of a creature fitting this description. What could this monster be?

(A diseased dragon….?)

The Fairy Queen seemed to know the identity of this monster. She even knew the exact name.

“A dragon? What kind of dragon is that?”

(They’re just like me. They are of the same family as dragons.)

“It isn’t an enemy?”

(Originally, that would be the case, but…..)

The Fairy Queen cut her words short. Now, she looked into the gnarled eyes of the dragon. There was nothing but darkness there. The light signifying the soul of the being was nowhere to be found.

(I don’t think it sees anything as a friend anymore.)

Did it acknowledge her words? The dragon swung its massive weapon wildly. It was just as the Fairy Queen said.

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