Unexpected Bounty 2

Kw.a.n.g! Paseuseuseu….


The head of the dragon’s weapon looked like it was made out of a dragon’s tooth. The dragon used this weapon to smash the drawers containing the gems. At this point, it’s not even clear whether the dragon’s weapon is a spear or a hammer.

“Can we kill it?”

(A dragon is no mortal being anyway, but now it seems like it’s just a shell without a soul. Feel free to attack as much as you want.)

A dragon’s body is nothing without its soul. Something like this shouldn’t even exist.

“I see. Then, I’d appreciate your help.”


“My mana is almost completely gone.”


The mana consumed by using the dragon chant has almost completely drained Ian. The Fairy Queen was amazed when Ian used the dragon chant in front of her, but she didn’t notice how much of a strain it put on Ian’s body to use it. But who would have thought that by using the dragon chant, a dragon would be summoned?

“Buy me some time. I’ll manage to recover somehow.”

(Ha! I’m the honourable Queen of the Fairies! You think some bag of bones like you stands a chance against me!?)

The Fairy Queen flew forward full of confidence. She’s similar to Ian. He’s also confident in his abilities.


Ian drank the last half of his elixir and started focusing on his mana breathing. Ian’s body was more resilient than most. It would be possible for him to join the battle if he was given a small amount of time to recover.


The Fairy Queen’s lightning shook the basement of the ivory tower. Most fairies are specialized in ‘Light Magic ‘ from birth and lightning was a branch of light magic.

(Come on you bony b.a.s.t.a.r.d!)

This was the first time Ian had ever seen the Fairy Queen fight someone.

(You insolent thing. You’re doing whatever you please but you can’t even speak!)

His first impression of her fighting style was pretty simple. There’s nothing elegant about it.

‘She’s quite blunt.’

She’s hurling lightning bolts at this dragon while shouting insults at it. She was struggling against this particular enemy because it was nothing more than a shell without a soul. Other than that, she had a pretty good fighting style.


(Oh? So you can speak. That’s good to know. Even if you can barely understand me, you’re going to wish you stayed in your hole for the rest of your life!)

Disregarding her annoying personality, her fighting abilities are unmatched. Instead of shields, fairies use their wings to fly at high speed past an enemy’s attacks, very similar to Helene.

‘No, she’s much better than her.’

She’s naturally agile and has great reaction speed. She’s able to control her small body in precise ways. Ian wondered if Helen was the ideal woman he had always imagined.

(Why are your bones so strong!?)

The problem was really with the Fairy Queen’s fighting style. To be exact, it was a terrible match against this type of enemy.


(Calm down, gatekeeper!)

The Fairy Queen’s lightning could not cause any physical damage to the dragon. Her lightning was less effective because they were deep underground. Ian wasn’t the only one that understood this.

(Human! Do something already!)

“Weren’t you rather confident earlier?”

(If we were above ground I would have finished this fight in an instant!)

Even if she is the Queen, she’s still prideful. It took Ian some time to regain his mana, but he had gathered enough for him to attack.

‘I’ll end this in one shot.’

The dragon’s armour and bones were incredibly durable, but the damage from the Fairy Queen’s endless attacks had created some openings.

‘This is the best magic I can use with the mana I’ve gathered.’

A spell that will instantly neutralize this crazed dragon. Ian was trying to think of the best way to go about this. Of course, it only took him a few seconds to make his decision.


(Why are you calling for me!? I’m a little busy here!)

“I’m going to try something. Get ready.”


The conversation ended there. Ian was already taking action.

A biting cold gripped the dragon’s leg. With the amount of strength the dragon must possess, he’ll easily break free from this. However, this was necessary for Ian’s plan.


A giant cone of ice blocks formed in the air. There seemed to be hundreds of blocks that filled the entirety of the room.

“Of Ice.”

Cone of ice. This was the name of the magic that Ian chose. The large cone of ice flew towards the dragon. No, it was as if the ice was trying to force its way through the body of the dragon.


The ice continued pummeling the dragon and, after a while, it formed a massive block of ice. The giant ice block kept pushing harder against the dragon forcing it against the wall. The dragon tried to push the block away, but it didn’t have the strength to do so.

“Huu! Huu!”

Ian put almost everything he had left into that spell. His breathing had become ragged. It consumed so much mana. He was completely out of breath.

(I-Ignorant human?)

“Just give me a moment.”

However, Ian didn’t plan on stopping there. Ian stepped forward while waving off the Fairy Queen.

“Ice Boom.”

Ian flicked his finger upward.

Kw.a.n.g! Kwakwakw.a.n.g! Kwakw.a.n.g! Kwakwakwakwakw.a.n.g!

The giant block of ice exploded. At the same time, Ian activated his shield magic. This was to protect himself from the ice shards.

(You completely destroyed him. There’s almost nothing left.)

“If we were above ground, you would have done the same.”

Ian wasn’t lying. If they were above ground, the Fairy Queen would have brought down countless bolts of lightning from the sky. However, Ian’s own magic was a sight to behold. In such a limited space, he was able to create such a destructive force.

(Let’s go. There may be more information about the dragons on the other side….)

Does she seem a little too excited? The Fairy Queen has waited hundreds of years for this moment. She’s been waiting patiently for so long. Waiting for her master.

(Master Laden Zu.)

The Fairy Queen flew towards the end of the corridor. Ian didn’t seem nearly as excited as the Fairy Queen.

(Master Laden Zu!)

The Fairy Queen cried out, full of anticipation. She reached the end of the passage while calling out.


A decrepit room lie at the end of the corridor. There were still traces of the previous tenant. Bedding, tables, bookshelves, and writing utensils. There were also tools used in alchemy and lanterns that had no oil remaining.

‘There’s so much dust.’

Ian glanced over the entirety of the room. The fabric in the room was discoloured and other objects were falling apart. It was clear that this room hadn’t been in use for years. It must have been a few decades since anyone lived here.

‘Maybe even a hundred years.’

The Fairy Queen didn’t miss this fact. This room did not have what she had been hoping for and she became visibly distraught.

“I’m sorry.”

(It’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped.)

It didn’t seem like she had lost all hope yet. Ian didn’t need to be worried about her.

(Carefully look through everything here.)

It was the same thought Ian had. It’s extremely likely that a dragon, or some being similar to one, lived here. There may be something that can be used to read the book.


They were able to find something straight away. There was a book above a desk, along with a small note. Just like when Ian found the first book.

[How did you possibly manage to find this here?]

[Whoever you are, I’m impressed..]

[You deserve something for your efforts. I’ll give you this as a present.]

A playful note.


And the note erupted into flames. It was the same as when Ian found the first book.

‘A present.’

Ian threw away the remains of the burnt note and picked up the very small book that was supposed to be a gift.

(What is it?)

“It’s a gift.”

(A gift?)

The Fairy Queen was curious but she didn’t have the chance to read the note. Ian didn’t bother to tell her and opened the book.

‘Is it more dragon chants?’

This looks promising. The book didn’t contain dragon chants. Though, Ian could read the language in the book.

‘A technique?’

The contents of the book were revealed. It was a technique used for spellcasting. The book was filled with the technique. And on top of that, it was a single technique.

(Huu, is that a human’s technique?)

The book was very thin. It may contain several techniques, but if it only contains a single magic technique, it’s a completely different story. What technique could be so long and complex? Even if it were somehow an 8th class technique…

(It seems difficult to learn. Can you do it?)


Ian couldn’t answer the Fairy Queen. This was the first time even he had ever seen such a ridiculously complicated technique.

‘It’s worth trying.’

Of course, it was. There’s no chance a mage like Ian would be able to resist the temptation of such a unique magic.

“As soon as my mana is restored I’ll try it.”


“There’s no reason to wait.”

A book and a note. And a playful note at that. It felt as if someone was playing with Ian, but Ian was willing to play along.

‘This person’s game is worth playing.’

This playful prank isn’t just from a normal dragon but from the first wizard. A legendary creature that is believed to be the creator of all magic. Ian is more than willing to play along.

‘I don’t even know where to start with this technique.’

Usually, each technique of magic has its own unique features. A wizard of Ian’s level would normally be able to determine what type of magic a technique will be, based on the combination of equations. However, this technique was impossible to understand.

‘This is a bit complicated even for me.’

Ian read the first line of the technique. After repeating this to himself many times, he had completely memorized it.

(Haa…! How long is this going to take? Will you be done by the end of today?)

How long would it take Ian to memorize it?  The Fairy Queen asked this question while yawning.


Ian snapped shut the book he was holding. He’s gathered enough mana now. He was able to memorize the technique rather quickly. Ian’s not the best humanity has to offer for nothing. Ian’s mind, which had gathered a large amount of mana, decoded the technique. He wouldn’t tolerate any mistakes. That is the foundation of magic.

‘I’ll do this in one go.’

He activated his mana brain to read through the technique. At the same time, he could see the results in front of him. A dazzling gold light was emitted all around.


Ian could hear a ringing sound reverberate in the room. The golden light only lasted for a short time. Was it maybe ten seconds or so?


That was it. Nothing else happened.

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And Ian felt no different.


Obviously, Ian activated the magic correctly. He could clearly feel his mana being consumed. But nothing has changed? Then…


The Fairy Queen’s voice was trembling. Why? She stared at Ian in amazement.

“…What’s wrong now?”

The Fairy Queen’s behaviour was strange. She’d usually act as if any human was beneath her, but now she was bowing before Ian.

(I don’t know. How is this….)

The Fairy Queen was confused.

(You…the power of the dragons…?)

“Dragon’s power? What do you mean?”

An unfamiliar word. What did she mean by ‘power’?

(How are you able to use their words of power…how can a human being…)

The Fairy Queen couldn’t make sense of it. After hearing her say this, Ian thought he might understand. What does this ‘power of the dragons” mean and what’s the identity of this ‘golden magic’ that he just used.


(How are you….?)

“Stand up.”

The Fairy Queen jumped up at his word.

“Now back down.”

(T-This guy!)

She was angry at Ian ordering her around. She was extremely angry. She was forced to go back down to the floor.

‘I think I’ve got the general idea of how this works.’

Ian showed a small smile.

“You don’t need to be angry. I was just experimenting.”


Ian felt it a moment ago. This ‘power’ the Fairy Queen mentioned. It was hard to express in words.

‘I can only describe it as a feeling.’

Ian’s words held power over others. There must be a suitable expression An expression that even Ian had no knowledge of.

“It seems to be another dragon chant. Let’s leave, Queen.”

(W-Wait a minute! What just happened!?)

She followed behind Ian while shouting. He had no right to refuse her.

“As promised, you can take the gems back with you. And not just the 70% I promised you. You can have it all.”

Ian’s tone was calm and calculated. He had no need for the gems.

“I no longer want a fairy egg either.”


The Fairy Queen didn’t say anything. The next words were unexpected.

“The Queen must personally protect my family.”

(I can’t do that! I must protect my clan’s nest….)

“I know that you can speak with other fairies even if you’re very far away. Don’t worry, if there are any problems with your nest, we can come to their aid right away.”

The Fairy Queen’s excuse was ineffective.

(Y-You insolent human! You already made a promise…!)

“Did I ever make such a promise with you?”

(You plan on breaking your promise?)

“You’re wrong. You were the one that broke our promise. I only want one thing from you. You will ensure my family’s well-being.”

(Ha! How dare you human…!)

“Let’s continue in silence. Silence.”


The Fairy Queen couldn’t say anything. The ‘master of the contract’ wanted quiet.

“This silence is nice.”

Ian walked forward, enjoying the quiet. The Fairy Queen quickly followed after. This really was a very unexpected bounty.

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