The Rise of the Strongest (1)

“Do you know where the other households are?”

(How would I know? I haven’t met them for ages. Around 500 years, I guess? Maybe more than that.”

“Five hundred….”

After Ian and the Fairy Queen moved the jewels to her nests, they talked a lot while returning to the Royal Palace. The more they talked, the more Ian found how different of a life he and the Fairy Queen had lived, though.

“Who is Laden Zu?”

(I can’t say.)

“It seems you still can refuse to say this. Is it because I am asking about dragons?”

(….. Hmm. I guess so.)

Furthermore, she could refuse to answer some deeper and sensitive questions. It seemed some ‘superior’ power of the household was preventing Ian to access some information that was not allowed.

‘This power is not perfect.’

However, it was good enough. She could refuse to answer some serious questions about dragons, but that was all. In other cases, she had to ‘obey’ his order. It was a very strong power that was even able to order her to suicide.

“By the way, do you have name, my lady?”

(Of course. All of sudden, why?)

“I can’t just call you queen. Ah, in addition, please polymorph to a normal human as long as we enter the palace.

From a distance, Ian could see the walls of the Royal Palace. Ian planned to arrive at the palace earlier than the embassies, and it was successful. He found out that there were still around ten days left until they arrived, thanks to the Crown Prince and Oliver.

(I don’t want to be that humiliated……)

“You had polymorphed to a human easily at the basement.”

(At that time, I had no choice due to the inter-dimensional inventory.)

“Then, assume that you don’t have a choice this time as well.”

Truly, she had no choice again. She had no power to disobey the power of the household. Although she really didn’t want to, she had to transform herself into a human.


(Now what?)

“It’s nothing big, but,”

After Ian looked at the Fairy Queen, he opened his mouth slowly.

“Can’t you be more normal?”


“You would draw even more attention than your original form.”

Ian was right. Fairy Queen’s original form was already unique, and her appearance would draw too much attention, unless he hid her in the inter-dimensional inventory. However, her human form would cause even more attention than her original form.

(I can’t help you for that. This is only human form I can do.)

“Is there anything more than a human?”

(You’re a sensitive brat.)

While complaining, the Fairy Queen turned into a different form. This time she had turned into a bird species. It was a ‘peacock’, with a bright pinked shining tail.

(Are you satisfied now?)

“That’s too much as well….”

(Then what about this?)

After the peacock, she turned into a wolf, with bright pink fur. It was a wolf which was bigger than bulls.

What’s wrong with her polymorphs?

“Can you turn into something more…. like a small and ordinary animal?”

(Small and ordinary animal….)

After a while, the Fairy Queen had a spin in the air, and then became a different creature. Again it was bright pink colored, but it was acceptable to Ian.

(Now you like it?)

She turned into a small ‘cat’. Except for its fur color, she looked the most normal among different animals. That was the best she could do.

“Not bad.”

(Humph! You sensitive rude arrogant human.)

It was irony that she called Ian that, but anyway Ian was satisfied. The cat form was a much safer form. People might just regard her as a cat with a pretty color.

‘I was seriously considering to secretly carry her within the flask.’

Ian thought it would be too mean to the Fairy Queen though. It was relief that she could do some transformation tricks.

“Now, may I ask your name?”

(It is an honor for you. My name is not allowed to be known by others. Only my masters can call it. I will speak it once, so listen carefully.)

Why was she so proud about her name? Soon, Ian figured out the reason.

(I am the 7th queen of all fairies, Reseese Kirel Vaspo Ray Lavelaor Espellia Sereman the 7th.)

Ian wasa lost for words. What a uselessly luxurious long name. None of the humans in this world would have such a long name.

(There was a master who especially liked me. The master gave me an additional name whenever he finished his travels through human world. He gave me names of the human he liked or sounded pretty. I know you would think it weird, but it is a precious name for me.)

The Fairy Queen had turned into her original form. As she feeling nostalgic, she smiled gently. It was a short moment, but her face showed no arrogance, only happiness.

“No I don’t think that way. It is pretty name.”

(Do you really think so?)

“Yes. However…. It’s too long for cat’s name. I would pick the name Espel, the shortened version of Espellia.”

Ian chose the name which sounded the best among her long list of names. The Fairy Queen didn’t complain about it either. Every name ‘the master’ gave to her was precious to her.

“It’s time to transform into Espel.”

(I never ever imagined I would transform into a human’s pet cat. I won’t forgive this shame easily. I guess I have lived too long.)

The Fairy Queen, or rather, the pink cat ‘Espel’ sighed for this twist of destiny.


“Sir Ian asked me to do him a favor by delaying the returning schedule of the embassy as soon as he disappears.”
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