The Rise of the Strongest (2)

Ian had observed and expected many movements of the Tower Lord and Ragnar. They must be in hurry. The Crown Prince wasn’t a threat to them at all. They were cautious of his ‘supporter’ though.

‘That would be me.’

And that made Ian nervous. What kind of tricks will they use to target Ian? The Tower Lord had achieved only 5th class, and Ragnar only had the Tower Lord who fully supported him.

‘In my former life, the Tower Lord achieved everything he wanted and deceased.’

The Tower Lord literally possessed and achieved everything he wanted, and died peacefully. He successfully supported Ragnar as the new emperor, and became the most powerful Tower Lord in the history of the Ivory Tower. Hence, other mages followed the Tower Lord quite well. Although each one had different levels of loyalty, he didn’t have an ‘enemy’. Even Ian, at that time, was with Ragnar.

‘The common points from my former life and this life is that the event of the Great Grass Field, and the hasty schedule of the council of the three countries. Details and timeline was a little bit different, but its general event flow was quite similar.’

And if these two big events were all planned by the Tower Lord, from the illusion spell that caused the maelstrom at the Great Grass Field and to the council of three countries, what could be his next step? He was suspicious enough.

‘And if the Tower Lord decided to use dark magic as well,’

He would use the black magic as much as he could.

‘I am not afraid,’

There was nothing to be afraid of though. He was confident in overcoming whatever tricks that the 5th class Tower Lord would try to use against him. Furthermore, he now had a powerful household member, the ‘Fairy Queen.’ There was no weak point on Ian at this point.

‘But I better be prepared fully.’

Ian didn’t overlook any single possibility though. In his former life, he was poisoned by Ragnar who was not a mage and even sucked at sword fighting. He had learned enough of a lesson from that.

‘I won’t lower my alertness and preparation.’

The best alert system that Ian could have, the most urgent preparation for Ian, was the support of the Ivory Tower. He had manipulated this since 5 years ago. He turned many mages to stand on his side. He didn’t force mages who wanted to stay neutral. Ian needed another offer that he could give to those who stayed neutral. There were not many alternative offers that existed as the youngest Archmage.

‘I will become the strongest of the Ivory Tower, superior to the Tower Lord.’

Finally, Ian had a chance. He was now, ‘the strongest’ of the Ivory Tower, the invulnerable one, a ‘6th class Great Mage’.

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‘I will consume all of the Ivory Tower.’

If he couldn’t persuade mages one by one, he could just devour and control the whole command center of mages.

‘This time again, I will destroy it.’

Ian’s two hands were connected to the mana storage. It was a similar scene from 5 years ago. Mana was injected continuously, and the color of the storage was changed. From blue, the color symbol of mana, to dark blue, and then to black, which indicated the capacity limit of the mana storage.


This class registration was a ‘show’. So it was necessary to show something more spectacular and special. Not only showing off his quality and quantity of mana.

If the first act was showing the appearance of the youngest Archmage Ian, Act 2 of today’s show was about ‘Ian Page, the strongest of the Ivory Tower’. He needed some proper ‘performances’ to show it dramatically. He had decided to show a special performance this time.

*Cr, crac, Crack!*

The surface of black colored mana storage started to crack. It seemed it was quite a durable one since it was a brand new manufactured device. However it was showing its limit. From the cracks, struggling mana was leaking.

*Wieeeeng – !*

Until now, it was similar to the past 5 years. From the cracked mana storage, leaked mana caused strong wind. Since it was a 6th class level of mana, it wasn’t just wind. After the storage blew up completely, a storm would be released.


Quickly, Ian detached his hands from the storage. Then he stretched both his hands to the sky the length of his shoulder. Then he cast a very special magic.


The records after the 5th class magic were rarely recorded. However, there were still a few records left about it. There were few magics that were described as ‘the ultimate magic’ in legends. Among those legendary magic, there was the most famous one which was.


It was Mana Drain. The ultimate magic that absorbs the mana of a target, was just cast by Ian.

*Woooo – !*

Spontaneously, something amazing happened. The mana that was released from the broken storage, that massive amount of mana was assembled to one point within the storm that was caused by it. The point was between Ian’s one hand to the other hand. The massive mana was now forming a huge ‘sphere of mana’.


As compressing the sphere, Ian squeezed the sphere violently. Then, the storm was calmed, and the mana sphere was getting smaller. Precisely, it was being absorbed, into either side of Ian’s hands.


As the mana sphere was absorbed completely, Ian’s hand made a clap.

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