Guest to the House of Mogrian (3)


The first gymnasium of the Mogrian landlord castle. It used to be the space where knights practiced their skills. Ian stood there. He chose this gymnasium to practice his skills. Mana breath was more efficient outside. Also, It was necessary to increase his already keen sense of magic.


‘Today is quiet.’


Many servants had snuck into this gymnasium recently. What is the mage going to do at the gymnasium? Everyone was wondering so.


‘I have no idea who spread the word’


Most of those who snuck in just saw that he was breathing. Literally, breathing. But the few people who successfully saw him cast his magic, they spread rumors really fast.


“I saw him smash the target dummy with some kind of sphere with fire within it!”


“Ice shards were flying!”


“I saw some bubbles were….”


And so on. It wasn’t just a rumor. Fireball, Aquaball, Ice spear and others… The same level of spells that he showed during the mana sensitivity test. He warmed up himself with such magic.


‘Well, It’s not that bad to be famous, actually.’


This timeline wasn’t the peaceful era with united countries. It was still the era of three countries. As much as word of his talent spread, the more valuable he became. The genius who had the talent of The First Mage. It was not bad, until the countries united. Of course there must be doubters and spies who were following him. Especially from the Ivory Tower.


‘There is nothing they will find.’


What kind of tricks they were going to use? He already knew every kind of trick they used. He could handle it.


‘I could choose a safer way though,’


This time, he chose different path. Although it could be dangerous, but it was the fastest way to grow.


‘Until I can cast at least one dragon chant.’


Whenever he reached that level, he could rewind time when he wants. Ian looked around with a smile. Luckily, there were no servants hanging around.


“Let’s try this while it is quiet around…”


Ian stood up and lay his hand on the ground of the gymnasium.




In blink of an eye freezing air was assembled in his hand.


“Frost Nova.”


When he spelled the magic.


*cra, crack, crackkk*!


An absolute freezing energy spread everywhere; The ground of the gymnasium, the target dummy, and every single grass within range. Everything near Ian started to freeze. It was a spectacular moment.


‘Not enough.’


Ian’s face was full of disappointment. He had reached this level within just 15 days. It was a tremendously fast growth. It could be compared to around the 2nd class. However, he was still unsatisfied.


‘I would freeze the whole landlord castle, not just this gymnasium.’


It would definitely be possible, if he had his former body. His magic would freeze the whole landlord castle, without a doubt.


‘Something that can support my mana…’


Whether an elixir or artifact, he needed some kind of support to increase his skill that was growing fast.


‘An elixir is unavailable yet.’


The elixir that increase the consumer’s energy temporary or permanently. Of course, ‘mana’ was included in the category of ‘energy.’


‘Until I receive support from the Ivory Tower.’


Unless he received support from the Ivory Tower or the Emperor, it was impossible to use elixirs, because they were as precious as gold.


‘However, for artifacts..’


Artifacts that contains hidden powers within… Most of it were possessed by high nobles. Regarded as heirlooms of their house.


‘Being honest, they are wasting the artifact’s potential.’


During the unity war, the Ivory Tower persuaded nobles to lend their artifacts, which they were wasting, so that the power of mages could be enhanced. Persuasions were targeted at every noble in empire, without any exception.


‘And I was the one responsible.’


He read the lists of artifacts so many times. Thanks to that, Ian still remembered the lists; Type of power of artifacts, appearance of it, and the house who possessed it.


‘Mogrian possessed…. a ring, wasn’t it?


It was a lower level artifact ring called Mogrian Ring. I remembered it as a ring which could be the catalyst to Mana Heart’s activity.


‘At that time, it was useless for me, though.’


In his former life, Ian was a monster in terms of mana. His nickname, Half Dragon, was because of his massive mana pool.


‘However, its value is different for me now.’


He needed any support possible for his mana. It was lucky that now he was in Mogrian castle.


‘The problem is how to get it.’


They had no idea about the existence of the artifact. They just knew it as the heirloom of their house. There was no way they would just give it to him, nor would they sell it.




He couldn’t think of any decent plan. He decided to take more time to think about it.


“Mr, Mr. Mage! Mr. Mage!”


Suddenly, someone rushed in to the gymnasium. It was the old butler of Mogrian, with a white beard. He called Ian urgently.


‘He better be careful.’


The ground of the gymnasium was full of ice now. The effect of the Frost Nova magic still existed.




As he expected.. If he fell to the ground, he would injure the waist.


“Feather Fall.”


Ian quickly enchanted the butler with slow falling magic. The body of old butler fell slowly like a light feather.


“Why did you call me?”


“……Ah! Mr. mage! Please help us!”


With the question of butler, Ian became urgent again. Without any explanation… help out with what?


“Our landlord is missing in action!”


“What do you mean?”


“Th, that is he went to the Mogrian mountain for a hunt…”


A summary of the old butler’s story was this; The landlord held a hunting party periodically. Not for normal animals, but the ‘monsters’ of the Mogrian. However, the landlord hadn’t returned for a long time. With the some knights, few province soldiers and Labi Mogrian.


‘Mogrian mountain…’


There must only be a few goblins living there. And proper knights and soldiers lost to goblins? The creature which had a small body, weak strength, and a stupid brain? Furthermore, they were cowards that never dared to strike humans first. In addition, they don’t make big groups, at most around 15 goblins. Also, the landlord must’ve kept hunting periodically because there used to be no problems with it.


“By reports from scouts, there were trails, a few goblin corpses, and… human blood spread around.”


Were they really defeated by goblins?


‘It is not the right time for him to die.’


The great landlord Marcus Mogrian was supposed to die later. In Ian’s former life, he was assassinated by an enemy country just before the first unity war started.


‘Neither was his son supposed to die.’


Ian still clearly remembered the story of Labi Mogrian. The stupid boy who ran away just after war started. He abandoned the Mogrian province. He got executed as far as Ian could remember.


‘Periodical hunt means….’


The landlord and his son must have had this hunt in his former life, as well. It shouldn’t be ffected by Ian’s revolution.


‘He may came back alive.’


The future wouldn’t change by itself. It seemed like he did not need to be worried.


“Isn’t there Mr. Marco here?”


It was the name of conducting mage. He must have helped them in his former life. So Ian better leave him to save the landlord.


“Unfortunately, the conducting mage left for another mission…”


Did he leave the providence? Ian didn’t expect this.


‘This must be the side effect of the return.’


It was really rare that a conducting mage leaves his province. Ian knew it well as he also conducted in other provinces before. The mission must be something related to him. For example, sending the report secretly to the tower lord.


‘This must be dangerous.’


The early death of the landlord could change the future. Ian must stop that with his best efforts. Knowing the future, wasn’t it the most powerful weapon that Ian had? Maybe as strong as his magical talent. Maybe even stronger.


“So that’s why I so urgently came to you without any excuse. Wishing that Mr. mage may know some special ways to find him….. with our common ways, we couldn’t find him.”


Mages were a mysterious existence for normal people, and there were words spread out that Ian cast magical spells. So it was not strange they had believed that the mage would have a solution. Especially, when they couldn’t find any solution in this situation.


“Where was it?”




“I will find him.”


Ian spoke with confidence. Not only the lost landlord, but his son as well. He guaranteed the butler that he would find the landlord alive.. So that he could prevent the future from changing.


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