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Dragonian (4)


“Really the same…”


The 5th Prince Ragnar’s calmness.


There was a servant from the Imperial Palace standing in front of Ragnar. And surprisingly, he had the same face as Ragnar, including the hair on his legs. Even if he was reported to be a hidden twin, there was absolutely no difference.


“But, is it that simple? Outside, the mages of the Ivory Tower are keeping a close watch on me. Ian Page, that f**king b**tard deployed the mages. I don’t think you can deceive him.”


It had been quite a number of days since Ragnar had been imprisoned in the Imperial Palace. It was not a formal prison sentence, but rather, it was a form of captivity which forbade everything else besides the ability to eat, sleep, and walk around.


“You don’t have to worry about that. The Master is present in the Ivory Tower now, and he is much more wicked than he appears.”


“What? The Master?”


Even Ragnar knew.


‘A 6th class mage is an amazing existence itself, but a much better mage? How much will a better master be?’


“Master will see you in-person and share the details.”


The servant with the identical face of Ragnar replied. He opened a book and started to create a portal. The portal book’s effects were similar to the one the previous tower lord used to possess.


“This, what is this?”


“Let’s go, it’s a portal to escape the capital.”




 Harboring a little suspicion, Ragnar was hesitating when someone’s hand emerged from the portal. A senile voice could be heard.


“Your Majesty. Please take my hand.”


“Sir Dumphil?”


Both the hand and the voice belonged to the imperial knight ‘Dumphil Morit’. On the day of the execution, this was the exact same person who handed him a ladder amidst of all the chaos.




Ragnar hardened his heart and stepped into the portal. On the other side was a forest with a night sky. The light that could typically be seen was not present.




It was cold everywhere and even Ragnar couldn’t avoid but be embarrassed.


‘Isn’t he an extraordinary mage?’ 


It was not easy to calm his rapidly beating heart.


“There is no need to be surprised.”


“But I don’t remember a skill like this in the Ivory Tower.”


“Your Majesty. Did you really think that our friend Herbert reached the peak of the tower with his own abilities? Even though he received great power, I was the one who pushed that young man to greater heights. However, that was all I was responsible for. Thanks to him self-destructing, I’ve got less work to do. ”


He turned the burgundy hoodie upside down.


Dumphil Morit who was walking ahead spoke.


“The world is wide, and only a few chosen ones can observe the vast world. Your Majesty has been chosen. Your Majesty, it is your decision whether to receive it or not.”


“The chosen?”


“Yes, the chosen. The Master can be regarded as the most ideal monarch in the entire whole kingdom who will erase the old truth from ignorant people and pave a new beginning.”


Old truth, new beginning.


Ragnar did not understand.


‘What the hell? These guys…’


He had no choice but to think about it. The letter that he received on the day of the execution said ‘I will help you, wait a while.’ He wanted to see the forces who joined Dumphil, but it wasn’t possible then. Earlier, he saw a servant who looked identical to him. With magic that is as mysterious as the portal, he received the title ‘Master.’





The official state religion Landor was dominant even with many religions out there. Ragnar knew everything related to it, and he had also heard of the rituals. By any chance is it one of those religious orders?


‘The conclusion of the old truth and the beginning of a new truth. Do they want to alter the religious concept of the state? They want to use someone like me who is of the royal family as a tool.’


The mind of Ragnar began to rapidly spin. With the few clues out there, he attempted to combine them and seek the truth. And he was satisfied with it, because such tools were welcomed. Would it not be a scheme employed by an emperor?


‘The tool is not me however, it’s you guys.’


A sly smile arose on his face.


‘How long have I been walking behind Dumphil?’


The wilderness forest where the capital will fall.


And at that place, the light began to shine.


“Oh! It has come.”


What stood out was the rock.


A larger yet unmatched rock.


The rock was in the center.


Like Dumphil, the people were wearing burgundy hoodies.


“I see His Majesty.”


Dumphil and Ragnar cautiously approached the men adorned with burgundy hoodies. He knew the method that he had learned honestly.




Around twenty men were present. In terms of their posture, they resembled noble figures. Although it was night and it was hard to get a clear look at their faces, one thing was certain.


‘This is not an ordinary group.’


Is it possible that nobody could have known about the existence of this group? These people seem to have strength in controlling the situation, but they don’t seem to be better than the previous tower lord.


“Please introduce yourself. This is a secret meeting for you to meet the Master, so only the top executives have been gathered here today.”


Following what Dumphil said, Ragnar introduced himself to these people. Though, surprised soon followed, since there were more familiar faces than he had thought.


‘If this is so…’


Then this a greater force than what I imagined.


The level of power that they possess would be much more.


“Nice to meet you. By any chance, am I the one you wanted to meet?”


Ragnar finished his greetings quickly.


He spoke out more actively than he thought.


These were the new support forces for him.


And this was also a tool for the emperor.


These guys would definitely serve me well.


‘I don’t care about the others.’


Isn’t being the last one to laugh the sign of a true winner? There is no fuss at the moment; it’s my turn to gather them as the tools. I’ll accumulate the mighty forces in my palm beyond imagination.


“However, I’m not much aware. What is the cause for this gathering? What kind of work do you guys do? Will we be on the same boat even I’m not able to obtain it? Please explain everything.”


Ragnar asked them to clarify in order to learn about the direction that they were heading in. A voice that can be trusted upon listening was one of the most important weapons for Ragnar.


“Of course. But we are not the ones who can remind you all of the truths. How can you tell the truth of the whole world? But the creator is different.”


The world’s truth.


A hesitant explanation.


The authoritative Master is a human.


Ragnar barely managed to hide his scoff.


Immediately, at that moment.


“Finally! You are here.”


Prompted by Dumphil’s voice, everyone looked up at the sky.


‘Can he also fly like that guy?’


By ‘that guy,’ he meant Ian Page.


‘There is no way that this guy is going to come flying, right?’


Of course, it is not an impossible.


Observing this person, he looked like a strong mage.


“The only descendant from the dragon.”


After a while, the divine presence appeared.


Just like the prediction, he came from the sky.


But something felt odd.


It was different from how Ian flew.


‘He doesn’t seem like a mage.’


“The only descendant from the dragon.”


“The only descendant from the dragon.”


“The only descendant from the dragon.”


Dumphil started chanting and the others successively followed by kowtowing on the ground. On both the sides of Ragnar, people were on their knees. He was not accustomed to this gesture, so he held his head high. He was amazed after scrutinizing the newcomer.


‘Dragon’s descendant?


Not of a god, but the descendant of a dragon?


Do dragons concern themselves with religion?


Why is a dragon called the initiator of magic?’




He really is the descendent.


It is apparent once you catch a glimpse at him.


The presence of the being that arrived from the sky.


The presence could still be felt vividly.


The words said about being the sole descendant of the dragon.


The real meaning in the words could be deciphered.


‘Is he…not a human?’


The Master was never a human.


Of course, he did have the figure similar to that of a human.


He had a face and a body similar to humans.


He had two hands and two legs.


If he had any exceptions…


‘Wings and a…tail?’


So he had a human body but possessed wings and a tail. Truly spectacular wings and a tail were present. Those huge wings…These weren’t wings that were covered with beautiful feathers. Instead, they resembled roughly stretched branches with red scales that anyone could sense the brutality they held.


‘The tail is like a weapon.’


Ragnar felt that the tail looked more brutal. It was a red scaly tail with sharp horns of irregular size. The limbs of human beings could be torn even if it was whipped just once.


“So you are Ragnar Greenriver?”


This was the first time since his birth that he witnessed something of such extremity.


Even then, he still didn’t lose the smile.


This was a monster with immense power in front of him.


It was a must to catch this thing.


“I’m Ragnar Greenriver, the 5th prince of the Greenriver family. It is my honor to meet the descendant of the dragon.”


The Master stared at Ragnar with expressionless eyes. They were not pupils that any human could ever have. They seemed reptilian, like a crocodile’s or a reptile’s.






The reason why Ian left ‘Day Break’ was more varied than his thoughts. As mentioned earlier, there were good reasons, but the most important reason was different. This was the guild where Crude was a devout believer.


‘I do not mind.’


‘Landeur denomination’, which is the imperial states religion, but is rejected by the other kinds. He immediately became a believer of the denomination. In the time he had to spare, he would read the Bible and remind himself that he was mortal. In other words, according to Crude’s words, the dragon’s denomination must be rejected.

‘Am I supposed to be more aggressive in collecting the information?’


‘Now what’s left is…’


Just now, I have started a project. This task is same as the Taisan. First, there is a need to decentralize the power of the Ivory Tower so that there will be freedom to act. Ian had no intentions of being in a room and working on paperwork.


‘I cannot solely rely on the Guild of Thieves. From my perspective, it is good to question. Not to mention that I need the knowledge of the fairy queen.’


He had thoughts that there was more work to do.


Immediately, he remembered the promise that he heard from the fairy queen.


‘The requests that you might have, I’ll listen to them for a week…’


The request of that lady who wished to live in the form of a human. To do it is not an easy feat. I can speak the truth with my family, but others are a problem. The guardians and the maids, I need to take into account their gazes.


‘Strange rumors might pop up.


There is an exceptional beauty and she can be seen in the Ivory Tower and Tower Lord’s house! This would create too many rumors…


I think I’m getting busier.’


Ian took a breath at that moment.


A communication sphere decorated with a snout was present, and a voice could be heard from within.




‘This was very strange as everyone in the mansion would be sound asleep. But why was she contacting via communication device? What does she need?’


[Ian? Did you go out at this time?]


From the communication port, his mom’s voice could be heard. The voice sounded a little drowsy, but it wasn’t a big deal today.


“I went sightseeing for a while. Did you need anything?”


[It’s nothing. But people have been coming to the Ivory Tower. The Ivory Tower’s communication…Did you leave the towers telecommunication? The Tower Lord forgot about the communication?]


In the Ivory Tower, private communication lines were allowed.


[So I would like to have a communication facility. Don’t tell anyone, pretend it’s an ornamental fixture.]


5 years ago, Ian gave his mother a high-performance communication port because of her request.


‘Of course, since I’m at the Ivory Tower now, it isn’t much of a luxury anymore.’


[The mages asked me to inform you once you came. Come to the north gate as soon as possible. It looked like the soldiers were also crowded around…do you think anything dangerous is happening?]


The north gate was the front gate of the capital.


“Don’t worry.”


[I will worry.]


“In this world, the only one who would worry about a 6th class mage would be his mother and no one else. So sleep comfortably. Ah, and the cat, Espel, make sure to keep it by your side.”


[Of course. What if it is already beside me?]


“Then I’m glad.”


‘If the fairy queen is present in the mansion, then it should be safe.’


“Summoning the Spirit of Horses Unicorn.”


As a result of Ian hiding his staff, his robe could not be adorned. Thanks to the free fly order that was in effect, he could summon the unicorn, else it would have been impossible.



Taktak! Taktak! Taktak!


It felt like a problem arose after speaking with his mom. Many soldiers were currently gathered near the north gate. The emergency alarm could not be heard, but it seemed like it could go off any moment now.


“Tower Lord, we have been waiting.”


The capital’s north gate was crowded.


They were all the mages of the Ivory Tower who were waiting for Ian.


“What is going on?”


Ian urgently asked after getting down from his unicorn.  


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