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Chapter 84.  The Trap (4)


One of the three dragonians with a middle aged man’s voice, appearing to be the eldest and the leader murmured, looking stunned.

Wasn’t this the very first encounter with a family of a different race in many hundreds of years?  Especially, as Spartoi has been asleep for all this time, they could not see him for even longer than other family members.

(You, why?)

(Evantus…..It has been…. A long time.)

Spartoi, the undead soldier of the dragon, has developed complicated feelings upon seeing ‘Evantus’, the dragonian. However, it was also difficult to avoid the power of the family.  There was no other way, but to obey the commands of Ian Page, the human with that power.

(Forgive me….. For my….. Lack of courtesy.)

Centering Spartoi, many troops of the undead soldiers positioned them around Ian.  It was a shielding posture.  They have begun to use that power, the shield of the dragon.  That is, to protect Ian Page, the human sorcerer.

(Spartoi!  What is the meaning of this?)

‘Evantus’, the leader of the dragonians ground his teeth.  Why is Spartoi assisting the low life human sorcerer?  It wasn’t comprehensible.

‘No, that’s fine.  No need to be concerned.’

But soon, Evantus has found his composure.  They were only just the undead soldiers of the dragon.  They may work as a shield, but they are a slow moving bunch.  Flying is out of the question for them.  Although they possess strong javelin skills, they were also limited.  On the contrary, the dragonians have the power of free flying.  They also move very quickly.  The thought was that should they decide to escape, they would be safe.

(You, human sorcerer.  Although we do not know what you’ve done, we will retreat this time.  We shall meet again soon.  You are the master of the Ivory Tower, and there will be no way for you to escape.)

Evantus was intimidating Ian. He roared as if to threaten. However, Ian’s countenance did not change. He was casual, and even showed a relaxed composure.

“Says who?”

(You have too much faith in the dragon’s undead soldiers.  But even they have limits…..)

Evantus’ voice was cut off momentarily.  A presence was detected.  Not down below, but in the air, at the similar height to where they were.  Furthermore, it was felt from all directions.  It implied that there were more than just one or two.

(They are…..)

The entities that were surrounding the three retreating dragonians all had small bodies, white hair and wings.  One of them even had light pink hair and wings as well.

(The Fairy…..Clan?)

The fairy clan, following the footsteps of the dragon’s undead soldiers?  Where the hell are these families, which were supposed to be in deep hibernation, coming out from?

(Even the queen…..?)

Evantus recognized the fairy queen from among all the countless members of the fairy clan.  His countenance quickly changed darker.  The situation couldn’t be assessed properly by the sudden unfolding of events.

(It’s been a while, Evantus.)

(Queen, you are also aiding that human?)

(The situation called for it.)

(How?  Why?)

(It’s too complicated for words.  You need to experience it.)

It was very frustrating as far as Evantus, the dragonian, was concerned.  Not only was the unfolding situation incomprehensible, but the undead soldiers of the dragon and the fairy queen were all talking gibberish.  What the heck is not courteous, what the heck is complicated and what the heck needs to be experienced to know?

(I just decided to think like that bastard, boney Spartoi.  It must all be their will.  If not, wouldn’t it be too much? Don’t you think?)

(What, what are you talking…..)

(You will know soon enough. Even you.)

All of a sudden, the battle has turned.  In the air, the fairy queen and her clan.  Down below, the undead soldiers of the dragons and Ian Page.  It was truly a situation where the enemy has taken over all of the sky and the ground.

(What, what the heck is going on?  Father?)

A dragonian with the physique and voice that of a woman asked Evantus.  Based on calling Evantus, ‘father’, it must be the daughter.


Evantus was lost for words for that question.  There was nothing that could be said.  The sudden appearance of the undead solders of the dragon and the fairy queen, even worse, they weren’t even allies.  Everyone seemed to be helping that human sorcerer, Ian Page.

‘What has happened…..?’

Evantus was perplexed. Has it been imagined? A situation such as this.

‘Having them accompany me turned out to be self-defeating.’


The sorcery level of Evantus was more than sufficient to execute ‘teleport’, the instantaneous transport spell.  If he was by himself, there would be sufficient time to escape.

The problem was with the other dragonians as their magical powers were lagging far behind that of Evantus.

(Fa- father…..)

The two other dragonians understood it without much difficulty.  The tide has turned, and that they have become burdens on their father.

(Human, what is it that you want?  Seeing that you are benefitting from the assistance of the dragon’s undead soldiers and the fairy queen, there must be something specific that you want, in locating me.  More specifically, the existence of us, the dragonians…..)

Evantus, the dragonian has decided to negotiate if it was possible. No more retreat.  No way to win either. The undead soldiers of the dragon and the fairy clan. Along with the 6th class human sorcerer. How could they be overcome?

(If possible, I’ll grant you what you want.  Tell me, what you want.)

First, he needed to hear what Ian Page, the human that was the beneficiary of the protection of the families, wanted.  That would be the only way to at least guess what his purpose and the situations with the families were.

“Should we have a talk, first?”

Ian spoke with due courtesy. The voice came over in less hostile way.

“There is a lot to talk about.”

Evantus hesitated for a moment at that proposal. As if having decided, he came down to the ground. The other two dragonians joined him.

“Please, all three of you, this way.”

Finally, the distance between Ian and the dragonians has closed.  The wings and the tails were more noticeable at that distance.  As far as only his face was concerned, it was a fairly handsome one, while the amphibian looking eyes were the only shortcomings.  Of course to them it was a thing of the pride as proof of the dragon heritage.

“The thing that I wanted to ask of you…..”

Ian slightly blurred the tail end of his words. He had other objectives. It would be possible at this time. It has approached so close already. There wasn’t any resistance either. It was the perfect condition.

‘That is, to initiate the power of the family.’

Was Ian’s intention noticed?  Both the fairy queen and the dragon’s undead soldiers shook their heads widely. As if to feel sorry for Evantus, the dragonian, a comrade of the family, who will soon be in the same boat as they were.

(What is it?  Speak.)

“That is…..”

Ian initiated the spell of the family. At the same time, a golden mana light appeared choppily. It was a very strong golden light.

“I beg for your considerations going forward.”


The golden mana light encapsulated Evantus. It was the same as what had happened to Espel, the fairy queen. It was the same as what had happened to Spartoi, the undead soldier of the dragon. Evantus was also speechless for a while. He just stared with confused eyes. At Ian, the fairy queen, and Spartoi. And upon the palms of his both hands,

(What, what is this…..)

If one was a family, one could immediately sense it. The power that can only be felt from them, the dragons. The power of magic that cannot be rejected was being felt. From Ian Page, the human sorcerer.

(Them?  No, it cannot be.)

The dragonian appeared to be especially intense. The power of the family that it was feeling, that is. It seemed even more so as compared to Spartoi and the fairy queen. Was it because the emotion that he had was different than from those of any other? The entity of dragons was like their parents.


Ian gave sufficient time to the dragonians for them to understand the situation, but a puzzled look came to Ian’s eyes. Evantus had felt the power of the family for sure.  Because of that, isn’t he in such a confused state?  However, the other two dragonians did not show any such appearance.

“You two do not have any issues?”

The dragonians shrunk as Ian asked.  That was the bull’s eye.  That is, Ian’s question itself.  They couldn’t feel anything, let alone the power of the family.  They were in state of confusion based on Evantus’ reaction.

(…..They are my children, not their family members.  When my children were born, they had already disappeared.  They haven’t even seen them, so how can they be their family members?)

Evantus murmured quietly.  That’s right.  With the exception of Evantus, the other two dragonians were Evantus’ children, rather than the dragons’ children.  It could have been expressed as a kind of 3 generations.

(I suppose, that would be right.  Our clan’s children are also in similar situations.  I am the only family member of theirs while the clan’s children are the family members that would obey my words as the queen.  It should be similar.)

The fairy queen added as she nodded while listening to Evantus’ explanation.  To put it in simpler terms, it is just ‘family’s family’.  As it is like between the fairy queen and the fairies, so is between Evantus and the remaining dragonians.


It is the half-dragon, over which the power of the dragons has no influence. Ian was feeling helpless. Was it an unknown entity? But soon, he organized his thoughts. A plan came to his head.

“If you are a descendant then you are probably.”

(It’s Evantus.)

“Is Evantus your father then?”

(That’s right.)

“It must be the same situation as the humans?  That is even for the dragons, corruption, for instance…..”

(Similar situation as the humans?  Are you equating our race to the human’s that cheat and kill each other for money and power?  It is insulting.)

“Then I am relieved.”

Ian replied calmly even at Evantus’ sarcastic remarks.  In fact, that sarcastic remark was what Ian most wanted to hear.

“Then, from now on.”

Ian spoke as he looked once at Evantus and the two dragonians.

“I command with the power of the family…”

Evantus focused at the words, power of the family.  It had no relevance to his will.  The expression, irresistible, came to his mind.  It was the same for the fairy queen and the dragon’s undead soldier that were listening as well.

“… For the two dragonians, for whom the power of the family is not influential, I recommend that you do not devise any schemes going forward.  If any scheme is to be put into motion, I command Evantus, himself, to dispose of the culprits and commit suicide.”


If the children are to devise schemes, then their father will kill them and kill himself. It wasn’t just a shocking order, but rather a cruel one.  It must be followed, in the end.  As far as the power of the family is in effect, the command is absolute.

(Such, such unbelievable….!)

“If I or my allies were to be harmed, killed or fall in hardships by your children’s schemes, for that also, I will command you, Evantus, to kill your children and commit suicide as well.”


There wasn’t any hesitation in Ian’s command. The subsequent commands were also the same. The dragonians, over which the power of the family has no affect. The command that will emasculate the two was given next.

“At last, I command you the queen and Spartoi.  If the children of Evantus were to put in motion any scheme, you two family members are to track and annihilate the dragonians as long as you live.”

When Ian’s order had reached that point. No one was able to speak. Evantus, the red dragonian, included. Also, the son and the daughter of Evantus. And even the fairy queen and Spartoi, as well. However, everyone had a common thought.

‘….Vicious human.’

Has he read the families’ minds? Ian showed a small smile. Of course, no one smiled along with him.

“I think things are in order, more or less…. Let’s start the main discussion.  There are many things that I’d like to ask and hear from you, the dragonians, but for now.”

There were thousand things that he wanted to find out. First was whether it was the Order of the Dragons. What the objective was. What their plan was. What the size of the order is. What the difference was from the previous life.

‘Also, whether the influence could be grabbed.’

However, mostly.

‘The Elixir must be made whole as well.’

Much work needed to be done.


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