Chapter 86.  Five Breaths of the Red Dragon (2)


(What, what is this?)

The first to react was the fairy queen.  Ian has vanished from right before her eyes.  He has vanished with the great flare of fire.  What the heck?  To where?  Why?  Very perplexed, she looked in the directions of spartoi, the undead dragon soldier and Evantus, the dragonian.  However.


(The human…. He has suddenly….  Disappeared.)

Like the fairy queen, Spartoi appeared to be puzzled.  Then he turned his head toward Evantus.  Elixir, the liquid that Ian just drank, you did clearly say that you knew about it, isn’t that right?

(But, I- I do not know the effects of the liquid!)

Feeling the stares of his family members, Evantus, the dragonian, was quick to explain.  He had not had a chance to drink the liquid himself, nor has he ever seen any other dragonians drink it.  It was only that he had applied his breath upon their requests.  It was the same this time around.

(Would it….. perhaps, the liquid is only allowed to them and them alone?  And could this just be a side effect to a lowly, mere human that happened to have drunk it?)

The fairy queen provided a rather a reasonable hypothesis. A drink that cannot be tolerated by human body. That’s what Ian had drunk.

(And the side effect of that…. Is….. Vanishing?)

(It is also possible that he could have been extinct as it couldn’t be tolerated.)

The fairy queen dryly tossed out an eerie thought.  If he really went extinct, that means he had just died with the flare of fire.  Not just anyone, but Ian Page.

(Reasonable….  That seems….. Reasonable.)

(I always believed that he wasn’t someone that would easily die.)

(Before their power….. human….. are impotent.)

(Hey boney.  Who doesn’t know that?  It seems true, all I’m saying!)

As the arguments between the two old natural enemies, the fairy queen and spartoi, ensued, there was a flash of light in the eyes of Evantus, the dragonian.


It wasn’t just Evantus.  The fairy queen and spartoi also stopped their argument as if it was synchronized.  They felt a sudden change in the special energy that was inborn in them.  To be precise, they felt the ‘dissipation’ of that special energy.

(The power of the family…..)

The fairy queen murmured. The power connected from Ian. That is, the power of the dragon. The energy called the power of the family.


It wasn’t just the fairy queen.  Spartoi, the undead dragon soldier, and Evantus, the dragonian, that was just been defeated by the power of the family.  It had dissipated from the body and spirit of those three members of the family. The absolute affect, the obedience towards Ian Page, that is.

(Truly….. has he gone dead?)

The fairy queen murmured confused. That was the only logical thought at this time. With the flare of fire, he had vanished without a trace, and even that absolute influence has dissipated.

(So….. suddenly like this?)

To be sure, he was no ordinary human.  He was born a human, yet reached an incredibly high level, and there was endless potential for him to continue to accomplish.  Was that all?  He could read and wield the magic of the dragon’s language.  As if he had been granted a gift, he had obtained the power of the family.  His progress was extraordinary.  It was an interesting story.  But then.

(No way…..)

It was Espel, who said, feeling vain.


* * *


It was pitch black all around. It wasn’t possible to see even an inch ahead. It didn’t appear to be an ordinary night. There was not a single point of light. It was as if it has been blocked by magic. All the light and the energy that is similar to it.

‘Is it sorcery again?’

Ian thought of an incidence from a few months ago. The effect of magic from a portal artifact. Of the sorcerer that had the same hair as he did. But, the feeling was not the same from that time. All his five senses were in normal conditions, right now. He didn’t feel even a touch of disharmony. It would be perfect only if this darkness can be chased away.


A small ball of light has formed. However, the power of the darkness was stronger than anticipated. It felt as if the light would be engulfed by it.


Ian has strengthened the light spell. Finally, the light began to be shed at the surrounding area. And.


He doesn’t get that easily spooked, that is because this was his second life, but, there was an exception this time around. The large object that the light was shining on. The entity was.


It wasn’t that of a human’s. It was the same as that of the dragonian. The red eyeball, indicating that it wasn’t a human. The pupil that is vertically cut, like that of an amphibian. One eye was as big as Ian. And the even more surprising thing was.

‘It is observing.  Observing me.’

That great big eye is looking at Ian. I mean, it was leering at him.

‘Could it…..’

(You are.)

Instantly, Ian stiffened. It was the same conversation style as that of the family. That is, the voice that is heard through the mind, rather than via ears. The voice that was heard as a human voice. Except that the weight of the voice was overwhelming. He was the grand sorcerer, who had once reached the 8th class level. Even that Ian could not move. Only from hearing the voice, he froze.

(You do not appear to be my physical body.)


(You are nothing, but a small creature.)

The commanding voice was overbearing. He was feeling incredibly smaller before that entity. It was the first time that Ian was having such a feeling, for certain.


As it was pitch black, its body couldn’t be seen.  Only the eyes and its red leathery skin were visible, yet he was able to sense how great its size was and how overpowering the entity was.

(Respond.  You that came into the repository of memory.)

The entity, which was a dragon by his best estimation, demanded a response.  It appeared to be requesting to know the identity of Ian.

“Are …. You a dragon?”

Ian asked overcoming his awe.

(That is right.  But, I am not them that you are thinking of.)

A reply came back immediately. It was an answer that couldn’t be understood. Ian continued to make conversation.

“I am not your adversary.”

(Is that so.)

“I do not wish to interfere, nor have I come to this place looking for something.  All that I did was drink the Elixir that was made whole by the breath of a dragon.”

(I see.)

The voice demonstrated no emotions. It didn’t appear that it would harm Ian at any moment. That was so only from reading the feelings from the voice.


It was from right at that moment. There were vibrations from all around. It wasn’t like any magic. It just moved. The body of the dragon, that is.



It wasn’t any magic or breath. The palm of the dragon slapped down on Ian. Should it be referred to the front leg or a hand. Whatever it was, it was incredible. It was incredibly fast and huge.


If he was an ordinary life form, he would have been like meat going through a grinder, but wasn’t Ian a life form that could wield magic?  The strong mana barrier has protected Ian’s body.  Of course, it dwindled by that single palm smash. The 6th class sorcerer’s barrier, which wouldn’t get scratched even if all the sorcerers of the Ivory Tower were to attack him.


Abnormally, overwhelming, power of destruction. To say it again, it wasn’t enhanced. Not the magic of the dragon’s language, or the breath of the dragon. It was just a simple smashing slap of a hand.

‘Is this….. A dragon?’

He felt more threatened for his life than before at any other time. I have to confront such an adversary? Under this condition? I mean, it would be the same even if I were at the level of my previous life. A chance of winning?  Nil. Will die. Absolutely.

‘I have to stop it.  By any means.’

To understand what’s going on would not be an immediate concern. There was only one thing that that must be done right away. The way to stop the dragon’s attack. That method must be found.

(You have mastered a small talent.)

It was still the same dull voice. Of course, there was no stopping. It was the tail, this time.


That heavy tail whipped around. The target was clearly Ian. It would be difficult to withstand it with the barrier. To block that tail.

‘It cannot be dodged either.’

And the distance is too small for a blink spell. And there is not enough time to dodge into the air.

‘Ice block?’


The ice barrier that is indestructible. But, Ian also gave up on that option. Can it be blocked? With just a mere ice block? The attack of the dragon?


It was impossible. Other means must be found. In less than 1 second of time.

‘If that monster is a real dragon.’

Although, mana will be completely consumed. This adversary couldn’t be defeated.

‘Magic of the dragon’s language.’

The dragon’s language that was foregone against the dragonian. The dragon’s language after which he would be completely vulnerable from any attack. It was that dangerous option that he must choose. It would respond for certain if it was a dragon. That is, to the magic of the dragon language that a human would wield.


It was a magic of the dragon’s language that varies from the one that he performed before the fairy queen, which was an attacking magic, causing red dragon’s fire flare, this time around, the magic of the dragon’s language focused on defense.  Although all of the mana will be consumed, at least it will withstand that tail that has come close to him.


Drakosh, Jentar.

Dragon, scale. Ian’s dragon language has widely resonated. It was a simpler speech than expected. But, its effect was enormous.


Ian’s skin began to change. I mean, it was being covered all over. Covered with reddish scales. Like the large dragon before Ian. The scales were the same as that monster’s.


Even the steel, reinforced with magic, wouldn’t be able to withstand that power, but something amazing has happened.  The tail of the dragon seemed to be a bit strange.  As if it was being blocked by a column like obstacle, its tail was bent like a bow and froze in its place.


That obstacle was none other than Ian, whose body was completely covered by the ‘dragon’s scale’.  Of course, the scales didn’t stay on him for very long.  As soon as Ian’s mana was fully consumed, they all disappeared like a mirage.  It was truly the magic itself.

(Is that…..?)

However, the monster that was believed to be a dragon was not surprised by Ian, having blocked the tail.  It was only that it was surprised by the fact that the magic of the language of the dragons was being used.  That was the most expected response.  As long as the dragon’s speech magic was used, any type of tail would be defended against, at any time.

“Whoa, Whoooa…. Whooooa!”

Ian fell and sat there on the ground. Taking a quick assessment, it appeared to have worked. Even if all the mana has been consumed.

(You that came into the repository of memory…)

At last, the dragon like monster withdrew its tail.  It no longer showed adversarial response.  Instead, it approached Ian, dragging its massive body.  Each step it took as it approached caused great vibrations, and as that occurred the darkness dissipated.  Finally, its form was visible.

(I will ask one more time.)

Although its head looked like a lizard, it sported much rougher head, smoke coming out of its nostrils as if they contained lava, three great horns on its head, teeth, massive body, wings, tail, red leathery skin and scales, and the gray mustache that wiggled as if it was alive.

(You are.)

That’s how the monster looked. The appearance that many humans think of. The general appearance of a dragon. It did not deviate from that appearance that existed in imaginations. However, there was still a difference.

(What are you.)

It was the outpouring of overwhelming power beyond many hundred folds, many thousand folds from what was heard and seen through stories or from pictures, and the fact that it was an entity with so much power that even Ian, who had once reached the 8th class level, could not even fathom, was the unique difference, if there was any.


Re-edited by Flawfinder.
“smoke coming out of its nostrils as if to be containing larva”
lol, dragon larva. The translator sometimes confuses similar words. Like ‘continence’ and ‘countenance’. I changed ‘reclaimer’ to ‘retainer’ countless’ times. But the thing I’m hoping most for right now is that he describes the dragon spewing out burning larva.

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